how to make soda with homemade soda recipes

Everyone loves to drink soda at home and in parties. here we will discuss how to make soda at home using simple methods and share some awesome soda recipes with you so you can make them at home and enjoy with your family and friends without going out whenever you like to have the fizzy drink.

how to make soda

sparkling water can be made with couple of different methods, we will discuss them below

soda maker machines

Soda makers are popular method to make soda at home without buying again and again from the store. with soda machines you can control the amount of gas you want in your drink along with the ingredients that goes into your fizzy drink preparation including syrup and other things you need in your drink.

There are lot of soda maker machines available in market, we have tested some of the best ones in market and given our reviews here for you to choose the best one in your budget and make soda at home.

using soda makers to get sparkling water will save your time to go soda shopping in market and is good for environment also as you wont be accumulating empty carbonated water plastic bottles in your house after the party. they are simple to use and require small carbonation cylinder which can fitted in it and you can take out carbonated water directly in your glass. you can control the amount of sugar you add to your drink making it more health friendly in long run.

To make better use of it you can read user manuals as it gives all instructions to use it and other recipes also to make some cool drinks with your maker in kitchen.

Using Seltzer 

It is just plain water with carbonation. you can make use of it for making your own sparkling water drink at home.

with carbonated water you just need to add sugar and your favorite drink syrup for making sparkling drink at home without much issues.

How to make soda drink

You need to add fruit purees or syrups with carbonated water from soda maker or bottle and add any additional ingredients you like along with ice cubes from your ice maker to get a glass of cold soda drink made right in your kitchen with ease.

You can store the soda drink in air tight in container once its made and you don’t want to drink it fully in on go. keep it in fridge so that its cool and ready for drinking next time you want it.

Soda recipes

Lemon soda recipe

To make lemon soda recipe you will require sparkling water, ice, lemon juice, little bit ginger and some home.

To make the lemon soda add carbonated water, lemon juice and 1 spoon in glass along with 1/2 spoon ginger juice which you can get by pressing or shredding the ginger. once done add some ice and stir to get ice cold fizzy lemon drink ready within minutes.


Hope you like our post on how to prepare soda at home. do share with your friends also. if you know some more recipes of soda making at home then share them with us in comments below and we will add in our post for all of our readers to enjoy. make sure that you use pure water when making fizzy sparkling water from soda machine at home as it will give good taste and will not harm your health

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