how to clean oven racks at home

Everyone loves to use ovens, toaster oven and other such appliances for making tasty food in home everyday but with regular use it gets dirty and needs cleaning. we need to keep the oven racks clean to remove grease and stuck food from it regularly to improve its cooking performance and keep it working for long without giving us problems to get it repaired with hefty bills.

how to clean oven racks

There are number of ways to clean your oven racks we will share some of the popular and simple ways to make your oven racks clean.

vinegar and baking soda method

its is very easy to use method any only involve vinegar, baking soda and water. to clean the oven racks sprinkle some baking soda on the rack and then some vinegar over it and then clean after some time.

you can also fill the bathtub with warm water along with vinegar and baking soda in the water, let the rack sit in their for some time their after scrub the rack with old brush and normal kitchen scrubber to remove the unwanted sticky grease and food.

After that rinse it with running water and wipe with plain dry cloth and you are done cleaning your oven rack.

Ammonia and trash bags method

it is very easy method but will require some large trash bags and ammonia which you can get easily from any hardware store or pharmacy.

to clean your oven racks with this simple trash bag method all you need to do is place the dirty oven racks and trash bags and spread some ammonia liquid on the racks and close the bags and keep it backyard or anywhere in house.

After few hours or overnight open the trash bags wearing a mask to prevent coming in direct contact with fumes of ammonia.

now all the grease and stuck food would have become lose so with the help of water hose/water spray gun you can clean your oven rack and later swipe it with wet cloth.

it will be clean and now you install the oven racks back in the oven for working with your oven.

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Dishwasher soap cleaning method

using your oven racks with dishwasher soap is very easy and simple. you can make use of liquid detergent or power also.

all you need to do is put your oven racks in big bucket or bathtub and fill it so that racks are submerged. try to do it warm water but normal water would also work.

after that add some dishwasher soap liquid or normal powder and mix it well. after that let the racks sit in the water soap mixture for few hours.

after few hours rinse the racks with water and remove all the dirty from it using sponge and then rinse again. once done let it dry and then install back in the oven for using the oven to make tasty dishes like grilled cheese recipe in oven once again.

Tips for oven rack cleaning methods

If you don’t like the above methods to clean the oven racks then just make use of normal oven cleaners that you get from market to clean the oven racks. they contains some chemicals that’s why i recommend to at least try one of methods shared above before going for commercial oven cleaners to clean the oven racks.

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hope you liked our collection of ways to clean your oven rack easily at home without any hassles. let us know in comments below weather you were to able to clean your ovens with above methods or not. if you have something to add or some other methods that you use for cleaning the oven racks then also share with us in comments.

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