Can you freeze tamales to eat when hungry

Tamales are an excellent food made with or without meat, particularly when you have an all-vegetarian meal for your friends and family.

Tamales are extremely popular all over the world. People from different countries like Mexico, Colombia, and Guatemala eat them.

It is common to serve a traditional dinner with Tamales during the holiday season. These are served during Christmas or New Year’s Day.

Tamales are made with corn flour tomatoes, green chili peppers, and stewed onions.

The ingredients are mixed with shreds of chicken breasts or pork. some people also like to pair a side dish of roasted chicken and veggies with tamales for making a complete filing meal.

It is then wrapped with a cornhusk then steamed over hot water until cooked.

Can You Freeze Tamales?

Yes! It is possible to freeze uncooked or cooked Tamales, as long as you adhere to the proper freezing guidelines to guarantee the best cooking experience after they’ve been frozen.

You can store cooked Tamales in a freezer for up to 6 months, and they will not lose their texture or taste!

Freezing tamales is an effective way to cut down on time spent by those who like to prepare huge batches of tamales for future meals. But, it is essential to store them properly, so you don’t harm the masa or alter the flavour in the fillings.

tamales served with

Methods to Freeze Cooked Tamales

Cooked tamales should freeze since it’s easy to cook a large batch of tamales and then freeze leftovers. It’s also easier to warm frozen cooked tamales in advance after they have frozen, which is a massive time saver.

The fact that tamales are cooked ensures that the flavour of the fillings is preserved at their best and will not alter when heated.

If you’re planning to freeze cooked tamales, prepare them and cook them the same way you would normally. Some people like to freeze leftovers from a larger batch. Always ensure that the masa structure covers the fillings correctly after the husk has been trimmed away.

After you’ve cooked the tamales, take them apart to eat away from the ones you’d like to freeze. This is because the first step in freezing tamales is for the tamales to cool.

Cooling the Tamales

Tamales cooked in tamales must be allowed to cool to temperatures at room temperature before being put into the freezer. It shouldn’t take more than an hour, but inspecting them throughout the period is crucial. Leaving them outside for too long can expose them to bacteria and ruin them.

Cooling the masa before serving is essential because it stops the tamales from condensing inside the container while frozen. This will also help consolidate the masa casing more.

Storing the Tamales

After the tamales have been cooled at room temperature, it’s time to have them placed inside the freezer.

Many prefer to store their tamales within airtight containers because they ensure that frozen food items do not damage the tamales. But, there is little space in the container for tamales, and these containers could burden the freezer.

You could also use freezer bags. The most effective protection for this technique is to wrap each tamale with aluminium foil or the cling film a few times.

Place them flat in the bag and then in the freezer to maintain their structure. This is to ensure that the wrap will provide an additional layer of security when air gets trapped in the freezer bag.

In either case, seal the container/freezer bag securely to prevent air from entering with the help of food vacuum machine.

freezing tamales in vacuumed air

Label the container or freezer Bag

It’s unnecessary for those with just one freezer bag or container filled with tamales. However, it’s an extremely useful technique for larger batches.

After sealing the bag or container, label it with the filling flavour and the date you’ve frozen them. This will allow you to identify the different batches and when they are best consumed and thawed.

Then, put the Tamales inside the freezer! Make sure you keep them flat so they will freeze well and equally.

Is it a good idea to freeze uncooked tamales?

The simple answer to this question would be yes. Tamales that are not cooked can be frozen. However, one must know the proper method to store raw tamales. Here’s the correct procedure to follow.

Tamales are made from an extremely delicate dough called masa, which is extremely transient. Following the proper approach, you can prepare tamales earlier and keep the uncooked clumps in your freezer to cook later. Press the filling into the tamales as you would normally.

At that point, you can pack the tamales in their corn husks or banana leaf wraps. At that point, you can either freeze or freeze the whole group. There’s no right way to do this, but it’s all up to your preference.

But, you have decided to make the tamale batter, and ensure that you put it into the freezer-safe container. Suppose you did not use a freezer-safe container. In that case, the frozen batter could be sprayed with ice altering its surface and consistency.

How Do Fillings In Tamales Affect Freezing?

Tamales have different fillings, which can impact how they freeze. The flavour will be identical when frozen and then reheated for fillings made of shrimp and meat.

However, with other fillings like vegetables, it is more likely to be difficult to freeze. Vegetables are typically liquid and mushy after they have been frozen and then frozen and then thawed.

Because the tamales have to be cooked once it has thawed, keeping the vegetable fillings in the tamales uncooked is suggested. After the tamales have been reheated, they will attain the proper consistency and texture.

Other fillings, like dairy, can also be difficult to freeze. Cheese fillings are more likely to crumble when frozen and then thawed.

If you’re planning on freezing cheese to fill your tamales, make sure you have other ingredients in the same dish too. This will keep that cheese mixture from drying and crumbling after it has thawed.

Tamales with cheese fillings are best eaten within 3 months instead of six months.

How can you tell whether Tamales Are Bad?

Tamales are an excellent meal for family and friends.

You can store them in the freezer and heat the food whenever you like. That’s why it’s among the most delicious meals you cook at home.

If you’ve already kept some tamales inside the freezer, keep track of frequent expiration dates to last longer and have the appropriate quality.

If they’ve already passed their sell-by date, it is important to find out whether Tamales are not good. Then you can dispose of them immediately.

If you see any discoloration or mold on Tamales, it is a sign that they’re already rotten.

Always examine the entire batch of tamales before eating them, so you can identify any damaged ones in the event that you’ve missed one.

If you find your tamales to have an unusual smell and flavor, they could result from mold.

The molds can appear as dark or white spots and are usually found inside the tamales. Therefore, you may have to cut them into pieces to examine the inside for indications of mold.

Remember that the quality of your tamales will be contingent on the way you store your tamales in the freezer.

thawed tamales in air fryer for crisp outer
thawed tamales in air fryer for crispy outer layer post freezing


Can you store tamales overnight?

Wrap the dish in plastic wrap and then aluminum foil. Tamales wrapped in foil will be in good condition for 2 days when stored in the refrigerator.

Do I need to thaw frozen tamales before steaming them?

To steam, take tamales out of the bag and place them in a hot steamer for about 15 minutes in the frozen condition ( 5-10 minutes more when the tamales are frozen).

How do you fix dried tamales?

A great alternative to steaming, heating Tamales within the oven or air fryer is a straightforward, fast method. Preheat your oven to 425° and then cover each tamale with several layers of aluminium foil, ensuring no air. Put them in the oven for 20 minutes before turning them around at about halfway.

Tip: if you are looking for a great drink to go along with tamale then you can try out cranberry relish recipe as its little bit punchy and will complement the flavors of spicy tamale.

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