Substitute For Pomegranate Molasses

Pomegranate Molasses is a staple ingredient to make a delicious addition to Middle Eastern cuisine with a distinct sweet and sour flavor. It’s also known as the pomegranate syrup or pomegranate paste. The pomegranate molasses have gained a lot of recognition worldwide. Substitute For Pomegranate Molasses shared below can be used for making tasty dishes in absence of pomegranate or its molasses syrup. 

They are being utilized to add a fresh taste to traditional dishes and beverages. It is suitable for various dishes, including tabbouleh, hummus, and ghanoush. 

Molasses is a viscous byproduct produced during the process of sugar extraction. There are a variety of molasses that are based on raw materials checkout some popular alternatives of molasses for using in variety of recipes from across the world. However, all contain high levels of sucrose and other nutrients (protein calcium, magnesium, phosphorus). Pomegranate molasses is a syrup made from a reduced pomegranate juice, unsweetened.

It is commonly used for Middle Eastern cooking due to its tart taste. Many people are attracted to pomegranate molasses because it has health-related benefits. It is rich in antioxidants that fight heart disease and cancer, and this is why it’s used in many dishes.

pomegranate molasses

Alternatives and Substitutes For Pomegranate Molasses

Some people do not choose to use pomegranate Molasses due to its flavor. This article will provide you with the top alternatives to pomegranate molasses. You can make use of a variety of foods to replace Pomegranate Molasses. There are numerous alternatives to aid you in creating your favorite Middle Eastern dish!

Pomegranate Seeds

The best way to substitute an ingredient in processed food is to return to the source. This is why if you can’t locate pomegranate molasses, you can replace the fresh pomegranate seeds with a similar flavor. The good thing about the seeds is they’re so refreshing. They’re full of fiber and are much healthier than the molasses in themselves.

Possessing pomegranate seeds in your salads can benefit both flavor and texture. It is possible to combine the seeds with balsamic reduction, which gives an intense tart flavor similar to the pomegranate molasses, and it’s going to work well for you. The pomegranate seeds taste tremendous and form a great alternative to sugary, carbohydrate-rich pomegranates Molasses. You need to get an empty container and then fill it up with the hot liquid. When it’s submerged beneath the surface, gently stir the seeds around in circles, and they’ll be able to become loose quickly! 

If you’ve got fresh seeds of a pomegranate, you can use them in a variety of ways that are similar to the flavor of molasses made from pomegranate. Be aware that you might need to add lemon juice or water to cook with these seeds. The seeds are incredibly acidic. If you’re looking to balance the flavor, you can add sweetener or honey.

pomegranate seeds

Cranberry juice

The majority of people are aware that cranberry juice is a great way to aid in recovering muscles after vigorous training. It’s delicious because it imparts a solid tart-sweet flavor that is very similar to the taste of pomegranate Molasses. We decided to confront the skeptical side and develop a new approach to the form of fruit-based components. Pomegranate molasses acts as an alternative to sugar. 

Drinking cranberry juice is like eating the best food you’ve ever tasted but without the calories. It also has the highest amount of Vitamin C than any other juice available. Since it’s made of fresh fruits with antioxidants, such as oranges, apples, and green grapes. To recreate the tart taste of pomegranate molasses, you can make the cranberry juice concentrate. It’s great for vinaigrettes and other dishes. If you’ve got some cranberry juice on the counter, you can make an easy thick syrup with the juice of cranberry and sugar or Molasses. 

Depending on how sweetened the juice is, you can adjust the amount of sugar or molasses according to your liking. The sauce and cranberry juice are two items that are commonly utilized in everyday food items. You can use cranberry juice in various drinks and serve the sauce on any occasion. The juice of cranberries doesn’t need to be cooked. 

The best part about this substitution is that you can make a glaze or sauce for roasting pork, chicken vegetables, or even lamb. Additionally, the concentration of cranberry is denser than pomegranate molasses. Therefore, you might require adding a little water to cook – however, the flavor will remain delicious. When making meals using cranberry juice concentrate, take note that it could lose its unique taste.



An excellent and natural alternative to pomegranate molasses in preparing drinks is grenadine. It has a natural sweetness, and it is essential in many homes that appreciate refreshing beverages. We recommend not adding any other sweeteners because grenadine is sweeter than pomegranate syrup. You can also reduce the quantity of syrup according to your dish. It is a sweet-tart syrup made of pomegranate juice and sugar.

People often use it to color cocktails. Keep in mind that it’s very sweet, so use only the smallest amount first and then make more if you need to. Grenadine syrup is a sweet red liquid typically used to make cocktails and other drinks. Grenadine syrup is an excellent choice to replace pomegranate molasses in food like stews, marinades, sauces, sauces, and even desserts. This substitution is also great when cooking seafood, meat, or poultry dishes. It’s also important to remember that this substitution ruins some foods.

The fascinating thing about Grenadine syrup is that it has citric acid. In reality, “grenade” means “pomegranate” in French, which means that grenadine is made of the juice of pomegranate, water, and sugar. It’s also referred to as pomegranate syrup. You can enjoy the taste of pomegranate in your food by adding a glass of grenadine.

Grenadine syrup


Lemon or Lime juice and honey

An alternative is to make use of lemon or lime. The flavor and taste are undoubtedly unique, and they’ll provide the acidity the recipe requires. Although it may have different sweetness, it will give an exciting flavor to your food. It is always possible to add honey to add sweetness and mimic the taste of pomegranate molasses. Additionally, you can include maple syrup or sugar. These ingredients can help to add sweetness too.

