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Hominy is a unique food item which is made using dried corn kernels. it is an ingredient mainly used in making corn tortillas and other corn based dishes including Mexican ones too like pozole. if you are wondering What can you use in place of hominy in its absence then this place is for you as here i will share substitute for hominy to include in your recipes and make them tasty even when you don’t have hominy in your kitchen with you.

It can be made in home also but the time and expertise required would be high, so if you have the will then then make the tasty hominy. it is widely used in many Mexican dishes and has sweet taste with earthy tones. to cook hominy dishes you can take clue from beans recipes as its same in most cases and works wonderfully for hominy cooking. you can easily cook hominy in pressure cooker or slow cooker for delicious recipes.

substitute for hominy

hominy has unique taste but if you use the alternatives shared below then you can similar flavor and taste just like homey. make sure you use the right amount of substitute with right spices and herbs to get best taste form your recipes in absence of hominy and it would be enjoyed by everyone including your friends and family.

i prefer ratio of replacement with substitute to be 1:1 in most the recipes, you can try and adapt as per your taste preference and quantity requirement.

hominy alternatives and substitutes


Samp comes from south African origin. it is made from broken dried corn kernel pieces to get a mouth watering recipe which could replace your favorite hominy because it is also tasty. try it once and you will like it too and it is good meal to have in your diet for overall body growth. you can pan fry it with some veggies of your choice along with spices and herbs to make it delicious tasting. to further enhance the taste of this dish you can add some butter.

generally it is advised to soak the samp beans over night for cooking it faster but if it cant be done then add it boiling water in 1:2 ration with 1 cup being beans in 2 cups water then let it simmer for 1/2 to 1 hour to cook them easily.

Diabetic people can also eat samp as it is rich in fiber content and when you cook them after soaking for long hours it further reduces the raffinose sugar content in them making them safe for people with diabetic issue to consume as it won’t cause sugar imbalance in your body besides getting digested easily.

homemade samp recipe

dried beans

hominy can also be replaced by dried beans when they are cooked fully. you can also boil them and mash them to add mashed beans component in your dish. various vegetables like onion, garlic, ginger etc. along with different herbs and spices can be added to make them more tasteful.

they can also be added to soups and stews also, you can replace 1 cup hominy with one cup dried beans in your dishes like soups, vegetable curry etc. checkout our guide for freezing refried beans in your freezer.

polenta meal

polenta is somewhat similar recipe to hominy which makes it a good substitute. you can eat polenta meal in breakfast or as evening snack dish. it has creamy texture and can also work as cheesy pasta replacement if you are looking to try something different.

I have seen many people making stews with it and while others adding it to tortilla roles or enjoying as side dish for Chinese cuisines such as dumplings, lapping, noodles etc. also it works great when pairing with rice platter of different kind like tomato rich, vegetable rich, biryani etc. and vegetables like squash, potatoes, mushrooms, cheery tomatoes etc.

you can add some cheese also of your choice like feta cheese, cottage cheese, parmesan cheese, manchego cheese etc. which can enhance the flavor profile of of your dish many times over making every one happy with polenta meal even in absence of hominy.

baked polenta meal image


Chickpeas or garbanzo beans as known by many can also be used as a replacement for hominy as the texture is almost the same and flavor might be different to so some extent but it works and taste good also if made properly with all kinds of spices and herbs. you wont get chewy and puffy consistency of hominy from chickpeas rather they would be grainy and soft post cooking.

you can make chickpeas curry, soups, casserole, thick chili, tacos and other similar recipes. if you are wondering are garbanzo beans the same as chickpeas then let me tell yes they are same as said above and garbanzo beans can be used as hominy alternative nicely.

chickpeas recipe

Buckwheat grits

It gives similar texture to your recipes when used in place of hominy. it is good in taste and can work as substitute for hominy and with hominy also as a side dish on its own. people use buckwheat grits in making stews, nutritious soups, chili recipes and other savory dishes often. you can replace hominy with it in ration of 1:1, rest it depends on your requirement.

They are made by grounding buckwheat groats and are quite popular breakfast bowl item enjoyed by many people across the world. to make the recipe more creamy you can cook them in milk with cream or add some cheese of your choice while cooking along with oregano seasoning mix and it will turn out tasty and healthy dish liked by many. if you like sweet desserts then it can made that as well in pudding form by adding some sugar or maple syrup along with cardamom powder for overall great taste.

If you are cooking stew or some curry dishes then you can make buckwheat grits for eating with them as it would taste good. you can eat them in place of rich dishes if you don’t like them. people also add them in salad bowls in bulgur wheat and couscous to make the overall dish tasty.


Hominy is made using corn which makes corn a great substitute for hominy when you can’t make hominy due to some issues. you can make use of frozen corns or fresh corns to make tasty dishes and add it to various recipes when hominy is not available with you.

fresh corn can be made into salad after boiling them for few minutes then stir frying with butter and spices along with herbs like rosemary, cilantro, oregano etc. of your choice to make it more tasty. you can also add some home made sauces like sriracha or its substitutes, ponzu, sambal Oelek and sumac powder to tangy and spicy taste in corn salad.

you might feel little bit difference in taste but it works in most of the recipes. you can replace 1 cup hominy with 1 cup corns in most of the recipes without hassle to get good taste and flavor. many people use the by product of corn i.e. corn flour as thickener in various different recipes like curries, stews, soups etc. to many them more thick in consistency.

corn in bowl image


grits are easy to make and can be used in most of the recipes in which you use hominy. they are thick and smooth in consistency. most often people like to eat grits in breakfast with some green veggies. you can boil them and then eat with some roasted veggies and spices mix in it to get overall good taste. adding butter or cheese to grits bowl also give good flavor to the dish.

some people also eat grit as a side meal with their main course dish. its not that common so if you haven’t eaten it yet then i would recommend that you try it once to see if its works as a suitable substitute for hominy for you or you like to consume it alone in morning or as side dish for your lean salmon platter  or for baking spoon bread with your bread machine etc.

cheese grits recipe

Canned hominy

The last option would to buy canned hominy from the grocery store and eat it when required. their is generally some water added to them for consistency and longer shelf life. to get the similar texture to non canned hominy you can dried them up on your stove.

The taste is similar and works good as an alternative for normal hominy. they have mild flavor and be used as sweet corn alternative also. people add it to chicken soup, creamy carrot soup, eat with veggies salad, drizzle them in pesto pasta, tortillas, or eat it with spices and herbs with some quinoa in morning or add them to pie and casserole fillings or use in tacos with some Mexican veggies or meat.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between hominy and corn?

Hominy is corn processed under the process of nixtamalization to make it more meaty and puffy which improves the texture of hominy very much when compared to normal corn. the processing of corn to make hominy makes the cooking of hominy easy and unlocks the valuable components of corn to be helpful for our body easy absorption. after soaking the hominy in water it gets puffed up to 2-3 time of normal size and gives you somewhat nutty flavor which is good.

What are hominy nutrition and calories values?

hominy has good nutrition values with low calories component of just 72 calories per 100 grams. below i have shared basic hominy nutrition data chart to get more knowledge about hominy and nutrients present in it.

Hominy nutrition


hope you like my collection of popular and non popular substitute for hominy to make a choice and use the alternatives in all kinds of recipes and meal preparation in absence of hominy.

let me know what you use in place of hominy to get tasty hominy like flavor in your recipe when you cant get your hands on hominy in your kitchen.

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