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Vanilla extract is also known as pure vanilla with distinct aromas. It is prepared by soaking broken vanilla beans with alcohol and water to ensure that the vanilla components can be mixed with alcohol. Due to the intricate and lengthy process of making vanilla beans into finished products, vanilla extract is much higher quality than artificial vanilla. some times if you are not able to afford vanilla extract or cant find it in market or its finished in your kitchen then you can make use of Substitute for Vanilla Extract shared below to make tasty recipe without any hassles and issues.

Vanilla extract is a popular ingredient used in cooking, providing flavour and sweetness. However, Vanilla extract has more of a vanilla-like flavour that lasts for a long time and can even become stronger with time.

 If you realize that you’re not using it or aren’t keen on using the ingredient due to price or the alcohol level, you can turn to these substitutes for vanilla extract instead. They’ll help you stay within the guidelines without making an additional trip to the market.

There’s no preparation, and these simple swaps will reduce time and cost. If you’ve got multiple of these alternatives available in your kitchen, pick the one that appears to offer the most flavour-wise match to the recipe you’re cooking.

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Alternatives and substitutes for vanilla extract

Maple Syrup

It’s not exactly like vanilla; however, it is warming and delicious, making it good to try. Be careful not to use too much, or your food will become excessively sweet. Many people use maple syrup as a substitute for vanilla, and it’s best to use one tablespoon (15 millilitres) of syrup per 1 tablespoon (15 millilitres) in the extract.

For some, the smell and sweetness of maple syrup are like vanilla. It is important to note that if you substitute something like vanilla extract for maple syrup, it can alter the calories content of the dish. If you’re using only the equivalent of a couple of tablespoons, it won’t make any change; however, in large quantities, it can be more noticeable. Pure maple syrup is characterized by an intense, sweet taste, making it a great vanilla extract substitute.

It also provides the properties of moisture and binding to baked items. It is recommended to use genuine maple syrup, not imitation syrup. Since maple syrup’s flavour is different from vanilla extract, one must add it according to their preference.

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Vanilla beans

Vanilla extract is produced by making vanilla beans soaked in water and alcohol. Therefore, fresh vanilla beans provide the most flavorful alternative. If you want to use whole vanilla beans instead of vanilla extract, carefully cut the bean into two pieces and scrape the soft seeds inside using the knife, fork, or toothpick. You can reuse or discard the outside pod and make use of the seeds instead of vanilla extract.

To substitute one tablespoon (15 milliliters) from vanilla extract, you can use the inside seeds of one complete vanilla bean pod. Furthermore, various flavors are made from vanilla beans, both online and at specialty grocery stores; all are great alternatives to vanilla extract. It is also possible to make many of them at home.

Although vanilla extract is not a typical ingredient in the kitchen, the seeds can be an ideal alternative if you have vanilla beans stored in the pantry. Scrape the seeds off one half of a vanilla bean, and make them a substitute for one teaspoon vanilla extract.

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Honey will taste like vanilla; however, quality honey can add a little sweet floral flavor to baking products just like vanilla does. It’s an excellent alternative for those who want a hint of flavor. Honey is sweeter than vanilla extract, and you can add it to add various food items to make an alternative to vanilla extract. It will provide you with the vanilla flavor; however, the delightful honey flavor will delight you quite a bit.

Honey provides a vibrant fresh sweetness and floral flavor to dishes. As with maple syrup, it can also improve its texture in baked items. You can use one teaspoon of honey to substitute for one teaspoon (tsp) of vanilla extract.

Honey will enhance the flavor of your dishes, even though it is less pronounced in comparison to vanilla extract. Honey is sweeter than the other options listed in this article; therefore, you may want to decrease the number of other sugars or sweeteners you use in your food to make up for it. There is also a chance that sugar added to the dish could alter the taste of certain dishes.

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Vanilla powder

Vanilla powder is a light-colored, fine powder made from ground vanilla beans. Vanilla powder is a light-colored, non-tarnishing powder that many people love to use in frostings and cakes. Also, vanilla powder is more concentrated. Vanilla extract may be less flavorful heated to high temperatures, and high heat does not affect vanilla powder.

The vanilla powder can be used in baking and added to cereals and oatmeal. When substituting extract for powder, vanilla powder manufacturers recommend a ratio of 1:1. This powder may be available as an addition to your coffee shop’s espresso. Vanilla powder is dried vanilla extract with cornstarch, and its flavor is slightly more subtle than the extract. This can be an even substitute, but the vanilla flavor will not be as strong.

vanilla powder

Almond extract

Almond extract has a more robust flavor than vanilla and works well in desserts. You can use Almond extract in cookies, pound cakes, french toast, and other baked goods. Almond extract has a strong flavor, so it should be used sparingly. Putting too much of almond extract can result in a bitter taste.  Almond extract is made of almond oil and tastes just like sweet almonds. 

Almond extract has a more robust flavor than vanilla, so you should use half the almond extract when substituting. The almond flavor will give your recipe a slight almond taste, ensuring that the finished product has a nutty flavor. Although it won’t taste like vanilla, the almond extract will add a deliciously nutty flavor to your dessert so that you don’t miss the vanilla. Use a small amount, as the almond extract is more potent than vanilla extract.

