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Peanut butter is one such snack butter which is liked by people of all age group irrespective of the country they like in and ethnicity they follow but some times it happens they you cant find the alternatives to peanut butter when you cant get it in market or the peanut butter jar is finished in the kitchen. also some people are allergic to peanut butter, so they want some alternative to it.

peanut butter is used to make many kind of dishes including peanut butter and jelly on homemade bread, puddings, ice creams etc. which seems to be quite common for people across the world.

Talking about the nutritional content of peanut butter, 2 spoons of peanut butter contains about 8 grams of proteins, 3 grams of fat along with 16 grams of fats and 190 calories in it. it has low omega 3 fatty acid but high omega 6 fatty acids which is great for body metabolism and making bones stronger.

peanut butter alternatives

peanut butter comes in different flavors also like classic, chocolate, crunchy etc. so that you can enjoy as per you liking. you can also make peanut butter at home as recipe is easy and simple and it will be quite economical too. if you like to eat butter in general of any variety then read about butter shelf life and storage to maintain its taste for long time.

so without any further delay lets talk about different substitutes to peanut butter right below.

Peanut butter alternatives for tasty food recipes

Cashew butter

It comes with extra amount of vitamin k along with zinc when compared to normal peanut butter. it does not contain sugar in it because cashew are already sweet and good in taste so it does not require additional artificial sugar in the butter making.

It is expensive than peanut butter and has less proteins. it has high carb content in it which makes it less popular in health conscious people. some people like to add it curries and different gravies also to make thick and tasty beyond measure.

Almond butter

Almond butter is quite popular substitute for peanut butter because it has rich nutritional value when compared to peanut butter  and comes at moderately expensive price when we take peanut butter in account.

To give an overview, it has more fiber in it and less saturated fats when compared to peanut butter. the calcium content in almond butter is as much as 7 times more with double iron content. vitamin E has 3 times more value in almond butter than peanut butter besides all this you will also find high dose of calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium in the almond butter than peanut butter.

Almond butter taste quite well with lot of food items like sandwiches, pan cakes, waffles, smoothies, cream cheese mix yogurt, dips for fruits and roasted veggies, milkshake become really tasty after adding almond butter in them, brownies and cakes with almond butter cream and sprinkled roasted almonds also become delicious for everyone.

almond butter image

Pumpkin seed Butter

It has different taste than peanut butter and lot more fiber content than peanut butter. the protein content is less when compared to peanut butter but it comes with various different mineral like zinc, copper, magnesium, selenium etc. to keep our body working fine always.

It has earthy taste to it with mild pumpkin seeds like flavor as its made from its butter. if you want to enhance its flavor before using it in your recipes when you don’t have peanut butter then you will have to add some salt, spices like cinnamon, herbs like vanilla extract from stems of vanilla plant and some form of sweetener of our choice like jaggery powder, honey or maple syrup for overall better taste.

if you are wondering where can you use good tasting pumpkin seed butter then you can spread it on bread with some banana slices to a sandwich, add it in your morning smoothies with other fruits, and leafy greens like spinach etc. of your choice for making protein rich healthy drinks, add it in your morning breakfast oatmeal bowl for different yet good taste of pumpkin butter, use it as dip for nachos and other food dishes of your choice, add it to roasted veggies salad bowl or in your sweet desserts preparation for great taste as it will make your dishes yummy in whichever recipe your try it in.

Coconut Butter

coconut butter is a well know and popular option to replace peanut butter. it is very beneficial for heart health and strengthening of our immune system. it is know to improve body metabolism and heal bacterial infections in the body. it makes our skin glow when used for long term.

for cooking also it is good and used in many south Asian countries to make tasty recipes but it has low amount of omega 3 and omega 6 in it along with low proteins contents but high in saturated fats.

if you are a coconut milk consumer then you will also like to see coconut milk alternatives to make tasty dishes even when its not in your kitchen

Soy butter

soy nuts contains good amount of omega 3 and omega 6 in them when compared to normal peanut butter. its taste and flavor matches to peanut butter to good extent which makes its a good alternative for it if peanut butter is not found in the house or market. it contains the required amount of proteins and all the essential amino acids which are found in peanut butter also.

some studies suggest that isoflavones in the soy butter helps to prevent with cancer along with heart issues upto certain extent.

