Peanut Oil Substitutes and alternatives for cooking

Peanuts and peanut oils are liked by everyone but sometimes its just not the right one to use for making the recipe for some other purpose that’s why here we have come up with some of the popular peanut oil substitutes which you can use.

peanut oil is also know as groundnut oil in many places across the world and is extracted from peanuts. mainly it comes in cold pressed form which has yellow ting in color and good smell, i personally consume cold pressed peanut oil at home.

the other one being normal refined one which is heated and refined to remove smell and make it flavor less for mass consumption. its lighter and cheaper in price and 3rd type being roasted which is made from roasted peanuts and has sharp smell in it and is used for salads and non cooked items mainly as dressing etc.

in market you may also get some cheaper options which consists part of peanut oil along with some other oils.

Peanut oil has smoke point of 437 degree F with very mild taste which makes it for cooking different food items as it will not over power the food items with its own taste.

it comes with many good nutrients including vitamins a, e, d and anti oxidants which makes it good for our body as it helps to make immune system strong.

peanut oil substitutes alternatives

Below we will discuss some of the popular substitutes of peanut oils.

Best peanut oil substitutes

1. canola oil

Canola oil is quite popular substitute for peanut oil as it has less quantity of saturated fats. it does not have strong smell and flavor.

it is very versatile oil and can be used to make any kind of dish. it comes with smoking point of 400 degree F which makes it perfect for baking and grilling different food items since they require high temperature. it also comes with omega 3 fatty acids which are good for our body and helps in reduces the chances of many chronic heat diseases.

2. almond oil

It is good substitute for peanut oil but an expensive one, so if you have good budget then buy else try something else. it comes with poly unsaturated fats making it rich in omega 9 and omega 6. having these 2 elements in oil make sure that you are saved from heart related ailments or cholesterol related problems.

pure almond oil image

It also contains vitamin E and anti oxidants in good quantity which makes it good for body and mind. both the versions of this oil including refined and cold pressed one can be used in cooking purposes but refined oil having smoke point of 420 degree F makes it great for grilling and sautéing purposes where cold pressed one for dressing salads, braising different items, draping on breads or making some wheat recipes like pastries, cakes etc.

3. soybean oil

It is derived from soybean and is very popular in Asian countries due to its cheap price and stability even at high temperature due to high smoke point of 460 degree F making it good for deep frying. it cones with lots of good minerals and vitamins in it making it popular peanut oil substitute.

it can be used for any cooking purpose including deep frying, sautéing, grilling, baking, salad dressings and any other thing you can think off.

so if you want something cheap and good when thinking about peanut oil alternatives then soybean oil is the one to go with.

4. walnut oil

It is an expensive alternative to peanut oil and good for health. it comes in 2 forms i.e. refined and cold pressed from which latter being expensive used for cooking purposes, you can buy this one if you don’t have budget issues and former one is mainly used by beauty products company to add walnut component in the creams and other beauty items.

People like to use walnut oil because it is packed with many nutrients including but limited to vitamin c, b1, b2 , b3, omega 3 fatty acids among others. it also packs many different minerals in it like magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron.

Don’t use this oil for deep frying as sometimes things become bitter after deep frying in this oil at high temperature. its great for using with uncooked items like salad etc. or for mild cooking like stir frying food recipes etc.

5. sesame oil

It is derived from sesame seeds and cold pressed oil has lot of health benefits. It has high amount of vitamin e and vitamin k which is good for skin and hair. it reduces body cholesterol.

It comes with high smoke point which makes it perfect for deep frying, grilling and similar cooking activities like shallow frying air fryers. it has pale yellow color and gives nutty flavor. it is derived from roasted sesame seeds. oil derived for white seeds is good for eating and pleasant in taste while oil derived from black seeds is little bitter in taste. always buy cold pressed sesame oil to get best nutrition value from the oil.

It is one of the good alternative for peanut oil used by people who like something different to try which choosing oils.

6. corn oil

Corn oil is popular one and is great substitute for peanut oil found everywhere in cheap prices to help you cook different dishes easily. his oil possesses nutty flavor and is made from corn along with its fibers also.

The smoke point of corn oil ranges from 320 degree F for unrefined corn oil to 450 degree F for refined corn oil which is used for many purposes like deep frying, sautéing, grilling etc. It comes with high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids which if taken in high quantity can be bad for your health, so it is advised to take in lower quantity only.

7. grape seed oil

Grape seed oil can also be a good substitute for peanut oil as it has smoke point of 392 degree F. it is made from the grape seeds which are left after making the wine. just like other ones cold press grape seed is good as it goes through less oxidation process unlike refined oil.

