can you freeze chili recipes

Chili is very tasty gravy and curry recipe which many people make at home to enjoy with various different dishes. sometimes you have lot of leftover chili with you so you can freeze the chili for later use to enjoy it with various different breads, rice, pasta and other similar food which are rich in carbohydrates as it complement them in flavor very nicely.

some types of chilies do not give best flavor when frozen like vegetable chili which you should eat fresh maximum so that the leftover is minimum and then try to keep the leftover in fridge for couple of days in which you can consume all the chili. also chili recipes which involves cream, milk or other similar dairy products tend to change texture and flavor post thawing so it is not advised to freeze them for very long.

can you freeze chili

It has been found out that tomato based chili gives best taste without change in texture and flavor post freezing and thawing. let us find out how to freeze chili to get good taste without spoiling it to eat later.

i would recommend that free chili for up to 2-3 months maximum to get best and taste and texture of chili while you eat because after that the texture starts to change and your chili might also get freezer burn if not preserved safely and get mushy while cooking to make some recipe.

How to freeze chili

Add all the leftover chili to freezer safe container and seal it tightly and then place it in freezer to consume later. it is recommend that you freeze the chili on the days its made so that it retains all its flavor to fullest and the possibility of developing harmful bacteria’s in chili which could spoil it and make not fit for eating while its kept for long in open would reduce if you freeze it in time.

you can also add chili to freezer safe resealable bags and place them freezer if your freezer does not have space to keep containers in it. small portions which can be eaten at one time can be made and placed in different plastic bags as it would be easy to take out and thaw them at one time rather taking out whole chili and then placing back the leftover.

also place a date label on chili container so that you know till when its good to eat while in freezer as it would reduce food wastage in long run and you can consume the chili as soon as possible before it gets spoiled.

How to defrost chili

To defrost the chili you can microwave it for 2-3 minutes on defrost settings and then it would be ready to serve, if you don’t have microwave then you can transfer the chili in pan and heat it on stove top on medium heat settings to get it ready for serving and eating.

you can also thaw the chili by placing it in fridge for few hours and then taking and cooking it make some other recipes.

after thawing it you find that your chili has changed its texture and taste and become watery in consistency then i would recommend that you add 1-2 spoon corn starch or corn flour to it along with some spices and herbs and stir it until every thing is mixed then heat it for 2-5 minutes to get great tasting chili like it was made fresh to enjoy with everyone. to know complete information about thickening the chili read our post how to thicken the chili and make the consistency of your chili better than before.

later you can eat your chili served hot or with tortilla chips, tofu chili recipes, chili tacos, best chili dogs are great too besides adding some cheese to your chili to enhance your flavor and enjoy cheesy and creamy chili

Tips for chili freezing

if your chili contain any kind of non veg food in it like meat, chicken etc. then i would recommend that you only defrost it in fridge and not in room temperature as it would spoil the dish and change the taste if kept in open for long time. you need to heat it before serving to get best flavors from the chili

if you want to consume the chili in 2-3 days which should be the priority then i would recommend not to freeze it rather place it in fridge and it would be fine.

frozen chili bags


now that you know how to freeze chili you can now store and freeze it to enjoy with next day also in lunch time with some tasty breads or other dishes. let us know in comments below what all you like to pair with chili to get best chili taste.

share this post with all the chili lovers friends to help them freeze and preserve the chili to consume later with other tasty dishes. do you love to eat salsa then checkout our post how to freeze salsa to preservation.

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