how to cut onions without crying

Everyone who has to cook in kitchen is supposed to cut onions at some point of time which gives us unwanted tears from eyes due to the presence of chemical Syn-propanethial-s oxide in the onions which gets release upon cutting in the surrounding air and causes tears along with irritation in the eyes. This is the reason many people are searching how to cut onions without crying on internet and if you are one of them then you have come to right place as you will get the answer to your query related to cutting onion in most effective way right below.

how to cut onions without crying

Here we have shared some of the popular ways which will help you get rid of these tears when working with onions. so lets get to the ways which could prevent us from shedding tears while cutting onions right below.

Using sharp knife

When using shark knife it will cut the onion smoothly without any mess which would prevent the membrane of onion responsible for release of chemical from breaking thus the chemical wont get released or it would happen in very less quantity. Using sharp knife unlike blunt knife will reduce the amount of broken members and thus low chemical released and less tears.

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using freezer for chilling before cutting

It is one of the popular ways to freeze the onion for 10-15 minutes prior to cutting as it will reduce the amount of chemical enzyme released in air while cutting which will reduce the tears from your eyes. the amount of enzyme released in less when compared to enzyme released when onions are kept at room temperature and further you wont get in taste difference after freezing in onion too which makes it quite sought after and easy way to get rid unwanted onion tears.

You can also refrigerate the onions if you want but don’t keep them besides other veggies or fruits as the smell of onion might take over them as well. don’t keep onion in fridge or freezer for too long to prevent damp smell of onion migrating to entire fridge.

Wearing mask and goggles

You can also wear the swimming goggles and mask to prevent any kind of chemical entering your eyes and nose which could cause the tears. they are easy to get anywhere and will get the work done if its fit you.

It is simple method but you need to have the if you want to try this out but don’t have the goggles then go and get one for yourself and you will be done with tearing if it works fine.

Turn on exhaust fan

when cutting onion you can turn on your kitchens exhaust fan so that the tear enzyme can escape the kitchen premises fast and you wont get too much tears. try this and get less tears.

use chopper

You can use manual chopper or electric chopper for cutting onions. during onion cutting its lid is closed which make sure that your eyes don’t come in contact with the enzyme. so go ahead and buy yourself a small manual chopper or electric chopper for cutting all vegetables including onions easily.


Hope you got the method to avoid any kind of tears while cutting onions in your kitchen. now the choice is up to you weather to cry or just opt for one of the above shared methods to avoid tears at all and do the onion cutting happily. let us know in comments section below weather you were able to get away with tears by using any of the above method and also if you have any other methods which could help you get rid of onion tears while cutting them with types of knives. share it with all your cooking enthusiast friends to help them cut onion without crying.

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