how to thicken frosting with easy methods

Frosting are quite popular with baking food recipes as it gives new lease of life to your pale looking tasty desserts and cakes. you can make different kinds of frosting with different colors and ingredients like fruits, flavor syrups etc.

it has been found that frostings may differ vastly depending upon the ingredients they are made with with like cream cheese frosting are much more softer and smoother then butter frosting etc. thin frosting are also sometimes required for drizzling on home made cakes.

how to thicken the frosting

here we share some of the common and useful methods to thicken your frosting to get it the right consistency and firmness which would allow you to decorate and garnish your cakes made in instant pot and desserts with the frostings.

Add powder sugar to get thick frosting

you can add powder sugar to your thin running frosting 1 spoon at a time gradually to thicken it to the desired consistency by using mixer or manually mixing in the bowl with spoon. it is a pretty standard method that everyone uses until and unless you don’t intend to add extra sugar to your frosting making it sweet beyond requirement. if that’s the case then use different methods for thickening the frosting shared below.

Add corn starch

to avoid making your frosting more sweet you can avoid adding sugar and instead add corn starch in the frosting to make it thick. take 1 spoon corn starch and mix it in water until lumps are gone and then add to your frosting gradually to get the perfect consistency as per your liking.

Add gelatin

you can also add gelatin which you can get from ay super market to thicken your frosting as it is well know across the world as good thickening agent used in various dishes and it comes in multiple color, so you can choose as per your frosting color to get things done nicely.

take 3-4 spoons of gelatin powder and then add it to the 1000 ml of water along with 200 grams of sugar in a bowl. keep the bowl to heat until everything mix completely.

then let it cool down and add the mixture to the frosting frosting bowl and keep the bowl with frosting mixed with gelatin solution in fridge for some time to get thick and consistent frosting to enjoy with various dishes and baked items like home cooked waffles, desserts, pastries and cakes.

Add Heavy cream to make thick creamy frosting

you can add heavy cream made from milk to your frosting to make it more thick and consistent. add 2-5 spoons of cream as per the requirement and then whisk the frosting with the help of mixer or manually with a hand whisker for 3-4 minutes to get thick frosting with soft texture and fluffy peaks to get the right the as per the requirement.

it is very good and popular method used by chefs to get the right consistency of frosting which makes baked food items like cakes tasty to eat and good looking when garnished with tasty icing and frosting.

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if you are making use of cream cheese frosting which has become runny then you can mix and blend it for another minute to make it thick and then keep it in fridge to get the right consistency. you can also add sugar, corn starch or meringue powder if required as shared above.

try adding flavors to your frosting in solid form rather then liquid form as it will give the required flavor without altering the consistency of the frosting. eg. you can add lemon zest instead of lemon juice to make lemon frosting or strawberry chunks instead of juice to make fruity and cheesy frosting easily which is thick in consistency and delicious to taste.

you can also add honey to your frosting to make it little bit thick instead of sugar it will give flavor also to your frosting and make it tasty and thick


Hope you like our post to thicken the frosting to get the right consistency of the frosting every time you intent to make for cakes and other desserts.

share it with your friends who like baking different items as it would be useful for them to get out of messy situation when the cake needs to be severed by frosting has become thin.

if you use some other method to thicken the frosting then let us know in comments section below and we will share it our readers also.

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