Make Grilled cheese in toaster oven recipe

Everyone loves to eat grilled cheese weather its breakfast or lunch. making grilled cheese sandwich in toaster oven is very easy as you wont burn it some time like it happens in stove.

Making grilled cheese on stove can be tricky as the bread may get burnt if you turn up the heat to cook faster but the cheese wont melt. in toaster oven the heat supplied is consistent you the grilled cheese would come out perfect to eat every single time, that’s why I recommend making grilled cheese in oven rather than stove top.
toaster oven grilled cheese

so come on without any further delay lets get to the recipe of grilled cheese in toaster oven for best and yummy food in mouth within minutes without any much hassle.


  1. couple of bread slices
  2. some butter, about 2 spoon would be fine
  3. 2 spoon cheese


  1. Adjust the cooking rack in toaster oven and place the cooking tray on lower rack, then preheat the oven at 430 degree F
  2. Place the butter on side of the each slice of bread and spread the cheese on inner side of the bread and join them to make sandwich
  3. Place the bread cheese sandwich in oven tray and cook for 3-4 minutes and take out and flip to cook other side as well evenly
  4. Once both side are done then take out the tray with the help of oven mittens and cut the sandwich in half
  5. enjoy with sauce the gooey cheese grilled toaster oven sandwich


  • When using a pan/cooking tray of dark color, the sandwich will get cooked faster so adjust the temperature and timing accordingly for perfect cooking.
  • You can choose any type of bread for making grilled cheese sandwich, i like normal white bread, brown bread and multi grain bread for this mouth watering grilled sandwich.
  • depending on which type of oven you have from convention, normal air fryer style etc. you need to adjust temperature accordingly from 350 to 450 degree F
  • you can add apple slices, veggies, different ingredients of your liking if you want to make it more tasty to eat.

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Nutrition information

  • serving : 1 grilled cheese sandwich
  • calories: about 300
  • fat : 20 grams
  • cholesterol : 50 mg
  • carbohydrates: 24 grams
  • sugar: 3.5 grams
  • proteins: 17 grams( for multi grain bread)
  • fiber : 4 grams


Hope you liked our simple and easy to make toaster oven grilled cheese sandwich recipe shared above. let us know your experience’s while making these grilled sandwich in comment section below. if you want to buy a toaster oven for making this delicious sandwich then this is the post to read as it features lot of market popular and budget friendly choices for buying the right type of toaster oven for your home needs.

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