Substitute For Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella cheese is among the most adored cheeses around the world due to its chewy and stringy texture that is sure to keep you coming back for more. It’s not surprising that many of us fill up pizzas with mozzarella cheese to get the stretchy pull after cutting. It does not have a strong flavor, melts quickly, and has an elastic pull. Substitute For Mozzarella Cheese can be used for scrumptious recipe preparations easily at home.

can you freeze mozzarella cheese

you can also freeze up mozzarella cheese for storage purposes to use later and make tasty dishes with anytime of the day or incase of emergency when friends arrive and you need to come up with tasty recipe fast, the cheese kept in freeze will come to your rescue to prepare and serve yummy dishes in short amount of time.

Alternatives and Substitutes For Mozzarella Cheese

There are plenty of alternatives to pick from. Here’s how to use the substitutes and how they look like mozzarella cheese.

Jarlsberg Cheese

It is a form of soft white cheese with a buttery and sweeter taste. It is less sour than white cheddar; it’s similar to the flavor from mozzarella. If cooked, whether on high or low heat, Jarlsberg tends to be creamy, if you prefer the taste more on the creamy side. For the best flavor of Jarlsberg, you’ll need to break it up ahead to ensure it melts fast when cooked. It’s an excellent topping for pies, bread, or cheesecakes, and you can even use it for pizzas if you want it to be thinner but more creamy.

It is made from natural milk and yogurt-rich cultures. Jarlsberg Cheese has a delicate yet distinctively sweet flavor that will amaze you. It is delicious on bruschetta or the perfect topping to your favorite salad. Don’t let its softer texture fool you. It’s packed with Vitamin D and calcium, ensuring solid teeth and bones.

Jarlsberg is an enticing, tasty cheese that is mild and good-tasting. Include it in your sandwich or casseroles for more flavor. Jarlsberg cheese may be substituted for mozzarella cheese in most recipes. The ingredients are simple and do not add artificial colors or flavorings – just milk and salt! The product also has eight grams of protein in each serving, making it an ideal pre-workout snack that can help you power through the day before settling to your bed. You should take one home the next time you go to the grocery store!

jarlsberg_wheel image

White Cheddar

It isn’t a sibling to mozzarella but is popular among the children. White cheddar can be described as a delicious alternative to mozzarella. You can make mild white cheddar to mimic mozzarella’s flavorless taste, and it melts rapidly as mozzarella and is flexible. However, be aware that it can burn fast too. One of the best things about white cheddar is its availability. 

It is readily available and is an excellent ingredient for any dish. Everyone knows that food trends bring new concepts, and we’ve found the perfect way to offer you the delicious cheese flavor without the regrettable adverse effects. You don’t have to sacrifice taste or texture to be healthier with white cheddar. 

The same Cheddar flavor that is its original counterpart, the vegan version, is sure to please people who have dietary restrictions or are seeking a variety of their meals. Serve this option vegan with potatoes or rice crackers, and you’ll have an excellent appetizer to be served at the holiday gathering that you’re not able to go to anyway.



Provolone is closest to mozzarella’s taste. Provolone is the most suitable option as a replacement for the mozzarella to complement your Italian food items. As mozzarella, provolone is a fantastic melting cheese with a soft, chewy, and stringy texture. It creates a tremendous stretch of cheese on the pizza you’re eating or your subs. The cheese does not have a strong flavor, making it easy to incorporate it in many recipes.

Provolone can be used as a base ingredient in your pizza, sandwiches grilled as well as salads, casseroles or even for desserts. Typically the semi-hard Italian cheese is often paired with Parmigiano-Reggiano and mozzarella to give the best flavor and texture to pizzas. As it ages, provolone is slightly nutty and has salty undertones, and the fresher versions have a mild and sweet taste. There are a few smoked varieties of provolone, which gives it a wonderful flavor and distinct tang.

If you’re looking for a cheese similar to mozzarella concerning texture and taste, then provolone cheese is a great choice. Therefore, if you’re out of mozzarella but possess provolone, make use of it without a doubt. It’s almost like mozzarella; however, provolone has that distinctive, milder taste. Provolone gets melted quickly and becomes extraordinarily stretchy and flexible, making it a superior alternative.

