how long does butter last

Butter is an essential ingredient and dairy product which is added to lots of dishes by people across the world to make the it more tasty and rich in texture. it gives dishes a distinct flavor which enhances overall look and taste of the food recipe because it has high carbohydrates and fat content it.

it is made from milk taken from cow, sheep, goat, buffalo and other similar milk producing animals. the more fat content the milk has the better butter will taste in the end.

it comes in salted and unsalted forms, you can buy as per your requirement. it can be used in all kinds of salty and sweet recipes including cakes preparation, bread making, stir frying, grilling etc.

here we discuss how long does your normal butter last so that you can buy extra in sale to use later and save money which can be used to purchase other ingredients. butter can go bad if not kept and stored properly so we also share below some tips to store it in proper manner which would ultimately increase its self life without spoiling its taste and texture.

how long does butter last

Butter shelf life

if you are wondering for how long does butter last then let me tell that it can be last for about 3 months when stored in fridge but if you want to store for long duration like 12 months then you need to keep it in freezer area of your fridge.

if you don’t keep the butter tube in fridge then it can last up to 2 weeks when kept in open in kitchen or dinning table. after the time mentioned above the butter will start to lose its taste and become stale so it is advised to consume it before its expiry date and keep it very safely due to its perishable nature.

if you intend to buy in large quantity for later use then buy the one which is produced very recently as it will have expiry date very away and you can keep it in freezer to consume it regularly and slowly whenever required.

how to judge if butter has gone past its expiry date

Some times it happens that you forget when your butter was made or you throw away the outer wrapper where expiry date is written then you need to check out its flavor, if its sour in taste and gives some kind of different smell then its gone bad, also check if the color of butter stick has changed and become dark in tone then the time has come to pop it into the bin and keep your gut healthy and free from expired butter which may give digestion problems later if eaten.

how to store butter in fridge

it is important to store the butter correctly in fridge so that it last long and retains its taste without getting spoiled. make sure that your fridge temperature is set at about 4 degree C when storing butter and it is kept away from place where veggies and fruits are kept as it may absorb the odor of these items.

you can keep the butter stick in back area as their air and temperature changes are also less so the butter will be in good shape without any issues. you can cover it with plastic wrap or aluminum foil to that the fat molecules in the butter stick do not break down when exposed to air. air tight containers would also work fine for storing the butter in fridge for its long life and taste retention.

How to store butter in freezer

Storing butter in freezer is easy either you can just keep the whole stick in the freezer or cut it in small square cubes and wrap it in aluminum foil and then keep in zip lock bag or vacuum sealer bag as it will prevent the butter to come in contact with air so the freezer smell wont get into the butter and your cubes will also get saved from freezer burn issue which might arise if kept unused for long.

When the time comes to defrost the butter just take out the cubes and remove the foil and keep in plate at room temperature or microwave it or melt it in skillet using induction cooktop or gas stove.

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Hope you got an idea about how long does butter last and how to store it to increase it shelf life. let us know if you liked our article and share it with your friends who love to buy lots of butter and use it while making finger licking recipes to enjoy with family and friends.

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