Substitute For Green Chilies to add hotness in food

Green peppers with hot flavor can be frequently used in dishes, salads, and even sides, particularly for spicy dips and meals. They are delicious and extremely nutritious too. There are a variety of green chilies that differ in taste, shape, color, and heat. Some are mild, while others are very spicy.

What if you’ve been unable to find green chilies and require a substitute for cooking a particular recipe? There are, however, fantastic alternatives to hot green peppers that will spare your time and energy to go to the market.

There are alternatives with varying degrees of sweetness. Some are milder, and some are hotter than hot green peppers. So, you can select the best one that is best for your taste and preferences.


What are the Benefits of Green Chilies?

They are frequently used in Mexican dishes and other spicy dishes because their flavor complements other ingredients such as tomato or even cilantro. Did you know that chili peppers are loaded with health advantages?

The benefits of eating foods with a spicy flavor are:

  • Improving digestion
  • Invigorating metabolism
  • An increase in energy levels
  • Reducing stress
  • Relief from the pain
  • Promoting weight loss

Substitutes For Green Chilies

Banana Pepper

Banana Pepper is an exotic and delicious fruit that has sweetness. It is native to tropical areas like Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, and South America. Contrary to what its name implies, banana peppers don’t look like bananas. Instead, they appear to be skinny white stripes. The fruit can reach 10 inches in height and weigh approximately 1 pound each. The skin color ranges from dark brown to black, based on the type.

can you freeze sweet banana peppers

It is often used as a green alternative since it has a flavor similar to the real authentic one. If you’d like to be sure the quantity of banana peppers is sufficient, purchase several lots instead of only one or two. Try using various types of spices to increase the taste of your food.

Banana peppers are the most suitable alternatives to green chilis, even when they’re slightly sweeter and less spicy than green chilis.

If you don’t enjoy the heat of green chilis, then you’ll appreciate the milder spice that’s subtle but noticeable in food, whether it be salsa or Enchiladas.

They’re frequently used with more hot peppers to add sweetness to dishes without becoming too overwhelming.

One of the most popular ways to cook or prepare with the banana pepper is by making a pickle using white vinegar and garlic in a jar. You can use this in salads.

Because of the sweet and mild taste, people usually stuff bananas, peppers, and other spices to make an alternative to taco.

Cayenne Pepper

Another popular alternative is the Cayenne Pepper. It is a type of dried pepper that comes from cayenne plants that are grown on volcanic soil. It comes in various varieties, including Granules, flakes, whole pods, powdered forms, etc.

Capsicums are indigenous to South America, where they were initially cultivated to enhance their medicinal qualities. The flavor of the capsicum is a bit reminiscent of ginger roots. But, it has greater heat intensity than ginger. It is best to use if you don’t want to add spice to your dishes. In comparison to green chilies, cayenne pepper is more potent in terms of spiciness.

cayenne-pepper image

The same nightshade family member with bell peppers and jalapenos cayenne chili is known for its spice. Cayenne peppers are around 4 inches or more thin, slim, and usually red in hue. There isn’t a lot of cayenne pepper that is green.

It doesn’t matter where it is from; it is always a unique “earthy-spicy” flavor. The flavor is so strong that it offers a distinct sensation of heat that is an entirely new dimension. It’s most potent in paste form. Ground cayenne pepper can take you to the hottest of places.

It is a good choice as a suitable substitute for green chilies used in curries and other dishes. If you’re not able to handle the spice well, it may turn out to be excessive for your taste. High heat indicates a high level of capsaicin. This means that a solid shield will protect your stomach against ulcers.

Poblano Pepper

They’re perfect for adding spice to your dish; however, you can also use them as the main ingredient in recipes such as stuffed chili peppers with con Carne.

Poblano peppers are extremely loved in Mexican cuisine. They’re usually harvested when they’re green to cook with, but these peppers transform into dark red or even black after they’ve matured. A lot of people prefer to roast and then peel poblanos to get rid of the waxy texture.

The Poblano Pepper is a medium-sized bell pepper that developed in Mexico. They usually have a yellowish-orange appearance and feature large walls. If they are roasted in air fryer , they will become more sweet and soft. They’re a fantastic substitute for green chilies since they provide a different taste.

In most Indian food, fresh or ripe, poblano peppers can provide a hint of heat. They are cooked first for a better flavor. However, roasting them will give a more incredible taste. Be sure to slice them up since they’re too large to blend into the food.

Poblano peppers

As per the theory, the Poblano pepper is a minimum of 2 inches in size and three inches long. These peppers that look like squares possess an attractive green color with a hint of dark purple, even though they are still in their embryonic stage. The mature peppers will eventually become so red that they will almost turn black.

If you’re craving an Indian cooking technique like deep-fried green peppers, you could try roasting Poblanos. Poblano peppers provide a spicy-sweet and sweet taste when roasting and are an excellent substitute for green chilies.

You can also cut them in length to substitute green chilies diced in your favorite recipes such as stir-fries, meat dishes, or even stir-fries. This kind of pepper has unique carotenoid content. This is why they are highly effective in combating inflammation.

Jalapeno Pepper

It is, in fact, the most well-known alternative to green chilies. Many people are aware that this chili is from Mexico. However, most people aren’t aware that the name was chosen in honor of Jalapa. Jalapeno was the original specialty of the capital of Veracruz at the time.

