can you freeze radishes

radish is quite popular vegetable found everywhere in world with distinct taste. mainly it is used and eaten in salad form. it is root vegetable that is grown underground and comes from origin of asia and Rome. if you are wondering weather you can freeze radish or not then you have come to the right place as here we will answer all your questions and queries related to radish freezing and its storage in right manner.

radish has lot of nutritional value in them as they contains high amount of folic acids, potassium, calcium and vitamin  c. they also contain good amount of fiber content in them. They help in reducing issues with heart and control blood pressure also to great extent. it also contain contain Q10 enzyme which reduce the risk of getting diabetes in body along with indole-3-carbinol which helps to heal liver damage and clean the liver for its healthy function.

can you freeze radishes

radish comes in many shapes including round, small, big, narrow, tube like and other. it color various from white, red  to black, yellow, green, pink and purple. radish comes with lot of antioxidants which makes them fight free radicals in our body to keep it healthy and fit and keep our immune system working fine.

yes you can freeze the radishes if the need arises for the same following the procedure shared below

How to freeze radishes

To freeze the radishes in right way so that they don’t lose texture and flavor you need to blanch them first as it will slow down the process of ripening and give you more time to freeze and consume it later.

before freezing the radish it is important to clean the radish to remove the dirt from it. if its store bought then dirt would be less but if its bought from garden then you need to remove all the dirt and garden soil it may contain. clean it with running water for few minutes to make it ready for freezing and storage.

to blanch the radish before string you need to cut them with knife in small pieces and then boil them for few minutes as it will reduce the speed of enzyme reaction and radish will retains good amount of moisture.

once the radish are boiled put them in ice cold water for couple of minutes then remove all the water and put the radish in vacuum sealer bag without any excess air or moisture to freeze the radish for long time in freezer.

blanching will help you retains the flavor of radish to extent that you wont get without doing it and after freezing it will lose some flavor but not all so you can put in dishes involving cooking or serve in mix salad.

if you want to store radish for long time then freezing it is a great option to exercise but it always taste good if they are fresh. after freezing the taste and flavor might decrease to certain degree but it will still work and give you feeling of eating a god quality radish.

how to defrost radishes

defrosting radish is very easy, all you need to do is just put the radish stock under water for few minutes and it will be normal to eat, make sure all ice crystal are gone from radish surface and get going with radish consumption directly or peel of the skin to add to different recipes.

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radish are good for health and now that you have learned the method above to freeze them in correct way, do it and let the radish stock be always available to cook and add to your recipe when ever required to add some great radish taste to the dish easily. you can also see our post on how to cut onions without crying to make your onion rich dishes easily.

if you like it then share it with your friends also, if you use some other method then let us know in comments below.

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