can you freeze mozzarella cheese

mozzarella is very famous cheese type among all cheese lovers due to its gooey nature and great taste. people use it one countless dishes including some popular ones like pizza, bread sticks, soups etc. to enhance the flavor of the dish. so when you get some extra cheese packets in market at steep discount then yo can buy it and store it in your freezer to eat later and enjoy the tasty dishes made using the mozzarella cheese with your family.

This cheese is native to south Italy region and mainly made from high quality buffalos milk. mozzarella cheese comes in 3 forms which are shredded, hard bars of cheese and fresh mozzarella balls.

when you buy shredded mozzarella cheese packets from market it comes with long shelf life as it contains some preservatives so you wont have spoiled cheese for long time which would be enough for you to finish the packet else their is also no problem in freezing them, you can do it without any issues.

can you freeze mozzarella cheese

Talking about cheese block then they can be frozen too easily without any issue. the mozzarella cheese has  a tendency to crumble post thawing to you can make small blocks or slices from big one if you need some at a time as it would be great to get crumbly cheese in small portions.

if you want to freeze freshy made mozzarella cheese balls then you should know that they will lose their smooth texture and become crumbly and dry, which wont go fine with sandwiches and other dishes unless it is melted. so if you are fine with cooking and melting the cheese post thawing then its good to freeze fresh cheese. it you want to have smooth and fresh cheese on dishes then don’t freeze and eat fresh only.

How to freeze mozzarella cheese bars

Make small chunks of the cheese so it is easy to use and you don’t have to go through hassle of refreezing whole block again, just take of out small block and use. if you intend to use the cheese for sandwich purposes then cut it in slices form or what ever suits best for the type of dish you intent to prepare in future with your mozzarella cheese.

Then place the cheese cubes or slices in freezer safe bag. you can make a pile of slices to keep them organized in the bag for future use. once the cheese is in the bag seal it by removing maximum air from the bag. before placing the cheese bag in freezer label it date and then keep in freezer for future use.

How to freeze shredded mozzarella cheese

to freeze the shredded cheese just make small portions of the cheese according to the purpose and recipe you want to use it for and then place in different freezer bags. then label the date and name of the recipe you intend it to use for before placing in the freezer for later use in preparation of tasty dishes.

How to freeze Fresh mozzarella cheese

Fresh mozzarella cheese can be frozen but the texture would change to grainy and dry. to freeze it make it dry by removing all the water around the cheese balls and clean them with paper towels to reduce water overall. not to forget that you can cut the balls in small slices with sharp knives if you like or just keep them like that all and wrap the balls in cling wrap if you intent to store for longer duration i not then just place the cheese balls in freezer bag and then remove the air from bag before freezing.

Mozzarella cheese shelf life

mozzarella cheese block contains lowest moisture content in them which makes them in freezer for about 5-8 months without any issues.

shredded cheese would be good to store in freezer without altering the quality and texture for about 3-4 months.

if you are freezing fresh cheese then it would be good for about 2-3 months maximum and it contains maximum water content so the consistency and texture would change making it crumbly and dry.

if you cant get your hands of mozzarella cheese due to its shortage in market and you don’t know how to make it then you can use queso fresco cheese and its alternatives also to make tasty dishes as its somewhat similar to mozzarella cheese.

How to defrost mozzarella cheese

To defrost the mozzarella cheese keep the cheese in fridge for few hours and it would be done. if you want to defrost it faster then put the freezer bag in which you have cheese in the water bowl and it would get it done at faster speed.

You can also use the frozen cheese directly in the dish you want to prepare, just add cheese block as per the requirement in the recipe you are cooking and it will melt and mix directly in the dish.

Thawed Mozzarella cheese uses

you can use defrosted mozzarella cheese in making many dishes including pizza, cheese sandwiches in oven, as potato salad dressing, to make cheese creamy, on scrambled eggs and many more countless dishes to make then tasty by adding gooey and cheese flavor to them.


Hope you like our views about freezing mozzarella cheese easily in your freezer to use later in making tasty dishes. let us know in what all dishes you prepare with cheese to make them tasty in comments section.

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