Lemon can give you an appealing acidity; however, you won’t experience the sweet taste that pomegranate molasses is known for. A little honey to the dish and your lemon will provide it with the sweet and tart flavor that will entice and delight your taste palate. If you do not have honey, do not worry about adding sugar or maple syrup to sweet the lemon. If the dish is too tart with lemon juice, try balancing the acidity by adding a little sweetness with a teaspoon of honey, sugar, or maple syrup.

The thing is that lemon juice isn’t nearly as thick as molasses of pomegranate. You can mix lemon juice with honey to make a lovely syrup that could be used to replace pomegranate molasses in any recipe. This is the most straightforward and quickest method to replace pomegranate molasses. While lemon juice is a different kind of tartness and kicks to its taste, however, it’s not a problem. It’s great when you’re mixing a salad dressing, making a sauce, or marinade.


Balsamic Vinegar and Sugar

It has a delicious and sweet flavor. Balsamic vinegar is an excellent alternative to organic Molasses. Its tastes vary from sweet to spicy, and the vinegar comes in numerous delicious varieties. Examples include the apricot balsamic and fig balsamic. This vinegar can be purchased online and can be bought from supermarkets.

It is possible to prepare the syrup simply by boiling the balsamic vinegar with sugar to mimic the tart and sweet taste of the molasses of pomegranate. It’s great on cooked vegetables and as a dip for mezze platters. It could depend on the food you’re cooking, but the flavor will be similar. Sugar will give sweetness, while balsamic vinegar can add some tartness.

Be aware that excessive sugar can alter the taste relatively a little. Additionally, many balsamic kinds of vinegar have sugar added, so pay close to the ingredients. Then, mix the sugar and balsamic, and reduce it on low heat when using this alternative. Be aware that you might need to add some vinegar to cook because of evaporation.

Vinegar is acidic and sour, and when combined with sugar, it creates an even balance of sweet and tart taste, as does the pomegranate molasses. You can also mix this into the salad dressings, sauces, or even roast chicken, meat, fish, or even vegetables.


Apple cider vinegar

The flavor from apple cider vinegar tastes similar to that of pomegranate molasses. Thus, it is a common ingredient in various Middle Eastern and North African food items. Apple Cider Vinegar provides good levels of potassium that helps with kidney stones, muscle fatigue, and water retention. So make sure to choose your options carefully!

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Raspberry Jam

You can substitute pomegranate molasses with a bit of raspberry jam. The raspberry jam has a fruity and fresh aroma and is extremely sweet. To achieve a similar flavor to pomegranate molasses, you must reduce the jam until thick. Serve it with salad or other dishes. It is possible to use jams made of raspberry in salads or other dishes that require a pomegranate flavor.

The freshness and flavor of raspberries are delicious, and the jam made from them is fruity and sweet. Raspberries don’t just add the gorgeous, vibrant color of pomegranates; however, their tart, sweet flavor, and texture make them a perfect substitute for almost any food you serve.


The paste of Tamarind and honey

There’s a different option for pomegranate molasses, and that’s the mix of honey and tamarind paste. It is an excellent alternative if you’re making meaty food and would like to add more taste and texture to your food. The ingredient can give the tart and sour flavor with an underlying sweetness. Tamarind paste has a tart and sour taste that could be made sweet by mixing honey with it. Mix honey and tamarind paste in equal quantities and make salad dressings or sauces.


Cassis Syrup

It is a strong bitter taste that is not as strong as pomegranate molasses. It is also a great ingredient in cocktails and drinks to make the most of your beverage. Try the syrup made from cassis if you’re looking to spice your soda drink or normal drink. It has an astringent taste contrasted with pomegranate syrup.

Papaya juice

The pomegranate-molasses replacement for Papaya Juice is your new go-to method to create the feeling of health and wellness as a reward. It’s brutal and made of natural ingredients! It also has the same benefits for nutrition as whole fruit.

Furthermore, people improve in their capacity to resist temptation while losing weight. It happens when they are broken down into sugar in a hurry. juice is usually the best choice for cravings! This fruit is sweet and spicy and is loaded with nutrients that can be incorporated into the requirements of a healthy diet. A variation on the original Papaya Juice provides all the same health benefits but without the pomegranate molasses flavor!

papaya juice

Frequently Asked Questions about pomegranate molasses

How do you expect pomegranate to last?

You can store pomegranate molasses in the refrigerator for up to 6 months.

What’s the distinction between pomegranate and molasses Molasses?

Another one that’s not technically molasses. Pomegranate Molasses is made by boiling pomegranate juice. It’s more like balsamic vinegar, with a sharp edge and a distinct taste. It’s not the best alternative to baking recipes; however, it can make excellent marinades and dressings.

Can you consume pomegranate molasses?

It is a sweet and sour flavor that is frequently compared to balsamic. And like balsamic, just a bit can go a long way. As you’ll discover, it can be utilized in various ways that you can think of. You can pour some in the glass of sparkling water to make a refreshing and bright soda.

How To Tell When The Molasses Is Done Cooking?

Dip a spoon in the sauce. If it covers the spoon’s surface, then it’s done cooking. Do not worry if it isn’t thick because the dish will become more viscous when it cools.

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