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Pernod is a liqueur used to make French cuisine, and the majority of its seafood dishes are inexplicably delicious. This French liquor imparts a distinctive flavor to food. Pernod is well-known for its intense anise flavor and scent, which hides the unpleasant scent of seafood in many recipes. In cooking, the spirit will evaporate, leaving the aroma and taste. Substitute For Pernod can be used in various recipes in its absence, so try them out as per your taste preferences and availability.

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Alternatives and Substitutes For Pernod

Pernod is an anise-flavored French liqueur commonly used in cooking and cocktails and is sipped along with a splash of water. It is common for people to require a Pernod replacement as sometimes they don’t want to purchase the entire bottle of Pernod for one recipe. If you’re one of them or unable to locate Pernod in your local area, you should check out these popular alternatives.


Because of its high sugar content, anisette is a well-loved Mediterranean anise-flavored liqueur sweeter than other anise-flavored spirits. The distillation process makes an anisette of aniseed. Anisette is a crystal clear anise-flavored liqueur perfect for mixing into drinks like Marie Julep, Mojito, or French Mule. Pour it over soups for an extra flavor. Seafood dishes such as Oysters, Escargot, Rockerfeller or mussels benefit from this liqueur made of licorice.

Anisette is significantly more sweet than Pernod and contains less alcohol. Be cautious not to overwhelm drinks and foods by adding sweetness to your meals when using Anisette. It’s an excellent choice in sweet treats and baked goods such as cakes and cookies. Anisette tastes sweeter than other drinks because it is made with high sugar levels. This gives it a texture like syrup.

It is yet another popular alternative to Pernod in the eyes of French people, particularly in southern France. Sherry is another ingredient that is popular in the drink. So if you’re looking to make your dish taste authentic, try adding sherry into your anisette. Anisette is among the few spirits that are kept at ambient temperature. It is best to keep it in a tightly sealed container and a cool area with adequate ventilation.

Anisette is a great ingredient in various recipes for baking and cooking. Be sure to keep the sweetness of the anisette in mind as you decide to use it to replace Pernod; begin with a tiny amount. Sampling the dish at regular intervals is suggested to determine the amount of Anisette needed.


Vodka is a Polish, Russian and Swedish liquor with nearly 40% alcohol volume. The drink was originally made by cereal grain fermentation; however, potatoes are its main ingredient more recently. When cooking, look for non-flavoured vodkas to substitute Pernod since they can impart their vanilla, fruity or peppery flavor into the food. Vodka is an excellent choice for various seafood dishes like succulent shrimp, saucy fishes and scallops. It has a light sweet flavor perfect for seasoning marinades, sauces, and even some types made from paste.

Vodka is ideal for meat, seafood and pasta sauces. The Pernod substitute offers an exquisite aroma and flavor that enhances the flavor and aroma of the meals. While it’s a popular drink for some, it’s also an excellent ingredient in seafood sauces. Vodka could be a costly alternative to Pernod, but many less expensive, cheaper brands are available to save a few dollars.

Vodka is sweet in scent and taste, ideal for shrimp and scallops. Add one teaspoon of vodka into the sauce and other spices, and some herbs to enhance the dish’s flavor and remove the unpleasantness of meat or seafood. In some regions of Italy, there is even the occasional drop of vodka in pasta dishes. In addition, Vodka can eliminate the unpleasant odor of food items. 

The addition of vodka in white wines or sherry significantly enhances the flavor and flavor of fish dishes. Vodka is affordable and widely accessible at bars and liquor stores. The majority of Russians don’t even imagine serving a dish that is not vodka-based. 


Pastis is the most effective Pernod alternative since it is part of the same family as Pernod. Pastis also has a similar alcohol content of nearly 40 per cent. Its name Pastis originates from the French word that means passion which in English means mixture.

According to its name, it’s an alcoholic drink with the aroma of many different scents and flavors. Pernod is a kind of pastis; therefore, choosing another one is logical as a substitute. Ricard Pastis is made by the same company, Pernod Ricard. They both possess a distinctive anise smell and an enticing taste of licorice.

In addition to the alcohol content, both drinks share the same flavor profile. If you’re looking to get more taste from your Pastis, we suggest adding Mediterranean herbs. One of the primary flavors is derived from star anise, which is the seed that is part of the Mediterranean anise plant. Other ingredients present in this drink include licorice, Melissa, sage, and other Mediterranean herbs.

It is a multi-faceted French spirit used to cook fish, pork and chicken, rabbit, and other meats. It is also a great ingredient in preparing sweet dishes because of its anise flavor. Pastis is a French spirit created around the turn of the century by Louis-Alexandre Menard, the owner of a well-known Paris café called La Maison Pernod.

Pastis is made of a flavored alcohol base (usually grape-based) that is generally flavored with anise and Fennel. These two ingredients provide pastis with its distinctive flavor of licorice, making it an excellent substitute for Pernod.

Pastis can be utilized as a substitute to Pernod in any recipe that calls for it, specifically in sauces and soups. Because it is an alcohol-based liqueur, it is also used in cooking to substitute for alcohol. Pastis does not contain the same amount of alcohol as absinthe or even ouzo as a liqueur. It can therefore be cooked more quickly than other alcoholic drinks.

