can you freeze soy milk

soy milk is very popular among who like to drink vegan milk and avoid dairy products. some times you buy extra soy milk which you can consume at the present time so the need for freezing soy milk arises if you don’t have space to store it in fridge or you are going out for long time or you don’t want to consume it for some reason for coming week or so.

here we will discuss everything about freezing soy milk in right way so that it can be consumed later when required with good taste.

If you have un opened can of this soy beverage then it can be stored in pantry without issues for up to 1 year but if you have opened then can then i would recommend to store it in fridge for 2 -3 weeks.

can you freeze soy milk

soy milk has about 4 grams fats, 7 grams proteins, 1 gram fiber and 6 grams sugar along with 100 calories in 1 cup of milk. it can be added to cereal bowl in morning breakfast, in curry to give it different taste, in soups to make them creamy and thick or while making coffee in morning among many other soy milk uses people have in their minds.

if you have lot of soy milk with you and its expiry date is coming near then you should freeze this lactose free drink to increase its shelf life and consume it in future without degradation in taste.

Freezing soy milk

soy milk loses texture and some flavor after freezing and thawing the milk that’s why many soy milk sellers don’t recommend freezing the soy milk to get the best flavor from the milk product.

Soy milk should be frozen in air tight container so that the milk don’t get external odors and frost from freezer. it should be stored in little bit big container than the quantity of the milk as the water is soy milk will expand and may break the container if it does have some place to expand.

when you plan to thaw the soy milk after freezing then you keep it in fridge for few hours and shake the container to mix water and soy liquid and then you are ready to consume the soy milk. if you like warm soy milk then you can use electric kettle to make it hot little bit before consuming with Choco powder etc. to get best taste from the warm Choco drink or something similar.

soy milk benefits

  • soy milk only has vegetable proteins in them which are helpful in body calcium retention from milk as they prevent calcium loss from kidneys and decreases risk of bone issues and pain which you might get from dairy proteins.
  • soy milk proteins from helps to maintain and reduce cholesterol levels in body. it is low in saturated fats which decreases the risk of heart issues and heart related diseases considerably when you add about 25 grams of soy proteins in your daily diet according to FDA unlike dairy milk which always increases body cholesterol levels.
  • soy milk does not contains any kind of hormones or other related substances for us to intake when we consume soy milk which are their in dairy milk like rBGH which are responsible for increase in milk production etc. in animals.
  • soy milk also contains isoflavones which are beneficial for our body. to put in prospective each cup of soy milk contains about 20 mg isoflavones which we don’t find in dairy milk at all. they have oxidants in them also which helps to boast our immune system and and protect body cells from oxidation. you will also get low cholesterol when consuming soy milk and low risk of bones pain issues along with decrease threat of breast cancer when you consume soy milk in your diet.

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Frequently asked questions related to soy milk freezing

Here we have answered some of the popular questions related to soy milk to give the right answers to you.

Can You Freeze Soy Milk for Smoothies

yes you can freeze soy milk for making smoothies. it works best for thick smoothies as the change in texture of the milk goes unnoticed and it completely blends in with other ingredients to give you a good tasting smoothies. you can try thawed soy milk with different types of smoothies to see which gives best results.

Can You Freeze Homemade Soy Milk

yes home made soy milk can be frozen just like store bought ones. after defrosting it the texture may change. since the home made soy milk does not contain the preservative like store bought ones its shelf life would be small so you need to freeze it as soon as you realize that it any go bad or don’t let it stay in open for too long when not using it.

Can You Freeze Soy Milk to Make Ice Cream

mixing defrosted soy milk when making a ice cream at home using a ice cream maker will give good results as the thawed milk will mix with other ingredients easily to give good consistent mixture of ice cream for delicious ice cream. test out with different ice cream recipes to find out which soy milk ice cream you like the best.

if you are thinking of mixing some fruits and other toppings and then freezing directly in freezer to get ice cream then you would be disappointed as you will only get frozen and crystalized ice blob of milk with fruits frozen in it which wont taste like true ice cream so use a recipe to make the ice cream if you like to eat home made ice cream.


now that you know that soy milk can be frozen when required, do it when you have extra and cant store in fridge or outside. soy milk is very good to drink as it has many health benefits and serves as best alternative for normal milk to lactose and dairy in tolerant people to enjoy some kind of milk in their life and have good time with friends and daily.

let us know if you like to drink soy milk in comments section below. share this with soy milk lovers to help them know some soy milk freezing facts to get it stored in right manner for its good shelf life going forward. if you want to know about making frosting thick then we have written how to make frosting thick post for you to checkout and make delicious frosting to use with various desserts.

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