substitute for white pepper to add heat

white pepper is less popular peppers variety used by many people and chefs across the world to make dishes like white pasta, dips, cream pasta, soups, various cheese dishes and many more recipes tasty with some heat added to them with its help. you can also use it as sprinkler for many dishes to make to spicy as per requirement before serving and eating.

white pepper comes from Piperaceae peppers family. as we all know anything consumed in excess at one time can be harmful for our body in long terms so make sure that you keep the consumption of white peppers in food or directly limited up to 20 mg at one time to get its full benefits and great taste without any side effects.

substitute for white pepper

if you are short of white peppers in your pantry and cant buy from market then you need to have some substitute for white pepper to use in your recipes to make the taste good. here i have shared a condensed list of some of the popular alternatives for you to know and use in your recipes when you need to make them hot and spicy in absence of white peppers.

We enjoy using white peppers while cooking some cream pasta or even dips during the winter time. It’s also one of the most popular condiments to use during mealtimes if you prefer to spice up your dish.

White pepper is a common plant within tropical Asian countries. White and black pepper are both derived directly from the same tree. However, they are prepared in different ways. The black pepper is created by cooking dried fruit. White pepper is made by baking and drying the ripe seeds.

People consume white pepper through the mouth to treat upset stomachs, malaria, and bacterial infections. The application of white pepper on the skin can reduce pain.

White pepper is often added in drinks and foods to enhance the flavor of food and beverages. Essential oil of white pepper is utilized in aromatherapy.

White Pepper substitutes and alternatives

Every kitchen has its essentials like black pepper. It is one of the items they always possess. But, it’s usually essential to find a replacement for white pepper since it’s not readily available.

There are a variety of alternatives to white pepper you might be using at home. Some may not provide the same taste as white pepper, but that’s not necessarily a problem. The choice of substitutes will be contingent on what you intend to achieve by serving the dish.

Green Pepper

green pepper has mild flavor when compared to white peppers but works as a substitute for the white peppers in many dishes. you can use it in fresh form or dried form. if using in dried form then ground it little bit with a stick before adding to your dish to get good lasting aroma and taste from it in the dish. if you are using fresh green peppers then slice in thin pieces and then add in the dish with some other herbs and you will get good overall taste.

i usually add it to various, gravy and curry recipes besides putting it on pizza, in pie filling, stir fried veggies mix, stews and similar recipes.

if you don’t have green peppers then you buy banana peppers from grocery store to use in place of green peppers and white peppers but they are mostly used in fresh form, so see if it goes well with your dishes.

Black Pepper

although the process of harvesting and cultivation of black pepper is different from white peppers but they both including black pepper have similar taste and flavor profile to white pepper with little stronger taste when compared to white peppers so if you can bear having some blackness in your dish to make it tasty flavor wise in the absence of white pepper then you can use it and have a good tasting meal whenever you want.

it also have many health benefits for out body. it can be added to make dishes like creamy pasta, pizza, chili recipes etc. you can make grounded powder of the black peppers for blended taste or add as it is if you boldness in some spoons of your dishes. so it is safe to say that you can substitute black pepper for white pepper without any doubt.

The black pepper is a part of the same plant, from which you can find its white counterpart. While it does have a strong smell and a hot solid flavor, it can be used in small amounts to obtain the desired flavor in your dish.

Be cautious when using it as an alternative to white pepper, as adding a little more will result in a bitter flavor. Powdery pepper is an excellent substitute for white sauces and soups. Stir it well to achieve the flavor you want.

Adding black pepper to lighter-colored dishes, which requires white pepper, will give you the same flavor, but without the specks. Black pepper is a more flavorful taste than white pepper does, and you might want to add less to preserve the flavor when cooking pasta. Make use of half teaspoon black pepper instead of 1 teaspoon white pepper to create a pleasing taste.

