Difference between pressure cooker vs slow cooker

Pressure cooker and slow cookers are both popular cookware you can buy from market but to find which one is right for your requirement and which you should buy is the real question. here we will give features and advantages of both the appliances so you can choose the right one for your daily cooking requirements in kitchen.

pressure cooker vs slow cooker difference revealed

pressure cooker vs slow cooker

Pressure cooker

Pressure cooker is a jack of all type of utensil which can be used to make number of different dishes. the pressure cooker comes with mechanism to seal the container with tight lid and make it secure so that the steam cannot escape the cooker while the food is being prepared. the steam tight lid helps to cook the food with steam inside the pressure cooker pot. the pressure in the cooking chamber which builds due to heat makes everything tender and soft before escaping from small pressure vault which reduces the cook time by atleast 60%.

your normal stove top cooker can be used for boiling, broiling, braising etc. the pressure in them increase once to increase the gas output from stove top to cook food faster. pressure cooking is good for food items which requires high temperature as they can work on high temperature from stove unlike electric pressure cookers which do not comes with very high temperature and pressure settings.

Electric pressure cooker comes with automatic temperature and heat control settings which makes them much advanced when compared to normal stove top ones. they work with electricity and are easy to use. you can cook very wide variety of dishes on the electric cooker. like curries, rice, meat, chicken, soup, beans, porridge and lots of other dishes as well without much hassle.

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Slow cooker

slow cooker is popular cooking appliance which has got up in trend in last decade only. it helps you to cook food which requires long time like you can put all the ingredients for slow cooking for 5-10 hours and get going with other work. till you get other work done your recipe of delicious food item would be ready to serve and rejuvenate your self with tasty food on table made in your slow cooker.

now advanced slow cookers come with settings and pre programmed menu buttons to cook lot of different types of food items like rice puddings, bread puddings, soups, stews, vegetable broth etc. they adjust temperature and time as per the food item and after that the timer stops automatically and gets to warm mode which releases very less heat just to keep item warm for long time to made it serving ready always.

They are energy efficient appliances so you wont get very high electricity bill after using it but some people don’t like to keep their appliances turned on for long time.

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Pressure cookers are fast and versatile cooking appliance which makes them a better choice for people who don’t like to cook food slowly or lack time due to other commitments. both the stove top and electric pressure cookers are great but electric ones comes with some programs to cook meals easily and fast.

The high pressure from pressure cooker can cook all the food evenly and blend the spices and other ingredients to intermingle with each to make a wholesome tasty dish which some times don’t happen in slow cooker.

so if you don’t dread hike in electricity bill by little then go for electric pressure cooker else choose gas pressure cooker which can be used on stove top and induction cooktops also so if you change your cooktop in future then your cookware should future ready to cook meals when ever you want.

pressure cooker also require less liquid to make the dish when compared to slow cooker which requires more liquids as cooking time is more so slow evaporation takes place and some times the liquid in dish is left more after cooking and some time it becomes thick if you don’t follow the recipe clearly.

slow cooker is cheaper than advanced electric pressure cooker, but normal pressure cooker are cheaper than slow cooker. so if you want to buy fast cooking appliance which is affordable then go for stove top pressure cookers. if you want budget friendly appliance with slow cooking capabilities then go with slow cookers but if you like fast and expensive then go with electric pressure cookers to take your kitchen cooking to next level.

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