Pastis offers a variety of rich flavors and aromas that are not just due to anise and licorice but because of melissa and sage. Pastis is bottled using the highest percentage of alcohol; however, the amount is reduced significantly when employed in the preparation of food cooking. A small amount of Pastis can give you a distinct taste and a pleasant scent.

Pernod is a vivid green color, while Ricard is yellow due to the inclusion of liquorice. It’s not a problem for cooking or mixing, but a mixologist looking for perfection might not be happy with the results. To drink cocktails such as Perroquet, sangria etc. Ricard Pastis is an excellent choice. It’s also great in all recipes for food like Bouillabaisse or red meat seafood dishes and cream sauces. Try using about 3/4 of the quantity and the taste test to see if it is possible. It is always possible to increase the amount as per requirement.


Sambuca is a drink of Italian origin with an anise taste, and it is closely linked to Pastis or Ouzo. It is possible to find the non-colourless “common” kind of black and red varieties. The flavor and aroma of Sambuca are enhanced by different spices, herbs, licorice and anise oils, and elderflower. These ingredients and components enhance the flavor of the food and recipes.

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White Wine

White wine is available in various kinds and shades, from yellow to yellow-gold and various flavors. The liquor is derived through the alcohol by fermentation of the grape pulp. White wine is an essential ingredient in cooking. White wine is made from yellow or green grapes; however, those with darker skin are regarded.

White wine is often considered an alternative to Pernod since it’s a great match with seafood. If, however, you are searching for a wine that has the exact Pernod taste, White wine should be thought of as a substitute.

In many recipes for cooking in which you do not care about the flavor of licorice, the acidity of white wines makes the perfect substitute. Although most white wine varieties can be used, Chardonnay is a good option. White wine is among the most popular ingredients in French cuisine.

Chefs use it to prepare pasta, seafood dishes, risotto and desserts. There are many kinds of white wines to pick from, whether you prefer sweet, smooth, dry, or sweet. Be aware that the more powerful the white wine, the more acid it adds to the dish.

The pairing of Pernod and white wine can be an acquired taste. White wine can impart the same taste to your meals and make them delicious. It not only adds flavor but can also contribute to good health. Dry wines are advised since they are lighter than red wines. Begin your meal with dry white wines, such as sauvignon blanc, chardonnays, pinot grisies or any other wine. 

White wine, however, tastes differently than Pernod because it’s made of green and yellow grapes. However, it is an excellent match with the ingredients that go well with Pernod. If you’re using white wine for cooking your seafood, make sure you use two tablespoons or more, and you will eliminate the fish taste.

The more powerful the white wine is, the more acid it imparts to food. Acid produces an effect that helps eliminate the sour scent of game meats and fish. White wine is great for drinking in the evening, but it’s also an excellent ingredient to use in cooking.


With a dry anise taste, Ouzo is a part of the same clan as Pernod and Pastis; however, it is made from grapes and is most common in Greece. Ouzo is mainly made up of around 96% copper steel. It is then flavored using anise seeds, as well as other ingredients.

The Greek product was approved in 2006 by the EU to obtain a Protected Designation of Origin. This means that all processes of production must be conducted in one place. Ouzo is a great alternative to Pernod for cooking your food because it imparts the anise flavor that you are getting in Pernod.

It is made from the fermentation of grapes. It can also be flavorful with herbs such as cinnamon, coriander, cloves, cardamom, Fennel, and others. Its alcohol content is about 37.5 per cent; however, it can increase up to 50%, depending on the brand you buy it from. If you enjoy cooking using spirits, you’ll surely want to include an Ouzo bottle in the kitchen because it can be used for a wide range of applications in cooking and is not just an alternative to Pernod. 

It is a great way to cook shrimp, crawfish, marinate shellfish and meat, make your vinaigrettes, and even sauté vegetables. If you include this in seafood dishes, it helps get rid of the fishy smell. Ouzo is available in varieties and can be purchased in liquor stores or on the web. It is suggested to taste at least a small portion of the bottles before choosing which flavor you enjoy most. 

In specific recipes, ouzo can be used in place of Pernod because it has an anise-like flavor and scent. Other recipes use it to mix lemon juice or other aromatic ingredients like mustard powder. So, it is possible to try different combinations until you discover the one that matches your particular dish the most. Ouzo is an incredible alternative to Pernod when cooking seafood because it gives anise taste the same way as Pernod. You can use it in any recipe that you want to cook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pernod similar to Sambuca?

Because sambuca is akin to Ouzo and Pastis and Pastis, you can use it as a Pernod substitute for cooking, especially when you’re looking for an identical flavor. Sambuca can be described as an Italian anise-flavored liquor.

What’s the main difference between Pernod as well as Ouzo?

Ouzo can be described as the Greek cousin of Pernod and is anise-flavored alcohol that’s created out of the grape must. It is traditionally distilled and later flavored with anise seeds, mint, clove, and other herbs.

Is Pernod good for digestion?

Aniseed, which is the flavoring agent in Pernod, is believed to be unhelpful to digest since the times of ancient Egypt.

What Does Pernod Taste Like?

Pernod has a powerful black licorice or anise taste. It also offers subtle notes and tones of different herbs, such as coriander, mint and Fennel.

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