substitute for green beans

green beans are nutrition packed beans which are commonly found on grocery shops when buying fresh and super market when buying frozen and canned. you can add them in all kinds of recipes and dishes but when you cant get them due to shortage then substitute for green beans works best to get similar flavor in your recipes.

green beans are packed with anti oxidants and anti aging components to help our body work fine with better immunity. you will also get ample dose of vitamin k, c, fibers, magnesium and folate content in green beans. it also helps for fine working of heart muscles and prevents cell damage.

substitute for green beans

Asparagus is one of the most used alternative by people across the world, i have shared some of the choice for you to use right below so that you can always make tasty recipes even in absence of green beans.

Green beans substitutes and Alternatives

Wax beans

wax beans are popular alternative for green beans as they are similar in taste and easy to find in all markets. they come in cans, fresh in grocery or frozen in plastic packets in super markets. they can be cooked easily and taste is also good. they are yellow in color and like by many people as alternative to green beans.

you can add it in different recipes as per your liking and taste preferences. the quantity can be kept same or different as per your choice. you can cook wax beans in a sauce pan in steamer basket to make then tender and soft for eating. 10-15 minutes would great for cooking these amazing wax beans for eating.

they are creamy and can be made into hummus also for enjoying with recipes of your choice like crepes etc. besides that it is packed with iron, potassium and other nutrients which helps your blood pressure levels in your body for good working.

quality wax beans

Yard long beans

They are also popularly known as asparagus beans due to similarity in physical appearance with them. inside beans are also same to green beans. the seeds of yard long beans cooks fasten when compared to other types of beans which help you get your recipes made in less time for enjoying them together with your family easily on time.

long yard beans

Make sure you don’t cook them with water as they will get wilted, bland and watery which will make them bad in taste. i would advice rather sauté them or stir fry them with few spoon oil of your choice with some herbs and spices of your choice for great taste in your veggies bowl to enjoy them in your main course or as side dish with many different recipe of your taste preference.

Its leaves are also edible and can be used in preparation of curries, soups and stir fry veggies for adding distinct taste to the dish but make sure you buy leaves for use in your dishes which are dark green in color without any black spots and wilted condition.


it is one of the well know and popular substitute for green beans due to similarity in looks and taste. it works great in all kinds of dishes from baked ones to stir fried ones. they are little hard so expect a difference in texture in food items when using asparagus in place of green beans.

add some seasonings in the recipe to get good taste from asparagus in the dish and use it in same quantity as green beans in your recipes for replacement. it is a versatile leafy green vegetable which can be cooked in all kinds of ways like boiling, grilling, roasting, steaming, sautéing to get the taste as per your liking with your choice of favorite spice and herbs and oils.

It goes well with pasta, as sandwich dressing raw/grilled on bbq or chopped and mixed with cream cheese and other related veggies of your choice.

String beans

green beans has similar taste and texture with string beans to make them as good alternative in the absence of normal green beans. they are harder in texture when compared green beans. they can be cooked like normal green beans and gives same taste of the recipe which you can enhance by adding some seasonings.

some people don’t like strings and rough texture of these beans so they are less popular when talking about replacement for green beans. string beans goes well with potatoes, onions, mushrooms, squash of various kinds and all kinds of different spices and herbs like rosemary, mint sumac etc. to make it a great dish as side or as an snack bowl with other veggies of your choice.

string beans


lentils are very nutritious and comes in all shapes, sizes and colors to make your meals tasty and healthy at the same time. they are great replacement if you cant get green beans for your recipe. they can be cooked like normal bean recipes like garbanzo beans etc.

you can boil the lentils and then add in your stir fries, baked food items, curries, gravies, salads etc. to eat with some seasoning and spices for better taste. generally after you boil the lentils they rise in size and become almost double the size so add about 3/4 of green beans quantity to make the dish when replacing green beans or you can adjust the quantity as per the quantity required by number of members.


Peas can also be used to replace green beans due to same texture. They are easy to find and can be bought from market in plastic bags, cans or fresh. the food texture of food will also be great. the taste of peas is little different than green beans as you get some traces of sweetness of peas.

For replacement you can use them in 1:1 with green peas to make recipes delicious and healthy. add some seasoning and spices to get a unique and enhanced flavor from peas dish when green beans are not to be found anywhere.

It has found to be good source of protein with higher fiber content and low calories count great for weight conscious people. pea soup is great with cheese and other veggies. if you are thinking of pairing it with apricots, passion fruits and other such food items for better taste.

Canned green beans

you can also use canned green beans bought from super market. make sure its unseasoned so that you can add herbs and spices as per your choice in your favorite recipes to enhance the taste. generally them come boiled in cans which saves a lot of time if you are in hurry to prepare the recipe.

The quantity for canned beans is same as fresh beans and frozen beans to use in your recipes. make sure to drain out all excess water from the can if you don’t require it as it may contains some kind of unwanted oils etc. used for preservation.


Broccoli is a also a less know substitute for green beans which works in most of the recipes. they can be cooked faster when compared to green beans. you can bake them, Sautee them or stir fry the broccoli with other veggies for good taste with packed nutrition. people make broccoli soups, broccoli salads, broccoli sea food platter etc.

Since they have bland taste you need to add some seasonings along with herbs and spices to get good flavor of broccoli in recipes when using in place of green beans. Broccoli are very beneficial for your body health as it detoxify your body and improves body strength.

Broccoli also helps improves body immunity which reduces the chances of getting all kinds of unwanted infection and issues like fever. cold cough etc. It also removes free radicals from your body reducing the risk of cancer causing cells being increased as they are removed easily. People have also found to keep the heart health in good shape and reduce the chances of stroke.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between pinto beans and green beans?

Pinto beans are white color with yellowish shade and red stains on them and cant be considered as alternative to green beans. pinto beans are harder than green beans so it is required that you soak them for 8 hours in water before cooking them but for green beans you can simply boil them for few minutes and they are ready to be used in your recipes.

green beans are crunchy but pinto beans are hard and matured beans that’s why you can make quality refried beans from them, although both of them are great to eat if you make them properly with with seasoning and herbs.

What are green bean nutrition values?

Green beans are packed with nutritional components to help our body grow and remain healthy. i have shared a simple chart below for green bean nutritional data for you to know so you start consuming green beans in your regular diet.

green beans nutrition


Hope you like my collection of green beans alternatives to use in their absence for making tasty recipes which everyone would enjoy. you may require to adjust time and process when using different green alternatives due to difference in texture and hardness of some items, so if you keep this thing in mind and make your recipes using green beans substitutes with some tasty herbs and spices then it would be overall delicious recipe.

let me know which substitute for green bean you like the most in comments below. if you don’t get anything to cook in place of green beans then buy some frozen veggies from super market or use from your freezer like frozen zucchini to make your recipe tasty and delicious as frozen veggies can serve as a great substitute for green beans and they are always available in market.

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