Hazelnut Butter

Hazelnut comes with filbert tree and are expensive. it contains less amount of proteins when compared to peanut butter. it has omega 6 in it but lacks in omega 3. you will also get copper, fiber content, vitamin E from hazel nuts.

If you want to make hazelnuts butter with simple recipe then you can add some roasted hazelnuts(plain would also work), cream(optional), cinnamon powder(1/2 spoon), salt 1/4 to 1/2 spoon, honey/maple syrup as per your liking in small quantities, cardamom in a blender and blend until smooth as per your liking. Keep it in air tight container in fridge for long term usage.

So if price is not the issue then you can consume it with food items which are high in proteins to compensate the lose of proteins in it when replacing peanut but. it is popularly used as bread paste and dressing to give it unique flavor.

It goes with all kinds of bread sandwiches like you can put banana, berries and hazelnut butter in bread for great tasting sandwich, enjoy it with pancakes and some fruits, add it in your smoothies to get good taste of soft and creamy hazelnut in your drinks or add it in your morning breakfast cereal/oats/porridge bowl for having nutrition packed breakfast each and every day.

hazelnut butter

Sunflower seed butter

It comes with lot of fiber content and about 40% daily recommended intake of vitamin E in it. it is made from sunflower seeds so it does not have any nuts involved which makes it good for people who have nut allergy of any kind and cant eat nut butter. The amount of protein in it is almost in same quantity as in peanut butter.

If you are making it in home and keep it refrigerated then it can last up to 1-2 month for continue usage but store bought one which comes added with preservatives has longer shelf life of 1 year upon being kept in fridge.

Homemade Sunflower Seed Butter

Sunflower seeds butter comes quite handy when making different kind of bread to make them taste good. sunflower seed comes packed with lot of nutrients like mg, phosphorus, iron, zinc along with various vitamins like A, E, B and many more nutrition components which makes it an essential part of your diet on regular interval basis for healthy body.

to make it even more tasty and increase its applications i food preparation you can convert it in butter form also and use as spread on breads, add in fruit salad bowls, in curries for making thick delicious savory curry recipes, addition to you breakfast bowl, smoothies and many more different recipes of your choice due to its versatile and neutral taste which works with all kinds of healthy recipes you like to make in your kitchen.

Sesame seeds

it is available quite readily everywhere and has lot of nutrients in it which makes it popular in people from different section of society. it contains iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin B1 etc. unlike peanut butter which has omega 3 in large amount, butter made from sesame seeds has omega 6 in it.

it is very useful in bone ache issues to make them stronger from inside. some research articles on web also suggest that it helps in lowering cholesterol, maintaining good heart health and reducing the effects of cancer on body.

pistachio butter

it is good source of fiber, proteins and potassium which makes it good alternative for peanut butter. it has high amount of omega 3 and omega 6 than peanut butter. it possesses around 180 calories and 6 grams of proteins in 1 spoon of butter.

It has also been found to help with reducing cholesterol level in body and increasing anti oxidants which helps to reduce harmful free radicals to keep the body immune system stronger.

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hope you got the right type of substitute to replace peanut butter in your home when its not available. you can use these alternatives as per your choice and taste preferences.

if you cant find these alternative butter in the market then you can get the raw ingredients to make these alternatives at home by blending them with water or little bit milk in the mixer or blender and use them in your recipe as per your liking to have a great tasting food recipe with friends and family. you can also toast the seeds and nuts if you want to enhance the flavor then blend it as it will give little distinct flavor which may be liked by your taste buds better.

if you like our suggestions then share this post with friend who like to eat peanut butter along and with recipes like waffles, cakes etc.  as maybe they would like its alternatives too. if you want to add some more substitutes to our list for our audience then let us know in comments below and we will share with our readers in this post.

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