what is rolled ice cream with homemade recipe

Everyone loves to eat ice cream of all kinds but the question is have you tried the rolled ice cream which is not found everywhere but once you have it, you will definitely like. here we will discuss all about ice cream treat that’s rolled for you to make at home and enjoy with your family.

what is rolled ice cream homemade

what is rolled ice cream

Rolled ice cream is normal ice cream present in a different way than your scoops which you tend to get every way. in rolled ice cream the cream is spread flat on the plane surface which is kept cold with dry ice and other techniques. Then it is rolled flat with help of spatula, their after its rolled into cylindrical cones and presented into a plastic one time use container kept in vertical form with some toppings of your liking.

To make the cream, they mix all the required ingredients including sugar, milk, cream etc. and stir the mixture for 5 minutes to add air in it and then keep it at -4 degree to keep it cool.

First they were invented by street vendors in Thailand, so some people also call it Thai rolled ice cream.

Homemade rolled ice cream recipe

Rolled ice cream can be made easily at home without any issues with a good quality spatula, metal baking tray and fridge. below is easy recipe to checkout any make at home to enjoy tasty ice cream any time in your home.


  • 2 cups of cream
  • 300 ml of condensed milk
  • pinch of salt


  • Mix all 3 ingredients including salt, unsweetened condensed milk and salt.
  • Pour the cream into bowl and add some flavoring items like strawberries pieces, other fruits, syrup, chocolate syrup, crushed Oreo etc. as per your liking and mix all the items fully and you can also crush the fruits to smaller chunks for consistency.
  • after the mixture is ready pour it into metal baking pan and spread across evenly and keep the pan in freezer for 2-3 hours.
  • take out the pan and with the help of sharp spatula cut in between like strips.
  • put the spatula at end of the pan and start moving it towards the ice cream roll thus making the rolled ice cream till other end of the pan. do this for all the strips.
  • once all are done, place them in any bowl you have at home in vertical alignment with the help of holding tong.
  • place some of your favorite garnishing on the top and enjoy eating ice cream rolls one by one.


  • Make sure to clean some space in your freezer prior to starting making this ice cream as you will have to keep the metal baking pan/plate in freezer for making the ice cream rolls later.
  • it is advised to keep ice cream base to 1/8 thick to make perfect ice cream as thinner than this wont allow you to make the required rolls and thicker than this will break the rolls in-between. so keep the consistency and you will get it right after few times.
  • make use of good quality and sharp spatula to cut the spread cream in strips and make them in rolls after sliding it under them easily.
  • Avoid using ceramic and glass baking pans to freeze the ice creams as it will increase the time for freezing the ice cream.

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hope you liked our recipe of rolled ice cream which seems to be the normal one rolled in barrel shape to give it a new twist and make it more appealing for you to eat and enjoy with your family and friends.

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