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white vinegar is acidic in nature which gives a distinct taste to recipes when added in them but some times your vinegar bottle get finished and you don’t have any thing to add in your dishes then you can make use of Substitute for white vinegar shared below which would help to make your dish sour and acidic just like white vinegar without any issues.

White vinegar is common item found in most homes as its quite useful for many purposes besides use in food. people also use it for cleaning purposes and in garden also and its shelf life is also very long. you can store it in fridge or pantry and it wont get bad. it is easy to find in every local market and cost is also cheap.

white vinegar substitutes

my personal favorite vinegar recipe is small onions drenched in vinegar and beetroots along with some sugar to balance the taste to get a red sour onions after time, they taste very good with all kinds of curries, gravy, grilled food and sea food.

White vinegar substitutes and alternatives

Rice vinegar

Rice vinegar is popular type of vinegar which is used in making many dishes like sushi rice, sticky rice etc. it is less intense than white vinegar. it can be used by people who don’t like the flavor of white vinegar but want to add it in their dishes. you can get in simple form which has no seasoning and and one with different flavors and seasoning, you can buy and use the one which you like in your dishes.

People quite commonly use rice vinegar in preparation of marinades for various dishes and sauces for getting a better taste from them. some people also like to drizzle it over salad and add to curry recipes. if you add little bit sugar in it then you can get sweet vinegar like taste similar to cider vinegar or white wine vinegar etc. you can use it in combination with soy sauce, herbs of your choice and sesame oil to get a great tasting recipe with rice vinegar when normal vinegar becomes extinct from your kitchen shelf.

rice vinegar has some good benefits for your body like it helps with your food digestion easily. it also helps for proper heart working and good overall body immunity along with better bone strength.

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Balsamic Vinegar

balsamic vinegar is made from grapes . it is light in flavor than traditional white vinegar. it is little sweet in taste. it can be used for making salads, sauces and other similar dishes. white balsamic vinegar is made by cooking the white grape must in pressure cooker before its gets brown to retain its white color. you can know more about balsamic vinegar alternatives to use in them is dishes when you don’t have it in your pantry but you need to make tasty dishes for the evening party without delay.

If you are wondering on what new dishes can i try to add balsamic vinegar then let me suggest you to drizzle it over some BBQ platter like sea food platter including fish, prawns etc. to get tasting dish, non veg grilled items like chicken etc. or roasted and grilled veggies like mushrooms, corn cobs, tofu, cottage cheese etc. for a great tasting meal platter any time of the day.

some people also like to drizzle it over fruits platter which includes items like various berries, kiwi, pears etc. to get a distinct yet yummy flavor from the fruits.


Apple Cider Vinegar

It has fruit like taste with acidic flavor as its made from apple after fermentation of apple juice which converts the apple sugar to alcohol to make it cider vinegar. it has lot of health benefits and is used by people across the world for various purposes.

some of the quite popular benefits of cider vinegar includes its properties to prevent acid reflux, help with maintaining good digestive system along with unwanted belly reduction. it has also been found to get the ph balance in your body for good functioning without any issues. it also reduces the blood pressure and unwanted bad cholesterol levels in your body.

you can use it on salads, in ice teas, sea food curries, marinade for grilling food in grill party while its raining etc. to get good fruity flavor in the food item.

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if you want to checkout some the most popular apple cider vinegars then we have jotted down for you on this cider alternatives post

Malt Vinegar

it is made from ale and has taste like malt, lemon with tinge of sweetness in it. people use white malt vinegar in various dishes and some also use dark color malt vinegar which comes with caramel for the taste and color in it. it is mostly used in bakery good like cakes, cookies etc.

it is popular in Canada and British regions due to their love for malt. Try it once to see if you like the taste of malt vinegar in your dishes. many people also use malt vinegar for adding into their pickles to get a different overall taste from the pickle with some malt flavor in it.

malt vinegar can also be drizzled over seafood like fish, prawns etc. while roasting and shallow frying for good and different taste in your meal.

White wine vinegar

it is made after the fermentation of white wine. it has mild taste and makes your recipe good. it is best used for making marinades, sauces like plum sauce, pickles etc.

it is easy to find in grocery stores and supermarkets and wont cost you much to buy and use in your dishes to make them tasty. don’t add too much white wine vinegar as it may lead to heart burn and indigestion for some time, use it in limited quantities at one time.

It is also useful like normal vinegar for cleaning purposes while cleaning hard and unwanted stains from utensils, tiles, granite floors and other kitchen appliances etc.

Champagne vinegar

It is made from white wine after fermentation which gives this champagne vinegar its light and distinct taste. you will get good flavor from this vinegar that resembles to white vinegar which makes it a good alternative to white vinegar.

It can be used making mayonnaise, pickles, Chinese dishes like noodles etc. some people also use for pan deglazing and cleaning purposes also for various utensils and other items in kitchen. you can also add it to your rubs and dipping sauces for sandwiches and subs to get a different taste and make the recipe likeable for everyone you are serving the meals too. you can add to your sauté pan also for making stir fried salads, vinaigrette and other such recipes. it goes well with different herbs, spices of your choice like dried grounded coriander, rosemary etc., olive oil, butter and lemon juice.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use distilled vinegar instead of white vinegar?

yes distilled vinegar can be used for white vinegar when you don’t have it. it can be used for food preparation, cleaning utensils, sterilization, medical uses and other requirements. the white vinegar is stronger than distilled vinegar. so use as per the need when replacing the one with other.

distilled grain alcohol is used to make white vinegar which consist of around 5% acidic acid and rest is water. it gives good sour flavor to salads, pickles and sauce besides that you can also use it for cleaning purposes, the more acetic acid content in vinegar the more it is suitable to kill bacteria when used as cleaner in kitchen and home.

Distilled white vinegar is more pure than normal white vinegar. white vinegar is most often produced using sugar cane after its fermentation which changes its sugar content after oxidation of the cane juice which becomes acidic during this process. it is also called as spirit vinegar.

some people also call distilled vinegar as virgin vinegar due to its extra pureness. it uses ethanol for distillation and pure colorless liquid is formed after that with up to 8% acidic acid in solution.

Can i use lemon juice instead of white vinegar?

yes lemon juice can be used when you don’t have vinegar. it works great and has sourness which fulfils the purpose of vinegar, you don’t have to dilute it and can add directly to your dish, add gradually to get best flavor from it in your dish.

both the lemon juice and vinegar are acidic in nature but vinegar in more than lemon juice so it all depends on your taste choices weather you want lemon like taste or vinegar but both works wonderfully as the alternative for each other. so its clear that lemon juice works as substitute for white vinegar to make your dishes acidic in nature.


Hope you like our collection of white vinegar substitutes to use when your stock of white vinegar is over and you cant find more in the market near you.

Let me know for what all dishes you use vinegar and which alternative you like the best to replace white vinegar in comments below. it use it to make salads, pickles of different vegetables like radishes, onions, ginger etc. and sometimes cleaning my washing machine and other items my mixing baking soda with vinegar or lemon juice.

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