substitute for pecorino cheese

pecorino is a very unique taste and flavor profile which works in many dishes to make them tasty but sometimes you cant get your hands on pecorino cheese from market due to its shortage then you need to have some substitute for Pecorino cheese which will help you prepare tasty cheesy recipes without any issues.

pecorino cheese is made using sheep milk and comes in white shade but strong salty flavor to it with tinges of earthy and taste to it. so if you can find any cheese with similar qualities then it would work as its alternative, we have shared some of the famous ones like parmesan cheese, ricotta cheese etc. below in our list to use when pecorino cant be used in your recipes due to some reason.

substitutes for Pecorino cheese

pecorino cheese alternatives and substitutes

grana padano

grana Padano cheese will give your food dishes a unique flavor and taste which can make it a god substitute for pecorino cheese. the flavor is intense and rich with less similarities with pecorino but goes overall well with all kinds of recipes to make good dishes like soups, salads, rolls, pies, etc.

it has less age and can be easily melted and grated on all kinds of food item of your choice like soups, various pasta dishes to enhance its flavor profile with its distinct yet recognizable taste.

The texture and crumbliness of the grana Padano is similar to pecorino. the salty and sweet taste profile of the grana Padano is also matching to pecorino. use can add these cheese for replacement in 1:1 ratio and add some spices and herbs to make the dish with cheese more tasty.

you can store this cheese in fridge or freezer for long term storage without any issues. don’t keep it outside in hot pantry condition for more then 2-5 days as it will start getting some smell in it. if you intend to freeze it and does not want to to lose texture post thawing when its required to use then cut it in cubes or grate it and then place in zip lock back then keep in freezer and when required just use directly without any issues.

grana padano

asiago cheese

Asiago cheese can be found in your local supermarket at attractive prices to give your recipes good taste only with asiago cheese if you could find them in your local market. it comes with mild flavor and soft texture which can be compared to asiago cheese to some extent.

Due to its softer texture it melts of hot dishes faster to give them good cheesy looks and flavor. some people also like to eat it as side dishes with spices in herbs in salad bowls to have a great taste with main course dish. with time the cheese gets harder and become close competitor to pecorino cheese in terms of looks and flavor.


parmesan cheese is popular substitute to use in place of pecorino cheese due to similarity in taste as both are salty in texture but parmesan is little extra salty when compared to pecorino so add as per the need to keep the salt content low in your recipes. it can be used in sandwiches, pizza rolls etc. for good taste.

its a great addition to the recipe of carbonara pasta as it makes it more creamy and tasty. you can also add some other green veggies like green onions, half boiled eggs, peppers and many different spices of your choice to make a cheesy carbonara recipe easily at home.


it comes from Spain and works great as a replacement for pecorino cheese. it is prepared using sheep milk which is salty so expect little saltiness in your cheese which makes it similar to pecorino. try it once to see if your taste buds like this great cheese in your dishes like onion cheese soup, vegetable cheese mixture etc. its great cheese if you like eating grilled cheese as it will give great taste after grilling and enjoying with other grilled veggies like tomatoes, mushrooms tofu, bell peppers etc.

it is also sold as per the time of ageing to get best flavor from these cheese. these cheese is sweeter when compared to pecorino so add extra salt if substituting for pecorino. buy at least 1 year old cheese when replacing manchego for pecorino cheese and get the best flavor from it to enjoy with different variety of breads.

manchego cheese in wooden tray image
manchego cheese in wooden tray image


Piave cheese is one of the best substitute for pecorino cheese out their. mainly it sells as per its ageing time. the old pecorino becomes harder with time and serves as great alternative to pecorino due to matching flavor and looks in old cheese but not in young version of this cheese which goes well for snacking and grilling purposes to munch of few chunks of cheese with seasonings or grilling and enjoying with friends .

the replacement ratio would be 1:1 for adding piave to pecorino but adjust the spices, herbs and salt content in your dishes to make it more flavorful and as per your liking. the older piave cheese can be grated on roasted potato polenta and other potato dishes for great taste.

its nutty in flavor and is made from cow milk in Veneto province of north Italy region. you can grate it over your soup bowl, pasta bowl, casserole, panini press sandwiches, salads and much more.

piave cheese

Romano cheese

It is made using cow and sheep milk and comes with similar texture to pecorino cheese in terms of flavor and crumbliness because pecorino is made from sheep’s milk also. you can expect similarity in taste to pecorino cheese from Romano cheese. try to use fresh Romano cheese if you can get your hands on it in your native region else packed Romano cheese also works great in your dishes when no pecorino can be bought.

It is softer than pecorino and milder in flavor due to less salty flavor in it. the texture of Romano is also less crumbly when compared to pecorino.

It is quite popular in usa and its nearby regions as people enjoy its hardline texture with salty taste when grated in various recipes like pizza, soups, sandwiches etc.

iberico cheese

it is yet another alternative cheese that can be used in absence of pecorino cheese to give your dishes good flavor. it is usually made from cow, goat and sheep milk for better tasting cheese which gives a very unique taste to your cheese unlike any other making it a good addition to all kinds of cold dishes like salad bowls, cold sandwiches etc. and hot dishes like curries, chili, pizza, cheese sandwiches with shredded cheese, egg omelet with cheese, grilled potato paired with melted cheese drizzled over them with some oregano mix will make them taste great.

it is hard cheese so you can eat it directly as snack also with some spices and herbs and drizzled butter. or add it as garnish for pasta bowl and similar dishes.

iberico cheese

ossau iraty

it comes from sheep milk which makes it good alternative for pecorino cheese to buy from market and enjoy in your dishes. it is native to France and comes with hard crumbly texture which makes it good addition to cold and hot dishes.

you can add salt in your dishes with some seasoning as it has less salt in it to get best taste as per your preference. when replacing for pecorino cheese then use ratio of 1:1 and you are good to go without any issues for good taste in all kinds of recipes and cheesy dishes with ossau iraty cheese.

this cheese is aged between minimum time frame of 3-5 months and comes in 2 wheel sizes 8 and 10 inches wheel with weight of around 5-6 lbs. and 9-11 lbs. respectively for consumption by people. in local retail shops you can also get it by weight in small cheese block sizes as per your requirement for home use when preparing tasty recipe for family and friends.

In 2010 and 2016 the 10 month old version of this cheese won the prize for worlds best cheese in cheese awards held in Birmingham city in England.

ossau iraty cheese platter with bread and figs image


Hope you like my collection of pecorino cheese substitutes to use in absence of the cheese to make your dishes and recipes cheesilicious with its alternatives. if you are looking for rennet free cheese then you can try cottage cheese as its made with rennet of any kind making it much more favorable for people who disguise and don’t like rennet in their food  like vegetarians etc. let me know which cheese you like the most in your recipes in comments section below. To know about freezing mozzarella cheese checkout our guide for the same.

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