can you freeze raw potatoes

eating potatoes is very common in most of the households across the world as us department of agriculture has found out that it is number 1 crop consumed in America and 4th most popular in world. some times when the raw potatoes are cheap you tend to buy more and store them in kitchen for later use. you may be wondering can you freeze raw potatoes to eat later.

here we will discuss everything about storing and freezing raw potatoes right below. they are root vegetable with rich fiber contents and antioxidants which helps in proper working of our body. it also has some amount of vitamin b6 and vitamin c along with potassium for our body health benefit.

A study by journal of food chemistry and agriculture found out that obese people with hypertension related issues who eat small size purple potatoes in 5-6 number, 2 times daily will get lot of benefits as it will reduce risk of heart attack, strokes with lower blood pressure to give them some relief in their issues without gaining weight.

to give you a direct answer let me tell you that raw potatoes cannot be put into freezer directly as doing so will lead to loss in taste and texture of the potatoes and its outer skin may become blackish in color with dripping water from the potatoes surface.

to freeze it without any issues you need to blanch the raw potatoes so that it may retain its flavor and texture just like many other similar vegetables. doing so will not only remove the dirt from the outer surface of potatoes but will also stop the potato enzyme action when turn them mushy and black while in freezer without blanching.

can you freeze raw potatoes

not to forget that you can also store potatoes without freezer in cool and dark place for very long time at 30-50 degree F easily. potatoes at room temperature would last about time frame of 2-5 weeks without losing its texture but if you freeze them it may last longer.

if you dish require firm and hard potatoes then it would be advised to use fresh potatoes as frozen one become little bit soft. however dishes like mashed potatoes, hash brown preparations and frozen fries works fine when using frozen potatoes.

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How to freeze raw potatoes

It has been found out that potatoes which becomes aged for 2-8 weeks post harvesting gives better results with freezing than fresh crops.

take the potatoes and peel them then add to boiling pot of water for about couple of minutes and then put in ice cold water to blanch them successfully.

after that let the potatoes dry for some time and then put them in air tight container or freezer bag to store in freezer. they should be consumed within time span of 12-16 months for getting ideal taste from frozen potatoes.

not to forget that besides raw potatoes you can also freeze fully cooked potatoes to use later. you can mash the potatoes and then freeze them for some time till its required. boiled diced potatoes can be frozen to later make hash browns and use in curries, people also like to eat frozen fries so you can cut the potatoes in fries shape then boil them little to make them tender then freeze them for later and enjoying.

how to defrost raw potatoes

if you need to prepare full uncut potatoes into some dish then you can make use of your oven or microwave and thaw them for about 20 minutes using defrost cycle or normal cycle then use them in your dish preparation.

if you have diced frozen potatoes then you can directly add them to your dishes for cooking like in soups etc. if you have baked potatoes then you can put them in dish for baking and making the recipe complete.

frozen fries can be directly put into oil for frying or in air fryer for healthy frying or in oven for making them brown baked fries as per your wish without any issues.

make sure you don’t over cook the potatoes of any type when thaw or using them in dish as it would make them mushy or over cooked.


Hope you got an idea for storing and freezing potatoes for long term use in various different forms to make many tasty dishes like grilled potato wedges whenever you want in future with your yummy potatoes.

it is advised that you eat fried potatoes in limited quantities because a study found out that people eating fried potatoes in any form including fried hash browns, fries etc. 2 times or more than that in 7 days period are liking to have increase risk of death than those who don’t eat it.

let us know in comments below if you prefer some other way to store and preserve potatoes for long term storage and consumption in future.

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