How Long Does It Take Ice Cream to Freeze

Everyone loves to have ice cream at home and outdoor and loves to enjoy it with family and friends. so if you are wondering how long does it takes ice cream to freeze then you have come to right place as here we will discuss this question and get you the right answer for the freezing time of ice cream.

How Long Does It Take Ice Cream to Freeze

Making ice cream normally without machine

if you want to make ice cream at home easily without much issues and hassles then checkout the recipe below in which you will get the time for ice cream freezing also.


  • 2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 spoon vanilla extract
  • 3 cups whipping cream


  • To make the ice cream, you need to boil the milk in skillet or pan at 175 degree F
  • now using a stand mixer or hand mixer or hand whisker mix all the other ingredients and keep them in a bowl
  • after that mix the milk and mixture together and let them heat for a while until it gets thick.
  • once done let it cool down for some time and then keep it in fridge after covering its top for about 15-20 hours. to decrease the time of cooling you can make use of portable ice makers and keep the ice cream bowl in ice bath for some time to cool it faster.
  • once your ice cream is chill then add vanilla extract and whipped cream and whisk it for couple of minutes and then keep in freezer to get it hard and ready to eat in couple of hours.

Making ice cream in ice cream maker

Ice cream maker can also be used to making tasty ice cream at home easily. you have to read the user manual to make proper use of ice cream maker. ice cream recipe ingredients can be used same as above or any recipe you like.

make sure that the ice cream tin that comes with ice cream maker is kept cold. To buy yourself a good quality ice cream maker with discount checkout our post on popular ice cream makers in market.

when using ice cream maker and you need to make soft serve ice cream then it will take 30-40 minutes to get it done right and you will get your delicious soft ice cream.

After that if you want to make hard serve ice cream and transfer the ice cream in freezer safe container and pack it tightly removing maximum air from the ice cream, once done cover it firmly and then place it in freezer for 1 hour and you will get hard serve ice cream easily. the more you keep in freezer the harder it will get.

why home made ice cream becomes hard

In home made ice cream you don’t add any kind of additives and preservatives which the ice cream go hard over time, so if you want to make it soft before eating then take out from freezer and let it sit in for while then enjoy as it will get soft and easy to it.

To reduce the hardness of home made ice cream you can churn it fast in your ice cream make as it will increase the amount of air packed in ice cream thus making it softer after freezing. also you can make use of full cream milk as it reduces the ice cream hardness.

Adding too much sugar in ice cream also makes it hard so make sure you add less sugar if you want to make your ice cream soft and delicious and it will also help reduce your unwanted calories intake from sugar.

If you want to keep your ice cream soft and prevent it from excessive crystallization then you need to consume it in 1 or 2 seating’s as if you keep them for longer it make start crystallization and then your ice cream will become crunchy and feel like eating ice.

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Making ice cream at home can be rough task for the first few times till you get to know the right way but once you are down with the process you can turn bowls of delicious ice cream always whenever you want without any issues in less time.

Here we have answered your question related to time required for freezing the ice cream. if you like this article then share it with friends. To share your ice cream making tips and tricks use comment section below as we love to read and enjoy chatting with our readers for making great recipes together.

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