The typical jalapeno measures about three inches long and has the most vibrant green hue. Its flavour can be described as remarkably like green vegetables and vibrant. Of course, there’s another red chili, but it’s a more mild version, making it difficult to use as a suitable substitute for green chilies.

Because of their mild flavour, jalapenos are widely regarded as gateway peppers. They provide the right amount of spice and aren’t too spicy for those new to peppers.

After roasting them, they emit the same smokey flavour as the green chilies. Therefore jalapenos make excellent green peppers that can be substituted for roast dishes.

A jalapeno is an abundant vitamin C source as compared to an orange. Thanks to this vitamin, the body can have a better fight against cardiovascular illnesses.

jalapeno peppers image

If the heat of green chilis doesn’t suffice for your recipe, you could always try the jalapeno peppers alternative. Jalapeno peppers are usually utilized as a spice in recipes instead of being the main ingredients due to the heat content, which could easily alter the dish’s flavour.

Green chilis are usually baked or fried before cooking. Jalapeno peppers work best when used fresh in cooking recipes. However, they become delicious when cooked. Jalapeno peppers can be found in most supermarkets and stored in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Jalapeno Pepper is available in two varieties that are green and habanero. Both types contain capsaicinoids. Habaneros are hotter than regular jalapenos, but both have high levels of vitamin C. The most effective method to prepare the peppers is to slice lengthwise and then take out the membranes and seeds before mixing them into dips, sauces and marinades. if you are looking for great alternatives for jalapeno peppers then check our post on jalapeno substitutes to increase the hotness of food in its absence.

Make sure only to use about 1/4 cup for each serving not to overwhelm other ingredients. It’s similar to a habanero pepper.

Anaheim Pepper

If you cannot find green chili in the vicinity, one of the most effective alternative options is an Anaheim pepper. There’s no way the local store doesn’t carry it since it’s one of the most widely used peppers in the U.S.

In just one glance, it is easy to identify this pepper due to its size and colour. The ripe Anaheim pepper is usually between 6 to 10 inches long and has a deep green hue.

Anaheim Pepper image

The origin is New Mexico. This pepper was introduced into California’s southern Anaheim city through Emilio Ortega. Since its first appearance, it has remained a trendy ingredient in every kind of American food item.

The reason this chili is so famous is the versatility and moderate temperature that this chili has. You can pretty much do whatever you like using it, particularly combining it with green bell peppers.

However, we believe that the most effective way to cook Anaheim chilies is by roasting them because of their more considerable flesh. If you can put them in a dish of cheese before roasting, then you’ll have a fantastic alternative to the traditional chilies Rellenos.

Anaheim Peppers are famous among chefs due to their ease of cultivation and maintenance. Their thin skin is perfect for roasting at high temperatures. Because of their dimensions, it’s great to stuff into tacos or burritos. The mild flavour of it goes well with almost any food.

It is an excellent alternative to green chili peppers since it has a flavour that is very similar to their taste. Its mild heat flavour can be found between 500 and 2,500 SHU and is often added to stews, soups, tacos, and salsas that are spicy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you eat more green chilies than you should?

Consuming chili may cause discomfort in the intestines for certain individuals. The symptoms could be abdominal discomfort, burning sensation in your stomach, as well as cramps and painful diarrhoea. This is more prevalent for people suffering from irritable bowel disorder.

Are green chilies required to be refrigerated?

Green chilies have a limited shelf time. Fresh chilies last for some days at ambient temperature. Cooling can last for one month, and freezing can keep them long for six months. you can also freeze chili recipes which have green chilies in them for eating them later in future when you have more guest at home.

How long will green chilies take to develop?

After approximately two to three months in the space of a few months, green chilis start to sprout out of the plant. If you’re satisfied with the dimensions of your chilis, it’s time to pick the plants. If you’re looking for green chilis, make sure to cut them before the chilis begin to change color.

Does green chili boost resistance?

Helps to lose weight: Green chilies help burn calories and speed up metabolism, which helps in losing weight. It keeps your heart healthy due to a significant amount of beta-carotene in green chilies; they aid in maintaining the proper working of your cardiovascular system. They additionally assist in improving immunity.

Are Green chilies beneficial for lung health?

According to research conducted by researchers, chili peppers contain an antioxidant that can stop lung cancer from spreading. Researchers found that capsaicin, the chemical component that gives chili peppers their distinctive taste, stopped tumors of the lung in rodents, as well as cells from human culture.

What is the reason why Chili causes you to cough?

Washing, seeding, cutting and cooking chilis can cause capsaicin molecules to fly into the air, which is where they may be inhaled and cause irritation and sensitization to your lung tissue and cause difficulties, coughing and discomfort when breathing.

Can we make use of chili powder instead of green chilies?

Chili powder is a spicy variety that can be used in every dish to replace green chilies. It’s a spicy and fragrant powder that works well in savory dishes.

Which chili is hotter: red or green?

Capsaicin, the chemical that is pungent that creates chilies’ heat, differs from plants and even from fruit to fruit. Green chilies are not less hot than red chilies; in fact, their pungency is almost similar.

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