Vanilla Milk

If you have them in your fridge, you can substitute vanilla extract for vanilla-flavored almond milk or soy milk. The vanilla flavor will still be there, even though you use minimal milk. You can use Vanilla-flavored milk, almond milk, oat, or soy milk in place of vanilla extract. However, the flavor will still be subtle. For 1 tsp vanilla extract, use 1 tsp milk. You should adjust the amount you use of milk or water in your recipe to add vanilla milk. Otherwise, it could cause too much liquid.

Don’t be alarmed that milk flavor can ruin your food because only a tiny amount of milk is added to your recipes. You can substitute vanilla extract for the vanilla extract if you have vanilla-flavored almond or soy milk. Although the flavor is subtle, you might get a hint of vanilla from the milk.


Bourbon, Brandy, Or Rum

Bourbon, brandy, and rum all contain Vanilla, suitable for vanilla extract replacements. Each one can also extract vanilla beans from bourbon, brandy, and rum. Although they cannot give you the same vanilla flavor as vanilla extracts, you can still use them in baking products like gingerbread and pecan pie. The alcohol content in the baking products will evaporate at high temperatures, preserving the vanilla flavor.

When you add vanilla extract to your food, make sure that you use the same amount of brandy, bourbon, and rum. It is excellent in glazes and frostings to taste the brandy, and brandy will add warmth and sweetness to your recipe.  You might have vanilla-flavored rum in your liquor cupboard, and it could be the best alternative to vanilla extract. You should use the same amount as a vanilla extract in rum. To replace 1 tsp vanilla extract, use 2 tsp alcohol.

You should not use these ingredients in recipes for children, pregnant women, or people who are allergic to alcohol. Most alcohol will burn when heated, but some can be retained in no-bake and minimally baked dishes.

Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla extract has a more robust vanilla flavor than vanilla sugar, and vanilla sugar is lighter in sweetness. To make your vanilla-flavored recipe, add three teaspoons of vanilla sugar to one teaspoon vanilla extract.

You should decrease the sugar content in your recipes if you don’t want your food to be too sweetened with vanilla sugar. caster sugar also works as an alternative if you want something plane and without any flavor in your food items.

Instant Espresso/Espresso/Tea Powder

These powders come in various flavors and can be used to substitute for vanilla extract. Choosing the proper vanilla extract substitute will depend on what flavors you like and which ones work well with your recipes.

Although there is no exact proportion between vanilla extract and powder, you can estimate how much powder to use in different recipes.

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Rose Water

Rosewater is an oil made from rose petals, and it can be used both for medicinal and cooking purposes. This vanilla extract substitute is great for sweets, desserts, and cold drinks. You will love the scent it adds to your food.

Vanilla paste

Vanilla paste is a mixture of vanilla extract, vanilla beans, and sugar. It has a strong flavor, a smooth texture, and distinctive black flecks from vanilla beans. Vanilla paste is thinner than one might expect, despite its name, and it tastes similar to syrup. Vanilla paste manufacturers say that paste can be substituted for extract in a 1:1 ratio.

The paste is a syrup-like inconsistency, and the powder is dried vanilla extract combined with cornstarch. You can use Vanilla paste or powder in place of the vanilla extract, which is thicker than syrup. Vanilla beans, water, and sugar are the ingredients in vanilla paste, and you can use them to replace vanilla extract.

It comes in small jars and is sweet and thick with tiny vanilla seeds. This is an excellent choice for making homemade ice cream, milkshakes, or vanilla frosting. The little dots make the difference.

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What are the reasons to substitute Vanilla Extract?

You might need to replace vanilla extract for many reasons. You might be in a pinch or have run out of the vanilla extract. You might also consider the cost of your product. Vanilla Extract is expensive, which is why it’s so popular among home cooks and bakers. Pure vanilla extract is also costly due to its minimum 35% alcohol content. Some people are concerned about sustainability and may avoid the product. 

You can substitute Vanilla extract for many reasons. Sometimes you may run out of vanilla extract during baking. Or, they may enjoy trying new ingredients. Bakers may prefer a colorless vanilla substitute when making light-colored cakes and frostings. The highest quality Vanilla Extract can make the best savory and most fragrant foods. it goes well with cinnamon in desserts, try it out to get impeccable taste and aroma from the sweet dishes.

Sometimes you may run out of vanilla extract but still want to make vanilla-flavored baking products.  Vanilla Extract is expensive, so it should be reserved for rare recipes that require a strong vanilla flavor, like vanilla ice cream. To save time and money, you can use vanilla extract substitutes.

Final Words

There are plenty of vanilla extract substitutes, from honey to vanilla sugar. You can choose the one that suits your taste and works well with your recipes for savory dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions about vanilla extract

What is vanilla extract used for?

Vanilla extract is a flavor enhancer that is typically used in small quantities. It may impart subtle vanilla flavor depending on the recipe. You’ll see vanilla essence and pure vanilla extract when you shop for vanilla extract.

Can you get sugar-free vanilla extract?

It retains the same rich flavor as our Pure Vanilla Extract without adding sugar. Use it in many foods, including desserts, beverages, and savory dishes.

Why is vanilla extract so expensive?

Vanilla extract is made from a finicky plant that is difficult to grow. Most vanilla extract is grown in Madagascar, where several storms have decimated crops in the past five years. These factors have a significant impact on the price of pure vanilla extract.

Can vanilla extract go in coffee?

You don’t have to rely on processed creamers and sugar if you want to sweeten your coffee. Use a few drops of pure vanilla extract instead. It will make your coffee more like a dessert, but it may be just what you need on a hot summer day.

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