Provolone cheese image


This isn’t a light cheese, like mozzarella. It is sweet and has a nuanced flavor. It’s creamy and buttery in texture after it has been melted. It’s not stretchy or stringy like mozzarella; however, it melts quickly and gives a rich flavor to dishes. If you’re not too caught over the stretchiness of cheese, then swiss can be a tasty alternative to mozzarella. Like Jarlsberg, it can be remarkably smooth and easy to melt. Be aware that it’s not stretchy as mozzarella does.

It can work with any food, but especially for lasagna. Swiss cheese is a soft white cheese that’s great for your next cheese-based sandwich! This Swiss cheese is a substitute for the creaminess of mozzarella and has a robust and savory taste.

It can enhance the texture to make any dish using any ingredient you want to give it a flavor. It has less than three grams of fat for each ounce; this cheese provides the nutrients without sacrificing taste! However, it also benefits from being rich in calcium and vitamin B12.

Swiss cheese image


Ricotta closely resembles feta and cream cheese; however, it is essential to be aware that ricotta has distinct features. Ricotta has a more mild and sweeter flavor if you prefer the food not to be as acidic or salty. Additionally, it imparts an effervescent flavor due to the softness of the cheese.

Although ricotta can be considered slightly soft, it’s awe-inspiring that it doesn’t melt once made into a pizza. It only softens and becomes creamy, so don’t think it’s stretchy for pizzas you love to stretch after eating. But ricotta is on this list due to its creamy and less sour flavor.

It is mild in flavor with some sweetness and a soft and smooth texture. Ricotta doesn’t melt quickly. Instead, it softens and then becomes more creamy. It’s not elastic, so don’t be expecting to see the photo-worthy cheese pull. Ricotta cheese has a soft, delicate, soft cow’s milk cheese. It has a rich flavor, different from its dry counterpart; however, it has a sweet and smoky ooze that covers your mouth with salt and fat. This is the perfect pizza. 

Ricotta is a wonderful alternative to mozzarella cheese because it is rich in milk and not butter. Its composition is full of calcium and protein due to the fantastic milk that allows it to be made. to know if you can freeze it check out post on ricotta cheese storage here.

Ricotta Salata image


Oaxaca cheese, sometimes referred to as quesillo cheese, comes from Oaxaca, which is located in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. The cheese is semi-hard, semi-soft cheese, which is frequently described as mozzarella. Quesillo cheese is an excellent alternative to mozzarella to Mexican dishes. You can sprinkle it on quesadillas, pizzas, tacos, and empanadas, as well as nachos, regardless of whether you shred it or sprinkle it on, and melt or sprinkle it. It is also delicious in soups as a garnish and toasts.

This Mexican cheese is an amalgamation of mozzarella or Monterey Jack cheese. It has a light, mild buttery taste. With its smooth consistency and melt point, it’s a fantastic ingredient for the cheese to be used in many recipes. Oaxaca cheese can also be described as a white-colored cheese made from cow’s milk that is similar to mozzarella. Its texture is frequently described as string cheese or mozzarella. While it’s not as spongy, its soft stringy consistency is an enjoyable bite.

It’s among the closest cheeses we can select as the most suitable Mozzarella alternative. With regards to melting and springy characteristics, there isn’t much distinction between it and mozzarella. After it’s melted, it will develop the appearance of a stringy and stretchy texture. What makes this cheese distinct from mozzarella it’s buttery taste and more pronounced flavor. It is suitable for the preparation of Blue Corn Tortilla, Oaxaca Cheese Pretzels, Salsa Melted Cheese, String Cheese Sticks, and so on.

Oaxaca cheese

Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack is a white semi-hard cheese made from cow’s milk, and it’s comparable to mozzarella because of its mild flavor, slight sweetness, and mellow taste. With its light flavor and high moisture content, Monterey Jack is great for toasted sandwiches, biscuits, quesadillas, and other snacks.

