what is the difference between toaster oven vs toaster

When we need to roast the bread, broil something or bake bread then appliances which comes to our mind is toaster oven and toaster. Here we will discuss everything about your normal toasters and toaster ovens to help you understand each of these small kitchen appliance in a better and easy way as both are meant to be used for special functions to cook and prepare different types of food recipes. you get get complete insight about toaster oven vs toaster and which one fulfills your needs in best possible way to cook tasty recipes always.

toaster oven vs toaster

Toaster oven vs toaster difference 

Space saving

When you are low on space and thinking to buy one of the 2 appliances from toaster or toaster oven then i would recommend choose toaster as they have small form factor with width going maximum up to 10 inches and length up to 15 inches. they wont take too much space while working on them or storing them in cabinet making them ideal for space saving and making toasted sandwiches.

Toaster oven are bigger than normal toaster and and takes up more space. their width is more than 15 inches even for basic models and can be compared with size of normal microwaves. so if you are looking for space saving then its a no go.

Even cooking 

If your only purpose is to roast the bread and make it ready for eating with even crispiness and brawniness throughout then go for a normal toaster oven as its made specially for one purpose that to toast and roast the bread at different levels as per your requirement.

In toaster oven you may require to pre heat and they are multi purpose appliances. so may take little bit extra time for roasting the bread and the heating element of the oven is not in contact with bread and little away which may cause uneven browning of the bread from all sides.

you can make grilled cheese and cook eggs in toaster oven besides roasting bread too.


cost of the toaster range from $20 on the low end for basic models and up to $100 for advanced models which are full of features.

on the other hand toaster oven price starts at around $50 for basic models which can perform simple functions and goes up to $200 for advanced and feature rich models.

If you want to save money and don’t requires features of toaster oven then go for normal toaster as it will get the job done with adding too much expense to your pocket but if you are into baking and likes cooking different recipes regularly then you need to have a toaster oven.

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Cleaning and maintenance

Both the appliances are simple and easy to use. just put the bread in toaster and press the button for cooking settings and you are done. for toaster oven you will have to some times preheat and keep the food for cooking properly.

they don’t require any maintenance if kept in clean and dry place. however occasional cleaning is must which is also easy as you just have to clean the toaster from outside with cloth and remove bread crumbs from inside.

toaster oven is bigger and easily accessible you can remove all the dirty and leftover food from inside with paper towel or small cloth. for cleaning the racks, drip trays you can take and clean them in your dishwasher or with just normal scrub and soap solution easily within minutes.

cleaning both the appliances is easy and wont take much time which makes worthwhile to have both if you have the requirement without worrying about the cleaning issues.

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Hope you were able to get the clear differences between both the toaster oven and toaster to make the right choice before buying the right appliance as per your needs. The choice mainly depends on the purpose for which you would like to buy the appliance.

so if you want some time versatile to cook many items then toaster is the appliance for you but if bread roasting is the only goal the normal toaster would work best besides saving you some money.

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