The reason cooks employ white peppers is that they keep their dishes fresh, especially when making cream or white dishes. But, if you’re not opposed to the appearance of black dots in your soup, then black pepper is suitable to utilize. It has the same flavor, scent, aroma, and spice as white pepper. It’s the safest option for a non-noticeable substitute.

black pepper


ginger is yet another popular alternative which can be used in place of white pepper in the case of its unavailability. you can find it easily in every park of your country. I would recommend that you use ground ginger powder which can be made at home by drying and dehydrating the fresh ginger or bought in plastic container from the nearby super market stores to use when you don’t have white pepper stock with you.

the taste is comparable with some extra heat from the ginger and its color is yellow or mustard after grounding. so if you don’t mind having little different color in your recipes then grounded ginger in quantity of 1-2 spoon depending on the quantity of your dish can be used when you add white pepper in your dishes.

If you cannot find white pepper, think about ground ginger as one of its alternatives. One or two teaspoons should be sufficient, depending on the quantity of the dish you’re cooking. If you’re okay with the already added yellow color, you can go ahead. It gives a more intense warmth and aroma, and the flavor isn’t vital. It’s ideal in stews and soups.

Ground ginger is found in every kitchen at all times. Ground ginger is the most sought-after answer to what I can use in place of white pepper. It is often employed to make Thai as well as Indian food items. It is like white pepper and works well with creamy soups and sauces.

It is a great ingredient to use in cooking or garnish, similar to what you would do with white pepper. However, be more controlled because a small amount can go much further when using ground ginger. It is also a great ingredient in baked items, including meat pies for the subtle spice.

Although ground ginger has an underlying flavor and kicks, its taste and aroma are distinct. If you’re not sure, you can try adding a small amount to your dish to see whether you enjoy it.

It is also possible to use fresh ginger since it is fragrant and makes your dish spicy. Shop at any local supermarket to purchase ground ginger. It should be available in your kitchen so that you can make use of it as a substitute for white pepper.

if you don’t like grounded powder then you make paste also from fresh ginger to add in dishes. it gives good taste in soups, stews, curries etc.

grounded ginger powder image

pink pepper

pink pepper can also be used for substituting white pepper as it blends in completely with the recipe without any issues. the hotness and taste will also be similar to white pepper in the pink pepper. you cant get it everywhere in non native regions of this pepper as it is not as popular as other pepper varieties, you have visit spice shop in your area to get as they may its stock to buy and store it in your pantry for later use in preparation for delicious spicy dishes.

Unlike white peppers, pink peppercorns originate from the Peruvian pepper tree and not from the vine. However, it does have an incredibly mild and delicate flavor, like white pepper. Despite its beautiful, rose-colored hue, it also adds an appealing appearance to most dishes you serve it with, particularly as a garnish.

You can add as much crushed pink peppercorns as your dish calls for the white pepper. Pink peppercorns have slightly more sweetness than white pepper and should be kept in mind when adding them to dishes.

Furthermore, pink peppercorns are too soft to grind, so it is usually mixed with black and white peppercorns. To use pink peppercorns in place from white pepper, crush them lightly before sprinkling them on. It is also possible to sprinkle it whole to enhance the flavor and then take it out at the end of the dish.

With a less sour scent but a more mild spice taste, it’s used primarily in fish, vinegar, and wine recipes.

You can also add the same amount of pink peppercorns to obtain the mild and spicy taste since it is flavorful and has a degree of spice comparable to white peppercorns.

Pink pepper is an excellent choice to replace white pepper. However, it’s not noticeable as a different color when you add it to the dish because it blends beautifully.

The same scent as well as heat and flavor. However, in certain areas, the pink pepper may be in short supply. Make sure to know the closest specialty spice shops to find your stock in pink peppers.

pink-pepper image


mustard can also be used as one of the substitutes for white peppers to make recipes taste good. it also add yellow color to your dish can be used grounded in powder form or whole mustard form.

the flavor is mild and hotness is also mild so you can add in the dish without any issue as it would work with people who like less spiciness in dishes. some times you may feel a little pinch of sharpness with mustard o your tongue and throat, so if you find with little bit difference in flavor then its good to go as a replacement for white peppers.

Ground mustard is mild yellow, yet you can put it in white sauces. It gives a mildly spicy taste because of its strong flavor. Ground mustard provides taste notes of white pepper and also leaves a spicy flavor. It’s also an excellent emulsifier, which keeps eggs and oil together.

It is possible to use mustard ground for other ingredients such as cheese, butter, or beef. Even though it could alter your dish’s color, its smell is head-clearing, and you shouldn’t fret about it.