This Californian cheese melts quickly and is suitable for pizza topping, similar to mozzarella. But its soft, firm texture isn’t stringy and slightly more flavorful. Therefore you’ll need to alter the recipe. The cheese made in the USA has a vibrant yellow hue, and the primary ingredient is milk from cows. It’s a semi-hard cheese; however, the fresh cheese is quite soft and pleasant.

The original Monterey Jack version has a subtle flavor, and it is slightly sweet. It is an American cheese that you can use in various recipes like Tex-Mex Lasagna, Italian Chicken Pie, Three-Cheese Manicotti. checkout some substitutes for manchego cheese to use when you don’t have monetary jack or mozzarella cheese in your fridge.



Fontina can be described as an Italian semi-soft cheese that can develop into a more complex texture with time. It is not stretchy or stringy if it melts but soft and creamy. It is also easy to melt at a lower temperature, so it’s best to store it in cool places to ensure it stays fresh. The taste of Fontina cheese varies from milder than mozzarella to medium sharp, and the scent and sweet taste are nuttier, making it more intense than mozzarella.

The fresh Fontina serves as a topping on bread or for a snack. Toast Farcito, Chicken Valdostano, Cheesy Tots, Zucchinis Roll-Ups are also perfect dishes to pair with. Fontina is an excellent alternative for cheese lovers who are sensitive to mozzarella. It has a similar flavor to mozzarella due to its origin in skim milk. 

However, it is lower in fat content for people trying to control their diet. It’s also free of gluten or lactose since both trigger allergic reactions in specific individuals, including allergy to gluten and dairy. Fontina is lower in calories than other vegan cheeses, making it ideal when trying to reduce your weight! The Italian cheese is an excellent vegetarian option for people who enjoy pizza, and it is perfect for a grilled sandwich and raspberry mayonnaise.

Fontina cheese
Fontina cheese


The Danish-style cheese is made from cow’s milk. As with all cheeses, it offers aged and young versions that offer various flavors and textures. In general, Havarti is a semi-soft cheese with a smooth surface and a soft texture. Younger varieties tend to be less flavorful, while the older Havarti varieties have a more sour and salty taste, with hazelnut-like notes. Havarti is similar to cheddar when it comes to taste.

The buttery and creamy flavor, along with the smooth consistency of Havarti, makes it a perfect melting cheese, similar to mozzarella. It is great on pizza or pasta, nachos, or cheese sandwiches. Try it with your cheese board and some wine and some fruits.

Havarti cheese


You can substitute gouda for mozzarella cheese for various recipes without gracing cheese boards. It has a mild but nuanced flavor. Beware of its appearance. It appears complex and challenging to melt but can be melted very quickly. It’s also not a fire hazard like white cheddar. If you’re looking to make its flavor as subtle as it can be, we suggest using mild gouda.

Gouda is a cheese made from cow’s milk, first made by the Dutch in South Holland, Netherlands. It is easy to identify due to its intense yellow hue and is generally sold in large chunks. The texture and taste of Gouda changes as it ages. The young Gouda cheese is an excellent option if you like a light and delicate flavor. However, mature gouda has complex tastes with a sweet, sour finish and a nutty undertone.

The Dutch cheese melts quickly, making this Mozzarella alternative perfect for sandwiches, burgers, or other dishes requiring a creamy cheese flavoring. You can also use it to create Prosciutto-Pesto, Tortellini toss as well as Apple Jack Crumb Pie.

gouda cheese image

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mozzarella and cheddar the same thing as Swiss cheese?

Yes, you can substitute Swiss cheese for mozzarella. But if you’re seeking a cheese that melts quickly, it is best to opt for mozzarella. Mozzarella is a great melting cheese since it isn’t hard after heating, and it stays soft even after heating.

How can you enhance the flavor of mozzarella cheese?

The homemade mozzarella is soft and subtle in flavor. When stretching, you can add herbs and black pepper into the curd or sprinkle the herbs on the cheese ball chilled and serve it with crackers. Then, you can put the cheese ball in a freezer in a freezer, then slice it up and create a delicious pizza from scratch.

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