Ciroc red berry cocktail recipe

Ciroc Red Berry Cocktail is a fragrant drink that is able to bring out the fresh berry flavor in front of you. Its silky smooth finish is truly incomparable. It is a drink that will quickly warm the palate. The red berry can be distinguished from other berries by its tenderness and wildness. Ciroc red berry cocktail recipe shared below to make cool drinks for everyone in your friend circle for party time.

The red berry is such a type of fruit that creates a unique emphasis on raspberry notes. It helps to create a fantastic ripe dessert.

The Ciroc Red Berry recipes can display the smoothness of cranberry. You must try this fruit recipe made by blackberry; you can’t express it in words. It will be more exciting if you make it at home. you can also try blackberry sangria if you want to like drinks with family and friends.

Here is the recipe for this soothing drink. You can follow it and make it in your kitchen. If you are in a sugar-free festive mood, jump into the cocktail without making a delay.

Ciroc red berry cocktail

What is Ciroc drink?

Ciroc vodka is an extra flavored drink popular as a welcome drink and goes with almost all foods. The most popular of the Ciroc vodkas is the Ciroc Red Berry blend that nearly everyone can take and goes well with everything since the word punch goes effortlessly at the end of various tonics.

Ciroc Red Berry drinks are easy to make in your kitchen. The best part is that no shakes are needed to make this drink. If you want a variety of batches, use a jug. Also, if you’re going to mix herbal powder, chefs recommend using a wooden spoon.

Herbal powder helps to bring out the extra flavor and gives the beverage a beautiful color.


  • Ciroc Red Berry– 50ml 
  • Cranberry juice — 75ml 
  • Tonic water–75ml 

Step by Step guideline for making the Ciroc Red Berry:

Step 1:

In the first step, you have to take the highball glass, and then you need to fill the ball with some amount of ice.

Step 2:

After that, take 50 ml of Ciroc Red Berry, 75 ml of tonic water, and 75 ml of Cranberry juice to the glass ball, gently stir the ingredients and combine perfectly. 

Step 3:

Garnish is the last step. In this step, you need to take fresh raspberries or frozen raspberries for cool drink, decorate the drink and make your Ciroc punch.

Ciroc Cherry Berry Cocktail

If you like sweetness in Ciroc, you can try this drink full of sweetness and coolness. You can also sip this water at the cocktail party and make the party memorable. This Ciroc recipe is perfect for setting your mood in the evening.


  • Ciroc Red Berry –45 ml 
  • Sprite –120 ml 
  • Grenadine –30 ml 

Step by step guideline of the Cirok 

Step 1:

First, you have to take a medium-sized glass ball, take some ice, and fill the ball to make the drink more cool and refreshing. 

Step 2:

After that, take 45 ml of Ciroc Red Berry and add on the ball. 

Step 3: 

Next, you need to take some drink glasses and fill them with 120 ml of sprite or other lime soda you want.

Step 4:

Finally, you need to add 30 ml of Grenadine and stir all ingredients gently to make a combination. And garnishing with blackberry and serve

Berry Sunrise drink

Berry Vodka Sunrise is the famous Cirok Red Berry Cocktail that you can use as a welcome drink at your next homeroom party. Now let’s see how you can make it in your kitchen.


  • Ciroc Red Berry–70 ml
  • Orange juice — 70 ml 
  • Sparkling water– 70 ml
  • Tart cherry juice– 30 ml
  • Grenadine — 5 ml
  • One slice of fresh orange and maraschino cherry for garnishing

Step by Step guideline of making the Berry Vodka Sunrise

Step 1:

In the first step, you have to take a highball glass and add 70 ml of vodka.

Step 2

In the second step, you should take 70 ml of orange juice and sparkling water; after that, stir gently.

Step 3:

Then add fresh orange slices and stir gently again

Step 4:

Then mash up some amount of Maraschino Cherry Liquid and add 30 ml Tart Cherry Juice on top of the high glass. After that, you can see that a stone of glass has been fixed.

Step 5:

Finally, garnish the drink with an orange slice and maraschino cherry.

Berry lemon ciroc Cocktail

It is easy to make a Ciroc red berry vodka cocktail. You need just a few ingredients in your kitchen. You don’t even need any shaker. Here is the preparation method of Berry Vodka Cocktail


  • Ciroc Red Berry—45 ml
  • Fresh berries–1/2 cup
  • Basil leaves–3 fresh
  • Fresh lemon juice–15 ml
  • Some amount of club soda
  • Some amount of berries for garnishing

Methods of Preparing of the cocktail

Step 1:

Take a tall glass, and then mix the berries and basil in the glass.

