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Pasta comes in many sizes and shapes. Orzo is an original rice-shaped pasta typically prepared in the same manner as other pasta varieties or cooked in the same way as rice. It’s a small-sized pasta composed of durum wheat. Substitute For Orzo shared below are tasty and easy to get in your local market. so try and eat these healthy alternatives to orzo for a great meal with your friends and family.

Orzo is well-loved due to its smooth texture and a mild taste. But, it’s important to search for Orzo pasta alternatives for a few reasons. Below you can find the best substitutes for Orzo.

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Alternatives and Substitutes For Orzo


Both couscous, as well as orzo, are made from durum semolina. Although they are similar, couscous cooks faster than orzo. You can substitute it for orzo because of its great texture. Couscous is quick to prepare and can be served as an accompaniment to main dishes like lamb shanks.

Couscous dishes can include chicken tagine, raisins, and almonds. To add color and flavor to your meal, you can use vegetables like green beans, peas, and broccoli. Couscous is a traditional North African dish. It is also a staple in Italy, China, and Algeria. It’s a type of semolina pasta that is small in size and can be cooked in seconds.

Cooking couscous is as easy as boiling it. You can also spray olive oil on the grains to make them moist. They will stay moist and won’t stick together. Couscous is more off carbohydrate than healthy proteins because it is nutritious in a way that most carbs aren’t.

It has almost four times as much fiber compared to rice and provides six essential amino acids that your body can’t produce on its own: lysine, methionine, phenylalanine–making it an excellent source for vegans! Couscous cannot absorb flavors as other pasta alternatives, so sauces and seasonings are necessary to bring out the flavor.

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whole wheat CousCous


Fregola is a Sardinia-based dish that has gained popularity in Italy due to its delicious taste. It is made from semolina flour and water, which results in small beads. Fregola can be used as a substitute for orzo in almost any dish. You can boil it and serve it as a side dish with many types of meat, such as chicken, lamb, etc.

It works deliciously with vegetables! You can make your Fregola salad with olives, parsley and cucumbers. Fregola can be served in small pasta balls or large couscous pieces; both are equally delicious.

Fregola can be used to make seafood soups or bake pasta. Fregola is just as small as Orzo but has beads that are a different shape from Orzo. Fregola beads are typically larger than the North African Couscous commonly found in shops. Fregola is a special variety of nuts that comes from the toasting process. Fregola is a special variety of nuts that are obtained through toasting. Fregola can be used to add an extra flavor to your dish. 

It can be prepared and used in the same manner as Orzo. You should be aware that fregola can have a distinctive nutty flavor, so you need to be careful about what dishes you use it with. Fregola can also be cooked on medium heat for 8-10 minutes.


Arborio Rice

Arborio rice is well-known for its ability to make risotto. This short-grain rice is flavorful and velvety when cooked. You can use it in any recipe that calls for Orzo. This Italian rice is short-grain, ultra-creamy rice that can be used as a substitute for orzo. Arborio has the same texture as orzo when it’s cooked. Arborio lets you add extra vegetables like broccoli and carrots to make your meals more nutritious. The expansion of arborio rice is a boon for cold soups, stews, mixed greens, and stews. 

Arborio rice can help you cut down on your daily consumption of starches. Arborio rice’s protein keeps you satisfied and makes it easy to eat more. Although it may be more starchy than long-grain white rice, it isn’t as high in carbs. Arborio, a short Italian variety of rice, contains amylopectin starch. This gives dishes a creamy texture.

This rice is available in white or brown forms. Arborio white rice is more popular because it contains more starch than its brown counterpart. Arborio’s creamy texture makes it a great choice for rice pudding, risotto and other dessert recipes that call for a lot of starch.

arborio rice


Quinoa is a popular South American grain. Quinoa is a healthy grain rich in antioxidants and has more protein than any other. This grain is great for cooking and can help you lose weight. Thousands of years ago, South Americans called Quinoa the mother of Inca.

Quinoa is available in many colors, including black, red and white. Each type has a different taste. White Quinoa becomes bitter and airy after cooking, while red and black Quinoa retains their form. Red Quinoa has a more hearty and chewy taste, while black Quinoa tastes sweet and crunchy.

Quinoa is healthy and nutritious. Quinoa is high in fiber, vitamin E and phosphorus. It also contains iron, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Orzo is not recommended for type 2 diabetics. Quinoa is more energy-efficient than gluten-free ingredients like potato, potato, and corn.

It can be simmered on medium heat for 20 mins and then steamed for five minutes after being removed from the gas stove. Quinoa can also be used as a breakfast, lunch and dinner option. Quinoa can be eaten hot or cold. Quinoa absorbs liquid quicker than pasta, so add sauce before you serve.

Quinoa is a high-quality grain rich in protein and has more essential amino acids than any cereal. It can be used as a side dish or soup ingredient, or it can be like orzo. Quinoa tastes great when mixed with vegetables like tomatoes, peas, and corn. This combination can be used to replace orzo in any recipe you like!

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Acini di pepe

It’s very similar to orzo but smaller. Acini de Pepe, an Italian pasta made of semolina, has a small round shape. The name of the pasta refers to the shape and size of the pasta, and you can easily find it in supermarkets. Acini di pepe comes from a region near Naples, in Italy.

Pepperoni Pastina is another name for this variety. It is made from the Semolina and Durum wheat, then kneaded in cold and fresh spring water. Acini di Pepe is dried at low temperatures to preserve the flour’s natural color, texture and aroma.

