can you freeze sweet banana peppers

Sweet banana peppers comes with tangy taste and yellow color. it is mainly used for making pickles to to make different dishes spicy and tangy in taste. if you want to know can you freeze sweet banana peppers and how to do it then checkout our detailed guide about freezing banana peppers shared below.

can you freeze sweet banana peppers

sweet banana peppers can be frozen easily but they tend to lose the texture after being thawed which makes it good for use in cooking other dishes like in thick chili recipe but not raw consumption with sandwiches, on dressing etc. as it may release water due to its watery nature and become soggy which wont be good when consumed raw after defrosting. the taste would be retained so they are good for all other dishes. To eat as garnish and in salad don’t freeze, rather serve fresh or keep in fridge for few days for preservation before serving.

How to freeze sweet banana peppers

Clean the banana peppers under running water after buying them then make use of cutting knife to cut the cut stem off and then cut from middle to remove the seeds and chop in small pieces as you like to freeze and consume.

Then place the chopped banana peppers on baking sheet with wax pepper on it kept in some plate or tray, keep the tray in freezer for few hours so that banana peppers get hard and frozen.

Take out the banana peppers and then place them in the freezer bag with date label and then place it in freezer to use.

you can also freeze the stuffed or grilled banana peppers safely. just place hem container and put a cling wrap on top to prevent moisture from entering the container then seal the lid and keep the container in freezer. you can put a date label if you like on the container.

Using different methods to preserve banana peppers

Now we shall discuss some other banana pepper preservation methods apart from freezing.

Drying sweet banana peppers

Drying banana peppers are very popular way to preserve banana pepper. you can cut the peppers and proceed with drying them using different methods to store them for future use.

Sun drying 

just place the peppers on plate and place the plate in low humidity area with medium sunlight and some wind. it would take 2-4 weeks to completely dry the peppers

oven drying

place the peppers on baking paper in oven and let them dry for 1- 2 hours at 150 degree F. keep checking and rotating the peppers after 20 minutes to dry them from all sides equally.

dehydrator drying

you can also make use of food dehydrator machine to dry the peppers and store them for later use. place the peppers in dehydrator and turn on the machine to get then pepper dehydrated over time. you can choose from different temperature and time setting on your machine to get it done as per your preferences.

after dehydration is complete using any of the above process place the peppers in plastic bag or air tight container in pantry or fridge for long time to use when required.

Canning sweet banana peppers

To place the sweet banana peppers in can you need to cut the stems from top and remove the seeds and then cut in shapes you like to have later. then bake them for about 5 minutes at 400 degree F to remove the skin of the peppers. After baking place the peppers in cold water to stop heating then peel of the skin.

once done sterilize the container with hot water in which you want to can the peppers. after that place the peppers in the jar and add some salt and hot water in the container and place the lid tightly and keep it safely where ever you like in fridge or pantry.

pickling sweet banana peppers

In a pan add couple of spoons of sugar , couple of spoons of salt along with 1-1.5 cups of vinegar. and let is simmer for some time until the sugar get dissolved. you can also add 1-2 spoon lemon juice.

now its easy add the above made solution in jar or can along with some spices and herbs then with the help of chef knife cut the stem of peppers and after removing the seeds place them also in the can and close it tightly and the pickle would be ready in few days for your consume. keep the can away from direct sunlight and cool and dry place.

How to defrost banana peppers

freshly packed banana peppers can last for about 12 months when kept in freezer compartment of your refrigerator but if you cook sweet banana peppers and then place in freezer then the shelf life would be around 4-5 months.

To thaw the sweet banana peppers just transfer them to the fridge and then it would be good to eat after few hours. if your peppers are raw then you can add them to recipe in frozen form without thawing as it would blend easily in the dish but if its cooked then thaw it for some time.


Hope you were able to learn the right ways of freezing and preserving the banana peppers to keep their flavor intact for long term and use in various different dishes and serve them with food items to enhance the overall dish taste.

let us know if you like to eat peppers at all and what all kinds of peppers you like in comments below. share this with all your pepper lover friends to help them store and preserve the banana peppers easily for later consumption. if you want to know about freezing radish then checkout post on can you freeze radishes to eat this amazing root vegetable later after freezing.

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