Step 2:

In the second step, add 15 ml of lemon juice and 45 ml of vodka into the glass with the berries and basil.

Step 3:

Add some amount of club soda and ice cubes to the glass. 

Step 4:

Finally, gently stir all the ingredients in the glass and garnish with berries, if you want.

ciroc lemonades

Red Berry Crush Ciroc cocktail recipe

Red Berry Crush Shirk is good shirk that attracts everyone. Let’s make the recipe in your kitchen.


  • Ciroc Red Berry—35 ml
  • Jasmine Tea Syrup—15ml 
  • Lemon Juice—20ml
  • Strawberry—1 mashed 
  • Sparkling Wine
  • Dried rose petals
  • Raspberries on sugar to garnish

Step by Step guideline of making Red Berry Crush Ciroc cocktail:

Step 1:

Take all strawberries in a shaker and add 35 ml of vodka, 15 ml tea syrup, and 20 ml of lemon juice with it.

Step 2:

Then take some ice cube into the shaker and Shake it well.

Step 3:

Then take a cuppett and strain the mixture into it.

Step 4:

Pour over the sparkling wine coupetter. Then you can garnish the drink if you want.

Berry drink Spritzer

Compared with all Ciroc drinks, it is one of the easiest, smoothest, and most popular red berry Ciroc drinks. Now keep an eye on the recipe to make it in the kitchen.


  • Ciroc Red Berry—40 ml
  • Mixed berry water flavor enhancer—some drops
  • Chilled sparkling water– 350ml
  • Frozen berries if you want

Methods of Preparing of Berry Vodka Spritzer

Step 1:

First, you have to take a tall glass, then add some frozen berries and 40 ml of vodka in the glass.

Step 2:

Then you should add some desired water enhancers to the vodka and berries and stir them very gently.

Step 3:

After that, you should slowly pour 350 ml of sparkling water on the ingredients. Gently stir the mixture. Then add anything if you want.

FAQ related to ciroc

What mixes well with red berry Ciroc?

  • Red Berry Punch
  • 75ml Cranberry juice
  • 50ml CÎROC Red Berry.
  • 75ml Tonic water.

Which drink would be better to mix with Ciroc?

  • Citrus Sunrise
  • 3 oz Orange juice
  • 1.5 oz Ciroc Summer Citrus
  • 1 oz Cranberry juice 
  • Pomegranate juice.

Should sugar be added to Ciroc Red Berry?

It is an excellent cost because now almost everyone is health-conscious and aware of sugar consumption. This drink is made from red berry, strawberry, juicy raspberry, and natural flavors. “But most people use it as a fruit extract mixed with syrup vodka instead of fresh berry infusion. A little sugar is added to enhance the taste.

How many carbohydrates are there in flavored vodka?

The amount of carbohydrates in all flavored vodkas varies, not uniformly. Some contain 0% carbohydrates, while others have 11 grams (e.g., Hypnotic). Many flavored vodkas contain just zero carbohydrates, such as absolute vodka. 

Most importantly, all vodka has no carbohydrates, proteins, or fats.

What are the nutrition facts of Ciroc drink? 

Ciroc Vodka does not have natural sugar, carbs, fiber, cholesterol, fat. It has a minimal percentage of vitamins or minerals in vodka.

Which vodka leads to sugar-free?

 Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusion Line Vodka is now available in three flavors, offering a delicious, sugar-free alternative for 21 vodka enthusiasts. 

Why is Ciroc called a vodka?

Ciroc is modern and delicious vodka that wine tastes and craftsmanship have inspired for over a century. This drink is a blend of French grapes and the fifth distillation, which gives CÎROC an exceptionally fresh, smooth, and distinctive taste.

Does vodka have extra calories or make you gain weight?

Yes, even if this water is small, it increases the weight. Alcohol can make you “fat.” This mixture contains alcohol and sugar, which inhibit weight loss and weight gain. Alcohol contains calories.

Why is Ciroc a good choice?

Ciroc is one of the best-rated vodkas. This vodka differs from other popular drinks on the market because it is made from high-quality grapes and filtered with charcoal instead of other ingredients. With all these interesting characters, it is high-quality vodka.

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