Acini di Pepe is often eaten with tomato soup and snow peas. The soup must be cooked for 8 minutes, while the salad takes only 6 minutes. You can add onion and celery to the liquid to enhance the flavor. Acini di Pepe is a small pasta that can replace orzo in any recipe. It is made from durum wheat and does not contain eggs. This makes it a great substitute for vegetarians looking to add flavor and nutrients to their meals.

Acini di Pepe can be used as a substitute for orzo since it is already shaped into small balls. You can expect the same texture in your dish when using acini di pepe. This pasta is gluten-free and high in iron, vitamins, and minerals.

Acini di pepe

Brown Short-Grain Rice

Because of its small size, this rice is named after its long and narrow shape. If you need something gluten-free, You can substitute this rice for orzo. This rice has many benefits, even though it contains fewer calories than white rice. It also has more fiber and protein. Short-grained brown rice is great for people trying to lose weight due to its low carbohydrate and fat content.

This type of rice is high in fiber, which allows the digestive system to function efficiently. Short-grained brown rice is used in many recipes, including Oven-Baked Brown Rice Risotto, Vegan Brown Rice Sushi, and Mushroom Brown Rice Rice Risotto.

Brown Short-Grain Rice

Pearl barley

Barley is mildly nutty in flavor with a chewy texture. It’s rich in fiber, calcium and other healthy trace elements. Barley is a great ingredient to add to soups made with beef and vegetables and can be used in many other recipes such as orzotto or cholent.

If you substitute it for orzo, the barley will need to be cooked separately or added to other water-based dishes. Although orzo can be cooked in a few minutes, cooking barley with a simmering liquid will take more than 30 minutes. This is to ensure that you don’t get unpleasant, tough barley.

When food lovers search for Orzo alternatives, pearl barley is a wise choice. The ears of barley are used to harvest pearl barley. It is processed to remove all bran layers and polish the outer hull. Although Pearl Barley has been processed, it retains its nutrients and minerals, such as vitamins, calcium, and other minerals. Pearl Barley is a neutral-cereal-tasting grain. The most distinguishing feature of Pearl Barley is its crunchy texture.

You need to boil Pearl Barley for at least 30 minutes. This time allows Pearl Barley to soften and avoid being hard or unpleasant. A pressure cooker can speed up the cooking process.

pearled barley

Cauliflower rice

It is a great source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble dietary fiber dissolves in water and becomes a gel in the stomach. The gel absorbs cholesterol before it reaches your bloodstream. Insoluble fiber, which acts as a prebiotic, feeds your good bacteria. Your body absorbs less harmful cholesterol.

Cauliflower rice also has sulforaphane, a chemical associated with low blood pressure. Scientists have shown that Cauliflower rice helps to maintain low blood pressure. Cauliflower rice can be served with meat, fish, poultry, or vegetables.

Rice can be a great choice for those who are gluten-free. It won’t have the same taste or texture as regular cauliflower rice, but it can be used alongside meat, fish and poultry dishes. Cauliflower rice would not be added to soup water as it could separate and give the soup a strange texture.

Cauliflower rice


Tubettini pasta is a small pasta that looks like a tube. Although the shape of orzo is different, they are both small pasta and taste nearly the same. If you don’t have orzo in your local grocery or pantry, try Tubettini.


Zucchini noodles

Zucchini noodles can be a healthy substitute for orzo. Zucchini noodles are made from all-natural vegetables to give them a refreshing flavor. They can also be used after draining. These noodles are not only gluten-free but also offer a portion without the risk of weight gain, type 2 diabetes, or cardiovascular disease.

Vegetable noodles can absorb the flavors of pesto or sauce, making healthy eating easier than ever. To make zucchini noodles from scratch, you need a spiralizer and a pan. you can also use frozen zucchini to make tasty noodles easily with fresh zucchini. These zucchini noodles are gluten-free, vegan, low-carb, and suitable for all diets. The zucchini is high in fiber and vitamin K and has twenty-five calories per cup.

Zucchini noodles

Ditalini Pasta

Ditalini is Italian for little thimbles. It looks similar to macaroni pasta. This ingredient can be used to make Pasta e Fagioli or minestrone, a creamy seafood pasta. Ditalini looks like a tube-shaped pasta. It can pull sauce, meat or any other ingredient inside, resulting in a delicious taste and satisfying flavor in every bite. Ditalini cooks simultaneously as orzo, which is a good thing. You will need to boil the pasta in 4-6 quarts of water. 

Once it is boiled, season it with salt to your liking. Add the pasta to the boiling water and stir. Bring the water back up to a boil. Let it cook for about 8-10 minutes, then drain it. Make a cold pasta salad using Ditalini Pasta. Rinse it in cold water briefly to stop the cooking process. It will also help eliminate any extra starch. It is unnecessary to rinse the pasta after cooking, as the pasta will be warm when served with sauce.

Ditalini Pasta

Frequently Asked Questions about orzo

Are risotto and orzo the same thing?

Risotto and orzo are not the same. Risotto is a rich and delicious Italian dish made of rice and water. Orzo is a type of grain or pasta. Orzo can be utilized to replace Arborio rice to make the risotto dish. They aren’t identical.

Which is more nutritious, rice or orzo?

Orzo is a variety of pasta that’s similar in appearance to rice in size, shape and texture. Whole wheat orzo is richer in protein and fiber than regular orzo, making it a healthier option. However, it’s quite rich in calories, delivering around 50 per cent more calories than an equivalent serving of white rice.

What is the word orzo by the people of Australia?

A tiny rice-shaped pasta that’s always available and is called risoni in Australia, but many countries around the world refer to it as orzo.

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