If you don’t have white pepper on hand, you can use a pinch of ground mustard as its substitute. You can increase it accordingly to achieve the desired flavor.

Ground mustard is a little more similar to the taste characteristic of white pepper than ginger. The taste of ground mustard is more flourishing than white pepper. However, it can be moderately spicy when used in small quantities. It can be used as a substitute for white pepper in meat dishes and cheese. Start by putting only a small amount of it into the dish and then testing it before adding additional. Mustard powder can be very hot in large quantities, which is why you must exercise caution.

Its flavor is soft, and you won’t notice any difference in the substitution. However, it provides a similar spice effect as well as the mild heat your meal requires. The taste may be slightly sharper than white pepper if you prefer an intense flavor profile to the dish.

Ground-Mustard-Seeds powder


turmeric comes with lot of health benefits including its anti inflammatory properties and lot of anti oxidants for better working of our immune system. it can be used as white pepper alternative if you are ok with yellowish color in your dish. it comes in many variety from which you can choose as per your liking and requirement.

the heat released is moderate in it, so you can adjust the quantity in your dish as per the requirement. the taste is little bitter if eaten directly without adding in the recipes.

you can buy turmeric powder from supermarket or pound it in your home by buying fresh turmeric barks and drying them to make powder.

It is a kind of ginger, but it is much less bitter than white ginger. Turmeric powder is commonly utilized in curries to provide it with that rich yellow hue.

The taste profile and spiciness of turmeric are lower than white pepper. It is possible to use an amount of it without affecting the flavor of the dish. It’s the perfect alternative to white pepper, barring the very intense yellow color. But, a yellow hue does not mean that it is better than a black flake. If the dish you are serving is dark, there’s no reason to argue.

The turmeric powder can be used to get the flavor you desire and to reap health benefits.

Turmeric powder has a flavor that is different from white pepper. So, it is essential to be sure it’s compatible with other ingredients before using it.

The most significant feature of this substitute for white pepper is that it doesn’t require you to grind anything since you will get an already-made powder available from the market.

Like ginger, turmeric powder is an excellent alternative loaded with health-related benefits. It’s a natural antioxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory spice. It is possible to purchase ready-made powder or manually crush turmeric. You can find milder to more hardy varieties to pick according to your preference.

turmeric powder


if you like spicy dishes which are hot on tongue then paprika forms a good alternative for white peppers. it can be used with white peppers also in addition for more spiciness in the dish.

it comes with red color, mild hotness and high spiciness for recipes and made by drying the red chilies. you can make it at home by pounding and grounding the red chilies for paprika powders or buy in plastic containers from super markets in spices and herbs section.

Paprika is a deep red hue, which you wouldn’t usually think of with white pepper. However, because it comes from the ground and dried red peppers, you can get mild spice associated with soft spices like white pepper.

The majority of households use paprika in their kitchens since it is a widely used spice. It’s beneficial in marinating meats. Its deep red color can be more appealing for sauces and soups when employed as a white-pepper substitute.

It is important to note that paprika comes in three forms: regular, smoked, and Hungarian. Regular paprika with a slightly sweet and mildly spicy taste is the most suitable alternative to white pepper.

You can purchase dried paprika and crush it up to relish the freshness. Or, buy the powder you want to purchase from the supermarket.

If you don’t intend to alter the dish’s appearance, avoid it, as it can add an ethereal red tint to the dish. If additional flavor and color do not bother you, then sprinkle a bit.

If you’re looking to increase the spice in your food, the paprika spice is a fantastic alternative.

paprika image

pepper mix powder

if you don’t like simple white pepper taste in your dishes then you need to buy or make pepper mix at home. it can be found in herbs and spices section in shops. it comes with  mixture of different peppers and spices to add a punch of flavors and spices in your dishes for making it more tasty and likeable by more people who like to experiment with different spices and different taste profiles in food items.

you can buy lemon peppers, onion peppers, garlic peppers, Cajun peppers mix etc. as per your taste preference and spices liking to make delicious dishes in short amount of time.

