can you freeze refried beans

Refried beans are quite popular as snacks and using in various deferent recipes including salads, Mexican dishes etc. it has been found out after doing various experiments that you can easily freeze refried beans without any loss of nutrients and texture from it.

generally refried beans tens to become little bit heavy with thick curry after freezing and using later due to solidification process but you can add some water when thawing on gas stove and mix it to get the right consistency as per your taste preference.

can you freeze refried beans

How to freeze refried beans

if you are freezing home made refried beans then after cooking them let the beans cool down and then place them in containers or freezer safe bags as per your preferences. if you use containers then make sure to add little bit oil on top to prevent the dish getting freezer burns then cover it with cling wrap or aluminum foil on top leaving no air inside then label the container with date for future reference.

if using freezer bags then make sure you close them completely to prevent air entry in the bag which could lead to freezer burns and make the beans icy when you take them out to eat.

when freezing store bought refried beans you need to take them out of the can in which they came into a freezer container and then add a layer of oil on top and then cover with aluminum foil and then close the lid of the container prior to keeping in the freezer. label the container lid with expiry date so that you can consume them within time frame before expiry with full taste and good texture.

you can also keep the closed cans of store bought beans in freezer also to keep it safe for long, but if you open it or you don’t want cans in freezer then follow the above instructions.

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How to defrost refried beans

generally people keep store bought canned beans in freezer for about 4-6 months and home made for 2-3 months which i think is optimal time to store he beans in freezer but let me tell the faster you consume your beans the better the taste would be overall.

to defrost the beans you can transfer the container from freezer to fridge for some hours and after that take out the container sand mix them finely then with the help of microwave or induction stove top with some cookware let the beans heat for couple of minutes to make them ready to serve with different dishes or eat them as snacks.

don’t allow the leftover beans to thaw at room temperature at kitchen counter top as it would destroy the flavor and due to heat the bacteria will start developing in the beans and taste would change, so avoid eating beans which has been kept in kitchen in open for more than 36 hours, especially in summer months, it would give you stomach issues.

Home made refried beans recipe

you can also make simple refried beans at home also which are easy to make and taste great when eating fresh or after freezing and eating them later, so let us checkout the recipe right below


  • 1/2 spoon salt
  • 1/2 spoon pepper
  • 1 spoon coriander powder
  • 4 cups beans
  • 4 spoon oil
  • 1/2 spoon cumin powder
  • 1/2 spoon onion powder
  • 1/2 spoon red chili powder


soak the beans for couple of hours in water for softer beans recipe(optional but preferred). their after boil the beans in water pan for 5 minutes till they become completely soft and tender then drain out the water and mash them using a hand masher in kitchen or use a blender for same.

their after once its mashed transfer it to other pan and add all spices with mentioned above and oil and mix them. then let the pan heat on low heat setting for 5-10 minutes till the recipe become thick and water gets reduced.

after that let it cool down, taste a bit to check if all spices and mixed well and the dish taste as per your preference, if not change the spices ratio by adding more or adding water.

then follow the procedure for freezing the beans shared above or enjoy the warm beans in plate with some bread with your family and friends.

Tips for cooking beans the right way

if you are short on time then you can make use of canned beans for cooking faster and serve the recipe faster as it is great way to use already cooked beans and then heat them later asper your requirement.

add some onions if you like along with minced garlic and lemon juice to give a different flavor to the beans dish. add only when you intent to heat, cook and eat not for freezing as lemon dish may not be good for long term storage of beans. instead of lemon you can also add sumac powder as it gives somewhat similar chili and tarty flavor to dishes.

make sue you cook the beans fully and serve them at about 130-140 degree so that the chances of born born illness from beans and bacteria growth become 0 and your beans dish is always safe to consume.

make sure your dish is cover for about 100 minutes with pan lid and gas stove on medium low to get it cooked fully.

you can add milk, cream to make the beans dish thick if you like that way or add some vegetable broth to add more flavor to the dish.


now that you know how to cook and freeze the refried beans easily in freezer using method above with some useful tips, you can cook in large batches and prepare the refried beans dish in advance to reduce the work at party time and enjoy the meal fast with friends and family by just reheating them at serving time.

do add some salad and mint sauce as side with refried beans recipe to increase its flavor and your experience. share this with your foodie friends whole love to cook and eat dishes like beans, types of pasta, tacos, Mexican dishes, American food recipes etc. as they would love to pair beans with various dishes to get best flavors from it.

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