Stand mixer uses and tips tricks and hacks

Now days most of the people across the world who prefer to have modern kitchens and like to cook cool recipes have stand mixer in their kitchen. but having stand mixer is only one part as if you are not able to utilize it to its fullest potential then you wont gets worth while using in kitchen.

so to make stand mixer an indispensable part of making different items in kitchen daily Here we will share some of the uses along tips, tricks and hacks to make best use of your stand mixture up to its full potential which would help you make tasty dishes every time you use the stand mixer in your kitchen.

Stand mixer uses, tips, tricks and hacks

uses and tips for stand mixer
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Uses of stand mixer

you can use stand mixer attachment which spiralizes the fruits and vegetables to make them look more appealing when served in salad or just as side snacks or as garnish for various different desserts.

Use can also use it to shred some chicken to make rolls, nachos burger patties many more items with shredded chicken and other items similar to chicken can also be shredded like chicken.

When you need to make large batch of scrambled eggs serving then also stand mixer can be used for whisking the eggs in large batches on medium speed to get the work done. Scrambled eggs sandwiches made using panini makers taste heavenly, try it once you will definitely enjoy it.

you can also mix the flour to make soft dough for making home made fresh tortilla wraps instead of buying them from store. it can help you for making dough for different types of bread also.

You can also use stand mixer to mix the epoxy raisin easily in small batches for various beautiful wood working projects and other flooring projects or for making simple artifacts with colored epoxy resin mixture.

Tips for working with stand mixer

stand mixer is a power full appliance so when you use it there is an issue of things flying from it to different direction across the kitchen making walls dirty and sometimes other utensils also get dirty. so to prevent this from happening you can wrap a kitchen towel or paper towel across the upper opening of the stand mixer while working on as it will ensure that nothing goes out of the mixer even when using it at high speed thus keeping the surrounding of your kitchen clean always.

Place the stand mixer on mat, cutting board, kitchen towel or tray as it would make moving of stand mixer easy across the kitchen counter top. because some times its a heavy appliance with rubber grip on the bottom which sticks to counter and make it firm which prevents it sliding across the counter top and you don’t want to pick up somewhat heavy appliance after every half hour to move it here and there in kitchen after the work is done.

when buying a stand mixer make sure you also get a scraper blade attachment with it as it would help scrap off all the material stuck on the walls of the mixer easily which could become mess without it as you will have to do it manually and it will take lot of time after mixing. generally stand mixer comes with beater bland and standard metal blade for mixing so you will have to buy this accessory blade made of silicone separately. make sure its dishwasher safe which will make its cleaning easy.

It is advices to keep your stand mixer bowl and attachment in freezer for 40-50 minutes prior to using it for making whipped cream as cold temperature will make sure that your cream formed is smooth with stiff picks and don’t turn into liquid easily. it help bind the air in cream easily which will give more fluffy cream. the cold temperature allows the fat in the cream to bind with air bubbles easily which ultimately increases the bounce and volume of the cream thus giving you the desired results.

whipped cream made in stand mixer goes well with home made waffle so checkout our choice of budget waffle irons for waffle making in your home kitchen.

Generally stand mixer comes with couple of attachments and blades only which is great if you are using is less often and don’t require it much for different purposes. but if you like to make different types of recipes every day then couple of attachments wont give you the satisfaction to use get full potential of stand mixer.

you need to buy some additional attachments and accessories as well like dough hook for kneading variety of dough for baking, flexi beater would allow beating multiple items, chopper, grater, mincer or even pasta maker would work with some different types of stand mixer to get the work done fast and effectively.

checkout if the power cord of stand mixer is tide nicely behind the mixer with rubber band so that is doesn’t come in contact with other things or become hurdle while moving things around the counter top. keep it organized and tucked and it will save lot of space on counter top to keep other useful items required for recipe preparation while using the stand mixer.


Hope you like our collection of some interesting tips and insights to use your stand mixer in much efficient way. To buy a top quality stand mixer within your budget checkout our post on trending stand mixers in market with discount.

If you wish to add something useful to our list of tips and stand mixer uses to share with our other readers then comment below. share this with all the friends who own the stand mixer or want to buy a new one to help them become pro with stand mixer usage in kitchen.

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