spice mix powder

you can also make spice mix powder at your home for different recipes if you have some spices in your pantry left over. it will give new taste and flavor to your dishes and you can make in small quantities first to test of new flavors which would also make sure that it doesn’t go waste if you don’t like the spice mix as its in less quantity only.

for a basic spice mix you can add 1 spoon garlic powder, 1 spoon onion powder, 1/2 spoon white peppers. 1/2 spoon cayenne powder, 1 spoon parsley, 1/ 2 spoon rosemary, 1 spoon paprika, 1 spoon parsley in the mix which can be used in various recipes of your choice and later stored in air tight container for future use without spoiling.

cayenne powder

cayenne powder is popular hot pepper powder that is used to make dishes hot and spicy from moderate to high range. their are variety of cayenne powder that can be found with different levels of hotness for different people tolerance level of hotness in dishes in market for you to buy. it comes from the family of capsicum annum peppers.

it can be added to all kinds of savory dishes like stir fry vegetables, roasted chicken, soups, stews, curries, chili recipes etc. for hot and spicy taste in absence of white pepper to serve in as a hot substitute for white pepper.

Ground Cumin

This option will surprise many; however, you can utilize it to satisfy your recipe needs as an alternative to white pepper. Ground cumin can help you achieve a fresh, aromatic, and spicy taste. If you were to add one teaspoon of white pepper to an appetizer, you could add half of the ground cumin for similar results. You can increase the amount when you aren’t sure you achieve the desired flavor.

Another possible substitute for white pepper can be ground cumin, not due to its color but its scent. Ground cumin has a distinct smell usually used in curries, Kebabs, and other heavily spiced meat dishes that add a bit of oomph.

But, the mild, spicy taste of cumin isn’t unlike white pepper (in tiny amounts). The hue is sufficient to be used in many soups, sauces, or rice dishes that require white pepper. You can use just one teaspoon of cumin instead of one teaspoon of white pepper. Add more as desired.

grounded cumin

Frequently asked question

What are white pepper uses?

white pepper is quite useful in digestion issues, in treat of malaria and removal of bacteria’s which may cause cholera, cancer and other similar diseases. some people also apply paste of white pepper to skin to remover burn marks, rashes and reduce pain in joints etc.

it can be added to food items to make them hot and spicy and drinks to give them a kick of spiciness like in mojitos etc.

it also comes with anti inflammatory properties which makes it good for smooth working of our heart and respiratory system.

besides that some people also find it useful for good eye health by eating the mixture of pounded white peppers and grounded almonds along with some fennel seeds in morning regularly.

What happens if you consume too excessive amounts of white pepper?

White peppers are possibly safe when appropriately consumed as a medicine. White pepper could be a bit bitter aftertaste. Ingestion of large amounts of white pepper through the mouth and allowing it to be absorbed into the lung can cause lung damage, and has been found to cause deaths particularly in the case for children.

How long will the white pepper keep?

If properly stored, the ground white pepper will typically remain at its best for around 3 to 4 years. To extend the shelf life of the white pepper and to preserve the flavor and its potency store it in containers that have well-fitting lids.

When is it appropriate to make use of white pepper?

White pepper can add flavor to light-colored dishes, such as soups, cream sauces, pasta, potatoes, and seafood. White pepper has a strong taste, so you should use it less than black pepper.

Does white pepper make it easier to take in?

For nutrition, white pepper is abundant in antioxidants. It also has an abundance of manganese, fiber, and iron. This type of pepper may help to enhance digestion, treat diarrhea, reduce inflammation, and decrease blood pressure. It also increases your absorption of beneficial substances such as curcumin.

Why is white pepper so expensive?

The most costly variety of white pepper of the other kids requires more processing, resulting in waste. In recent times, the consumption of white pepper is increasing overproduction annually, leading to less stock in the world. This is the reason that makes this spice one of the highest-priced spices you can find in your kitchen.


Hope you like my collection of some of the popular alternatives used in place of white pepper when you have its shortage in kitchen and market. make use of these spices and herbs to get a good flavor from your dish along with the required spiciness and hotness from your recipes.

let me know in comments below which one of  the substitute for white pepper you like the best as a replacement for white peppers in which dish to get good flavor from it. you can also see substitutes for jalapeno peppers on our site for added heat to your dishes.

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