how to cook eggs in toaster oven

Here we share one of the most sought after egg recipe people want to cook to make their life easy. you will learn how to cook eggs in toaster oven without hassle and fast.

in morning people are in hurry to go to work and school, at that point of time this recipes comes handy as you can make it and keep in toaster oven till you get ready for going and within minutes enjoy your toaster oven cooked eggs to keep your energy high throughout the day and yummy taste in mouth.

some people also like to make this recipe for lunch and dinner as well to enjoy with family members while you talk about your day.

To make this mouth watering recipe you need to have a toaster oven in home, if you don’t have one then I recommend checking out expert reviews to buy one of your choice in your budget from the best available in market.

how to cook eggs in toaster oven


  • 2 large eggs
  • little bit oil
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • Preheat the oven at 350 Degree F and adjust the racks for keeping the cooking pan
  • brush the cooking pan with oil to make egg cooking even from all side
  • break open 2 eggs in a bowl and mix it with salt, pepper ,veggies like corns, tomatoes etc. as per your preference.
  • pour the mixture in cooking pan and spread evenly
  • now put the pan in toaster oven and start baking for about 20 minutes then check by putting knife in between, if it comes clean then eggs are cooked.
  • take out and serve on plate with your favorite toppings, cut in pieces if you like.


  • To make your egg dish more tasty you can add cheese as well.
  • You can add veggies like chills, cilantro etc. and spices as per your requirement to make the dish scrumptious
  • if you want to make double the recipe then I would recommend just double up the ingredients and maybe use bigger pan if you have one to enjoy with your friends also.
  • if you have some leftovers then you can put then in tortilla along with some salsa, black beans and sauce of your choice then heat it and make a yummy roll with your egg recipe.
  • you can also boil eggs in toaster oven easily, all you need to do is pre heat at 350 F and then put the eggs in rack to bake for about 20 minutes.

Nutritional information

  • calories:  about 160
  • fats: 7 grams
  • carbohydrates:4 grams
  • proteins: 15 grams

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Everyone likes eating eggs, so why not bake in toaster oven to make more delicious and healthy. follow the recipe above for making eggs in toaster oven and enjoy with friends and family. if you have question related to any egg recipe preparation toaster oven then let us know in comment section below.

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