It has high vitamin E levels making it great for our immune system. don’t use this oil for deep frying rather use it for light purposes like sautéing, stir frying ,grilling etc. Because it is one of the expensive ones so if would become a budget issue while using it for long term if you have low budget for monthly groceries.

grape seed oil image
Grape seed oil in a glass jar with fresh red grapes

8. sallflower oil

if you are looking for an alternative which comes with high heat point then this one is for you as it has smoke point of 510 degree F which makes it perfect for deep frying and cooking at high temperatures. To make this oil you need to first crush the seeds and oil comes out of them.

Oleic sallflower contains mono unsaturated fats which are good for our body health in long term. the oil obtained from sallflower can be used for deep frying, baking, sautéing in skillet and similar cooking purposes. it doesn’t have its own taste that’s why it can be used with any kind of dish without influencing the dish flavor.

9. sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is popular peanut oil substitute used across the world. it has good amount of vitamin E , oleic acid and omega 6. a spoon of oil contains about 9 grams of omega 6. it helps in reduction of cholesterol for healthy body.

It comes with moderate smoke point of 450 degree F which makes it great for using it for making different food items in kitchen. it can be used for baking, grilling, pasta making and even deep frying items.

sunflower oil image

Frequently asked questions about Peanut oil substitutes

Can i use peanut oil for baking?

if you want to add nutty flavor which has peanut aroma and taste to it then you can use peanut oil while baking different items like bread, biscuits, croissants, etc. it can be used in making savory items like savory pies with veggies filling, baked rolls etc. as it will taste good to have a little flavor in it outer later if you like.

if you don’t like peanut flavor in baked items then avoid it and if your recipe calls for normal butter then use butter only and don’t replace with peanut oil, although you can add little bit oil in conjunction with butter just for additional flavor if your want in your recipe of baked dishes.

is peanut oil healthy for consumption?

It has some saturated fats which is not good for our body but in counter to it also possesses mono saturated fats in good quantity which are better for our body. you will also get lot of essential vitamin, minerals and other nutrients for healthy working of our body from peanut oil. so the gist is it is healthy for consumption when consumed in moderation as anything in high quantity can lead to some issues for your body in later stages of your life.

can i use olive oil instead of peanut oil?

Olive oil is not a good alternative to peanut oil as it has distinct flavor in it which may add to your finished dish. you can use it but not recommended as peanut oil has very mild flavor but olive oil may give different flavor. so choose wisely but in the end it all depends on your taste, if you like it then you can use it.

Tip : if you have peanut allergy then it is best to use the peanut oil substitutes and not use peanut oil at all as it may become dangerous to your health and existence.

Peanut oil substitutes comes packed with monounsaturated fatty acids and poly unsaturated fatty acids which are good for out body so make sure when you buy peanut oil alternative then check for these in them as it will make you worry free about its effects on health.

some of the common oils with mono unsaturated fatty acids are rice bran oil, olive oil, avocado oil, canola oil, almond oil, macadamia nut oil etc.

some of the common oils with poly unsaturated fatty acids are corn oil, cotton seed oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil sunflower oil etc.

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What are popular variants of peanut oil?

Peanut oil is found across the world and is quite popular and it comes in mainly 4 types as discussed below.

Refined peanut oil is heated and all the odors are removed and all the colors are removed to make it look good and favorable for mass consumers who don’t like peanut aroma in their oils. It is used mainly for frying things as it has high cooking temperature to make them crunchy and crispy without any issues. it is also not too expensive so many people can afford them.

Cold press peanut oil is expensive as it involves manual labor to crush the peanuts without heat and chemicals and then extract oil from it with its original nutrients and aroma and flavor which peanut lovers love. It has lot of vitamins and beneficial properties than many other artificial oils. it is better than refined oil and mixed peanut oil.

Mixed peanut oil consist of refined peanut oil mixed with other cheaper oils like soybean oil, sunflower oil etc. to fry large frying items in masses for large consumer events like party, big restaurant serving etc. many restaurants use it to reduce the cost and improve their margins when selling many fried items in menu. i wont recommend using it on regular basis in your home cooking if you want good flavor of peanut oil but if the budget is tight then you can opt for it.

Gourmet peanut oil is made from roasting and crushing the peanuts to maintain its authentic flavor which is intense and color is also near to true color in the oil. its aroma is very peanuts like and when you add this oil in anything then you will get peanut flavor in your dish, it is widely used to making stir fried dishes, light roasting, grilling, shallow frying and similar applications for making scrumptious food without any low quality oil usage. it retains most of the nutrients and vitamins that peanut oil has to offer to keep your body healthy and fit.


Hope you liked our collection of some of the popular peanut oil substitutes which can be used to make different recipes at home. do share it with your friends who like cooking to help them choose the right type of oil for cooking different recipes in kitchen.

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