Tips for Grilling In The Rain

Everyone loves to eat grilled food when cold breeze is blowing with light rain but you cant grill under rain, that why here we have shared some of the unique ways which would help you get going with your grilling expedition even when it rains and you will learn how to grill when it rains.

grilling in the rain tips

so come on without delay lets get to grilling in rainy season tips share below for you to enjoy grilled food on your outdoor grills what ever the weather condition it may be.

Tips for Grilling In The Rain

Make use of canopy

If you regularly want to grill in rainy season or you just leave in area where it rains frequently then getting yourself a canopy setup in some area safe is good option to choose for grilling during this time of the year. it is long term plan to have canopy as it will serve you long and wont get bad just after one season.

you will require area to be little bit spacious for setting up the canopy which you can also use in hot days besides rainy season time.

If you don’t want some kind of permanent structure or want pack and go type canopy then just setup a waterproof tent or pop up canopies to get going with your grilling adventures in rain. you can get your self a small one which cover grilling and cooking are and rest people can sit somewhere in shelter.

Make use of windshield

When you think of grilling outside you need to make sure the wind isn’t blowing but if its happening then you need to have a windshield that will prevent wind from coming in contact with your grill. you need to decrease the heat as wind could increase the heat and cause unwanted fire. it should be simple and easy to use because in the time of bad weather you need something fast to protect your grill and yourself from all kinds of unwanted things that might harm your grill and you.

Make use of thermometer

when its windy and raining you cant get your grill temperature right, that’s when you require some kind of thermometer to check the right temperature for cooking the food on your grill as if temperature is not right food will not be fully cooked at all.

On windy days cooking on gas grill is not recommended but when its raining without wind then you can cook and check temperature on grill with remote thermometer to make sure that food is cooked fully at right temperature.

Increase the charcoal quantity

if you are using a charcoal grill for cooking due rainy season then you can add some more pieces of charcoal as generally charcoal takes time to heat up and burn, so to increase the temperature fast for perfect cooking as its already windy you can increase its quantity.

Charcoal also absorbs moisture so put to heat little early to cook the meals on your grill on time as it would require little extra time with charcoal getting ready and given the required amount of heat.

Slow cooking in time of rain

When its raining you can slow cook your food items in oven in your kitchen and later bring it out to grill for making its grilled and add some smoky flavor, it will help you get things done without making a mess. it may surely add some time for cooking but you will get it done without any issue. if you are throwing any party then guest wont know that you have baked it before in oven because in the end they will get juicy tender grilled meat or burger, potato wedges etc. made in grill right in front of them. so try it and you will find it good way to get things grilling even in rainy season.

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Grilling in rainy season outside can be hard but not if you plan everything earlier and get your self some windshields canopy and other required instruments which would help you cook perfectly grilled food in no time once you start grilling. Try to be little bit creative and get things done when it comes to grilling in rainy day. hope you liked our suggestions, if you have something to add then let us know in comment section below.

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