How to Toast Sliced Almonds

Almonds are liked by everyone but to a nutty flavor to it and make it much more intense you need to toast and roast them. here we share some of the easy methods to toast the sliced almonds as it would make it flavor great.

how to toast sliced almonds

You can use roasted almonds in many dishes to make them taste good. we have also shared some of the popular uses of the toasted almonds to make your recipes great.

Benefits of toasting almonds

toasted almonds comes with lot of benefits, some of them are shared below for you to read

  • toasted almonds enhances the flavor of almonds and gives it nutty flavor
  • it makes almonds crunchy while eating.
  • it gives them brown color which looks good.
  • you can eat more when almonds are toasted it wont bloat your stomach
  • sliced toasted brown color almonds looks good when sprinkled on muffins, pastries, shakes and different kinds of cakes

How to toast sliced almonds

roasting and toasting sliced almonds can be done easily with different methods shared below to enjoy your roasted almonds anytime with various different recipes.

using oven

you can make use of your oven at home to toast the almonds easily by following the steps given below

  • Turn on the oven and set it to preheat at 350 degree F and take the oven tray and put a baking sheet on it. after that spread all the sliced almonds evenly throughout the tray for full roasting.
  • then place the tray in middle row for roasting for 10 minutes at 350 degree F, after every 3 minutes stir the sliced almonds with spatula so that almonds get toasted from all sides evenly.
  • once you see the almonds turning golden brown then turn off the oven and let it cool down, after that take out the tray and put the toasted almonds on container or zip lock back to consume it later.( tip: don’t allow the almonds to turn too dark brown as it may burn them and all the essential nutrients of almonds will get lost and it will become bad in taste)

using using toaster oven

working with toaster oven for toasting sliced almonds is easy but it takes little bit extra time. it small appliance so it is easy to handle and takes less space in kitchen that’s why i recommend that you buy one toaster oven in your budget to get baking and toasting things done quickly when big oven is not required or you don’t have it.

  • you need to take sliced almonds and spread on baking sheet on tray just like normal oven and keep it for toasting on 300 to 350 degree F settings for 10-20 minutes depending on the amount of roasting you want for your almonds.
  • once done the oven will shut of and then take out the sliced almonds, once they cool down pour in bowl with some spices and herbs to enjoy with family and friends or just keep in container for later use in various dishes.

using microwave

you can also use microwave for toasting almonds if you have one in your kitchen by following the steps given below

  • take the microwave tray and spread all the sliced almonds on it evenly throughout then place the tray inside the microwave for roasting.
  • now put the microwave at 200 degree c and let it roast for one minute at a time and then stir the almonds and within 3-4 minutes you will see that your almond slices are roasted and ready to eat in golden brown color.

using stove top

stove top method is the easiest one as everyone has stove top in their kitchen or you can also use induction cooktop if you have that to get the almonds roasted easily within few minutes without using any other small appliances.

  • take a pan or skillet to and heat it little bit on low heat and then add some butter if you want some buttery taste in your roasted almonds, its totally optional and not must to do.
  • then put all the sliced almonds in pan and spread them evenly in the pan and make the heat to medium settings and keep stirring and shaking the pan after every 10 seconds to prevent your almonds from getting burned.
  • after around 3-5 minutes turn off the stove and let them cool off and then pour them to bowl for enjoying them sweet or salty. don’t let them over cook else they will burn and ruin the flavor.

uses of sliced almonds

sliced almonds are quite popular and used in many ways, we have shared some innovative ways to use the sliced toasted almonds right below.

you can add sliced almonds to oatmeal or cereal bowl to make your bland tasting cereals bust with new taste and make them delightful. adding them your morning smoothies is also a good idea, you can blend them while making smoothies and shakes or just add as garnish on top. since almonds are rice in nutrients like proteins and fats, you will get energy boast to start your day with a power punch in whatever work you intend to do that day.

since almonds are high in energy you can eat them without anything also, just add little bit salt or not as per your choice and eat to get your dose of energy and get going with your work. you can eat them in morning post workout or in evening to get the energy boast to finish the work.

sliced almonds are also use vastly to decorate cakes in different forms to make them look attractive and add nutty flavor to it. some people also add these to various nut drinks as garnish. do try it for yourself to see if you like them and enjoy with sweet desserts like puddings etc. with your family and friends to add sweetness in your lives with a bit of nutty flavor from roasted almond slices.

uses of toasted sliced almonds

you can also add these to your vegetable salads or stir fry vegetable mix to make them much more tasty to eat. Add some leafy greens like spinach, kale etc., salt, pepper, herbs, diced tomatoes, corns and some toasted nuts to eat and enjoy with your family.


you can also make use of air fryer to roast the sliced almonds easily, it gets done in 5-6 minutes. i have tried it and results are great without any hassles. do make sure to open once in between to stir them around to roast completely from all sides. if you don’t have air fryer then you can get one air fryer in budget to get frying and roasting done economically for healthy life and heavy pockets as it save money also.


Hope you got the right methods to toast the sliced almonds easily in your kitchen to make your dishes taste great and add nutty flavor to them with these toasted almonds.

it works great with sweet dishes and savory recipes too. do try them adding chopped and sliced roasted almonds to your dishes and let us know your experience how it made the taste explode to make everyone happy with the recipe.

If you want to add something to our article regarding toasting the recipes then let us know in comments section below. do share this with your nut loving friends to help them enjoy the roasted almonds.

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