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parsnip is a root vegetable that comes in white color and has structural similarities with carrots and elongated radishes. it originated from Eurasia. people like to consume it in winter months in dishes like soups, stews, coleslaws and other hot dishes to beat the cold with warm recipes.

it is easy to cook and prepare dishes with parsnips. you an chop it and dice it to make all kinds of recipes with it. people like to roast and bake it also to enjoy with breads like pita bread. some people add it stir fries and grilled bbq dishes also. it also taste good when drenched in spice mix with lemon juice after boiling it for few minutes.

can you freeze parsnips

parsnip also has lot of health benefits as it comes packed with antioxidants, vitamin c, vitamin k along with folate which helps to boast our immune system to fight from various body issues and keep your infection free in winter season. it also contains lot of fibers which help to keep our digestive system working fine without issues. it improves heart health too.

if you are unable to find parsnip in market for your recipe or you don’t like its taste and are looking for some substitute then you have come to right place here we will checkout some popular parsnip alternatives which are easy to get and will give your recipes good taste to enjoy with family and friends.

Parsnip substitutes and alternatives


turnips are good alternatives to parsnips due to its sweet taste but it is mild when compared to parsnip so you can season your recipe with some herbs when using turnip. some people find it good to when its stir fried, or roasted while other like to make gravy of boiled turnips to enjoy with breads.

fresh turnips also has better taste than older ones which sometimes gets little bit bitter in taste. so buy from the fresh lot in when supermarket looking for turnips.


Radishes are also good substitute for parsnip. it comes with little bit sweet and pungent taste. they are easy to find in grocery stores and comes cheap.

they come in many forms including long elongated, short bulbs etc. with color scheme ranging from white, red to purple. it has lot of antioxidants and potassium in it making it great for your hearts working and reduces the blood pressure. you may also find nitrates in them which will improve blood flow in the body.


little bit old kohlrabi can be used as parsnip substitute because once it gets old the taste become little stronger to resemble the parsnip like flavor. you can make use of it in various dishes like soups, stews, vegetable curries etc. to get the best taste in place of parsnip. after boiling the kohlrabi becomes soft so hardness wont be a issue if cooked properly.

It comes with thick outer skin in greenish and purple color but from inside it is pale yellow color having round shape. it comes with 14 grams of fiber, 3 grams of proteins along with 2 grams of carbs in about 100 grams of kohlrabi.

It is useful in reducing heart issues and stroke probability. your digestive health will also improve as its rich in fiber content. your overall body metabolism also improves post consuming kohlrabi. some people have also reported benefits of kohlrabi in eye health. the cataracts issues will get delayed and risk of macular degeneration in eyes will also reduce.



arracacha is also know as Peruvian parsnip and is popular root crop in south American region. in rest of the place it may be little difficult to find but it is good alternative due to its taste resemblance to parsnips.

people use it in many recipes like as mashed filling for gnocchi’s and pies, in soups, mix veg curries etc. you can also fry or roast marinated arracacha on grill to get good tasty arracacha to enjoy with some sauces or dips.



potatoes can also be used as parsnip substitute when you don’t have another one as seems to be omnipotent replacement for many veggies. potatoes can also be frozen to use later to increase its shelf life.

it can be boiled, baked, roasted or mashed to eat with herbs and spices in place of parsnips. the taste might be different when you compare it with parsnips but it works if the cooking method and spices used are correct.

Sweet Potato

sweet potatoes is root vegetables that is common to find in winter season but some supermarkets keep the stock for full year to sell all year long. it works as a good substitute for parsnip. to get the best taste you can bake it for roast it, i personally like roasted sweet potatoes to enjoy with some salt and spices.

the sweet potatoes are softer when compared to parsnips so the cook time maybe less by few minutes to get best resembling taste with parsnip buy the one with dark brown color tones and thick skin as it would give best taste, and as the name suggest that are little sweet to eat.



celeriac comes with little different taste from parsnip but works well as replacement in many recipes. celeriac can be used in soups, vegetable stews, purees, dips etc.

the cooking time for celeriac may be higher due to hardness but the after product if soft and good to eat. it can be boiled, grilled, roasted, braised, baked as per your preference to give to perfect taste and texture to eat celeriac as a replacement for parsnip.celeriac

you can also see some of the celery substitutes to get food items for cooking with parsnips when you don’t have celery with you.


salsify is not popular vegetable to replace the parsnips but it works wonderfully in place of parsnip in many dishes. it has brown skin from outside and inside is completely white. some people also describe it as oyster plane due to its resemblance in taste with oysters.

all you need to do is peel it off from outside and cut in small pieces and then add to your dish like vegetables stews, soups, or boil it and make mashed mixture with mashed potatoes or add to other salad bowls or in pies with veggies.



carrot are similar in looks to parsnip. you can add carrot to your recipes when required if you don’t have parsnip. the carrot being  little soft requires little less time for cooking when compared to parsnip. the carrot taste is sweet and mild than parsnip which makes it a perfect substitute if you don’t like to have strong parsnip taste in your food.

although you can use any color carrots in place of parsnip but to mimic the exact color of parsnip you can use white carrots which are mainly found in western countries. you can get all colors carrots easily like red, orange from your grocery stores nearby. avoid using baby carrots in replacement of parsnip as they are small in size and some people wont like it.

Frequently asked questions

What does parsnip taste like?

it taste is nutty and sweet in nature. it feels full of starch and little bit spicy too sometimes.

what are parsnips good for?

Parsnips are good for weight loss due to fiber in it which will help you keep stomach full and consume less food which will help keeping body light and fit in long run. it is also good for grilling as it taste great to eat when grilled or roasted with other veggies to enjoy with family members with different sauces and dips.

Do I need to peel the parsnip?

Small and young parsnips can be eaten with peel on after rinsing the the parsnips with water but if you got bigger ones with harder skin then you need to peel the parsnip skins as they are hard and the taste is also not good.

Can I eat parsnip raw?

yes you can eat raw parsnip if you like the flavor of it without cooking. some people eat it but most of them like to either bake it or cook it in some other way to enjoy the parsnip. if you are wondering are raw parsnips toxic, then let me tell you the eatable vegetable part is not toxic but its leaves and stems releases sap which can be toxic for skin as it could cause skin infection and blisters, so try to stay away from the roots and stems if buying directly from farm.

Are parsnips high in carbs?

parsnips contains 18 grams of carbs for 100 grams of parsnips content which i think is not high when compared to some of its counterparts like sweet potato which contains 20 grams and potato which contains 17 grams. so it can be eaten when on low carb diet also to get fit and keep your body healthy.

are parsnips better for you than potatoes?

parsnips contains lower amount of calories than potatoes and has half the value of proteins and vitamin c that you would find in potatoes but they are high in fiber than potatoes. so i can say that both have their own merits and limitations how ever both can be included in your diet as and when required in moderation without any issues.

due to low calorie count they are healthy alternative for people who are looking for weight lose as it can be added to their weight loss diet. its flavor is also neutral just like potatoes and it is packed with lot of essential nutrients.

what is parsnip nutrition data?

Below i have shared a chart depicting parsnip nutrition for you to checkout and get informed about parsnips.

can you freeze parsnips


now that you know lot of substitutes for parsnips you wont have to worry much when you don’t have it in your kitchen as you can make your dishes including different alternatives shared above. let us know which one you like the best and if you use any other substitute instead of parsnips in comments below.

share this post with all your parsnips lover friends who love to eat vegetables as it would help them choose the parsnip substitutes and try different recipes with them to spice up their cooking life.

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