how long does honey last and its storage

honey comes from bees and is very sweet in taste. it need to be stored in right manner for its longevity. here we will discuss for how long does honey last and how to store it easily to increase its shelf life.

honey is used in lot of dishes like waffle making, biscuits preparation, cakes baking, desserts making, healthy beverages, as sugar replacement for daily needs and lot of other recipes. honey is considered as healthier alternative option to processes sugar as it has lower gi value and does not raise your blood sugar level rapidly when compared to processed sugar.

honey ph level ranges from 3.5 to 6 but on an average it is likely to be around 4. one gram of honey comes with around 300 calories of energy in it. it is made up of 17% water content and 82% of carbohydrates and 1% remaining contains other enzymes.

how long does honey last

It comes with lot of health benefits and possess anti biotic properties and is useful for wounds and cuts and cough related issues. honey can be used for very long, but how long, we shall discuss below.

Honey shelf life

Honey last for very long time without getting spoiled because bacteria growth in honey is near to impossible and it does not contain water which deter the growth of any kind of micro organism which could destroy the the honey.

Honey also contain small amount of hydrogen peroxide in it which makes it bad for any bacteria survival in it. over time honey may change little bit color and become dark but overall it remains good to consume for very long time without any issues. make sure it is stored in correct form using an air tight container in which moisture entry is prevented.

How to store honey

honey should be stored in air tight container or in the bottle in which it came in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

also make sure that you do not keep it in fridge unless required as it will initiate the crystallization process of the honey.

good quality is not cheap so right type of storage is important to prevent it from going bad and saving your money. if stored correctly the honey remains in good condition to consume for very long time.

how to check if honey is spoiled

Over the period of time honey will start to look cloudy and yellow in color but that’s normal. after some time you will notice that it has become little bit hard in form of pieces and white color appears to be in its depth.

it is called the crystallization process and it is fine to eat as it becomes little hard sweet candy which can be used in ice cream making as sweetener or a candy garnish on top.

After some time honey tend to become dense and lose little flavor but it is still fine to it as long as you have stored it correctly. freezing honey can crystalize it but later you can heat it to remove crystals.

how to remove crystals

you can place the honey container in bowl full of warm water and all the crystals will disappear giving you normal honey.

you can also put the honey jar in oven or microwave for 20 -30 seconds and the honey will come to its original form and honey crystals will vanish.

natural honey contains lots of useful vitamins and minerals to become a real sugar replacement. natural honey should be raw and unfiltered as processed honey contains some chemicals which might not be good for our body.

when honey is kept uncovered it might get in contact with moisture and bacteria will start to grow and make honey bad, so to store it for long time make sure its sealed and kept in air tight container.

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