Different types of kitchen knives

Knives are an indispensable park of cooking. weather you like cooking inside the kitchen or outside you will need one or other kind of knives to cut the food before you start cooking to make it a great recipe which you and your family can enjoy. different types of kitchen knives shared below with their insight will help you choose the right one for your needs.

different types of kitchen knives

Choosing the right type of knife to have in your kitchen which could make your easy could be difficult task as their are many brands and many types in market that’s why here we have shared some of the different types of knives you need to have in your knife set to get your cutting work done easily before you start cooking.

Chef Knives

Chef knives are the ones which people use who loves cooking a lot. they are generally big, but some come in small sizes also. it can be used for all kinds of purposes and is called multi purpose knife as chef uses it for cutting things ranging from veggies to meats etc. it has larger cutting area and mid size handle for holding.

These knives last for long time and do not become bad, so buy a good quality chef knife without penny pinching and you will enjoy using it for its lifetime.

Bread knives

These are knives used to cut bread slices perfectly. they are long in size with serrated blade edges to cut the bread without any issues like pressing the bread with your hands.

Some bread knives also comes with offset handles for easy holding of knives and some blades are straight and some are curved. you can buy whatever you more as per your personal choice.

Utility knives

These knives are multi purpose knives and used for everything you like to cut. it can be termed as small size chef knife. it comes with straight edges and serrated edges version, you can choose whatever you like as both are a good choice to make.

it comes with width of 1-3 inches and length size of 4 to 7 inches. they are lighted to hold and easy to move due to their small size which makes them great for cutting fruits and veggies fast with issues. you need to definitely have one of these in your kitchen for regular cutting of different items.

Cheese knives

cheese cutting knives are used to make thin slices of cheese and carve of cheese from large blocks when making some cheesy dishes at home.

it comes with small holes in it which helps to cut different sections of cheese easily. the twin peaks on the cheese help to pick up cheese once its cut. some people says that without the holes it looks similar to scimitar also. it is also called as soft cheese knives. it is easily available in market and comes with knife set too. people who eat cheese regularly loves to have it in their house to cut and enjoy few pieces of cheese every day with family and friends.

Carving knives

carving knives are mainly used for carving non veg food items like meat etc. its thin and long in size and comes with precision with pointed tip which makes it good to carve out fine pieces of meat when you have many guest to serve. it will help you get work done fast and effectively. so if you are a non veg loves or who loves to throw regular parties at home hen this is one of the knife to have in your set of kitchen knives.

Paring knives

They are short chef knives in general and lighter in weight which makes them easy to hold and work around with doing whatever you like in your kitchen. they come in 3 different forms as discussed below

One of them has rounded tips along with straight edges which makes them good for cutting fruits and vegetables. it is just like small version of santoku knife.

other one is great for peeling vegetable and other items because it has curved edges  which makes it quite versatile for usage in your kitchen.

if you want to work with hard items then you need spear head knife. it has sharp and pointed tips which makes it good for doing all delicate jobs while cutting in kitchen like skin removal from fishes etc. it is one of the common paring knife you will find with everyone.

Santoku knife

It is popular knife which came from east. it is mainly used for cutting, mincing and dicing veggies in small pieces among other things.

it has blunt end which makes it great for cutting hard items like meats and sticky items too. its lighter than normal chef knife . it is lighter all rounder knife which you need to have if you want some thing having some versatility as chef knife in lighter form factor.

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It is advised to buy good quality knife made with good quality steel as it will not get dull or rust for long time and decrease your knife maintenance which will give you good ROI on  your knife investment. their are lot of brands and knives in market choose them wisely as it can make or break your cooking experience to great extent weather you are pro chef or just novice in your culinary journey.

How you got an overview of all the different kinds of knives available in market. if you want buy these knives individually or as knives set then checkout our post on best knives review for you to buy knives as per your requirements with best discounts. if you want to add something to this article about knives then let us know in comment section below.

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