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One of the most popular vegetables in the world is eggplant. It is a popular ingredient in French, Turkish, Turkish and Greek cuisines. It is also very popular in South East Asia and Middle East cuisines. You can cook it in many different ways around the world. You can find eggplants in many colours, including yellow, purple, red, pink and white. They are known for their sweetness and tenderness. Substitute For Eggplant shared below can be used for making variety of recipes in absence of quality eggplants in your local markets.

Eggplant makes a wonderful addition to any dish because of its soft texture and subtle flavours. Customers also have concerns about the texture of eggplant. It can be bitter if it is undercooked and challenging to digest. Its best feature is its ability to absorb the flavours of other ingredients. But you don’t need to omit eggplant-based recipes if you aren’t a fan. Below, we have listed some alternatives to eggplant.

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Alternatives and substitutes for eggplant


You can omit the eggplants or substitute zucchinis if they are unavailable. Zucchini, also known as courgette, is a summer squash type first grown in Great Britain. Because zucchini has a milder flavor and a less soggy texture than eggplants, it almost tastes like eggplants when cooked.

You can also enjoy a healthy, nutritious vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals. Zucchini is great for soups, stews, stir-fries, and pasta. It is also a common ingredient in the French dish ratatouille. It will taste the same, and it will be incredibly flavorful.

Zucchini is an excellent and healthy vegetable with no cholesterol. Zucchini’s 90% water content and 10% dietary fiber can help you feel fuller for more extended periods. They can boost your daily intake of vitamins A, C, B6, K, folate, folate, and thiamine in large quantities.

Zucchini is a summer squash with a milder flavor than eggplant. The texture of zucchini will depend on how long you cook it. If it is overcooked, it will become very soft, which is different from eggplant, which retains its shape well. Eggplants can be used to make a gluten-free lasagna or baked in a recipe for ratatouille. 

You can grill large zucchini and seal it in a paper bag for five minutes. Enjoy the smoky-tasting vegetable in baba Ganoush by peeling it. Like eggplant, the beauty of zucchini is its ability to take on the flavors of other foods. It has been cultivated in Mexico and the northern parts of South America for a long time.

In particular, zucchini was developed and cultivated in Italy’s Milan region in the 19th Century. It can grow to lengths of between 5.9 and 9.8 inches. Depending on which variety, its skin can be thin, light green, orange-green, or dark yellow. 

Due to their milder flavor, zucchini can be processed almost as well as eggplants. You can use zucchini instead of eggplants if you don’t have them or aren’t available. You’ll still end up with a delicious dish. This vegetable can make delicious and nutritious meals for your family.

You should wash the zucchini well and remove the stem before processing it. The vegetable is rich in antioxidants that are good for your health and protect you from free radical damage. Zucchini is also perfect for digestion due to its high fiber and water content. It helps to reduce constipation risk and other gut-related problems.

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Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms add a unique umami-packed flavor and texture to your cooking. This is not the best choice if you want to mimic eggplant. However, you can use mushrooms in various dishes such as moussaka and pasta. They are a good choice for vegetarians and vegans due to their savory texture and flavor. You can also mix ingredients traditionally served with eggplants, such as garlic powder, tomato, or peppers, with mushrooms. Portobello mushrooms are limited by their size. 

Mushrooms won’t work in recipes that require long slices of eggplant for layering. Thus, Zucchini is an excellent choice for this purpose. Portobello mushrooms, popular in Europe and South America for their large size and umami flavor, are very common. They resemble eggplants in their flavorful taste. Portobello can substitute eggplants in dishes like moussaka and pasta (red or cream-based), pizzas, oven-roasted with Parmesan cheese, and pasta (red-or-white cream-based). you can also checkout some popular and tasty alternatives to mushrooms to use in your recipes in absence of mushroom and eggplants.

You can use Portobello to substitute meat due to its soft and juicy texture. Portobello mushrooms can sometimes be quite expensive in countries where they are imported. You can use it to prepare red or white pasta dishes and oven-roasted pizzas with Parmesan cheese. Portobello mushrooms can be used in various dishes, including moussaka, pasta with red or white cream, pizzas, and oven-roasted parmesan cheese. 


Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are another option you could use if you can not find eggplants in your area. Shiitake mushrooms, primarily located in Asia, are prominent mushrooms packed with umami flavor. This mushroom is great for substituting eggplants in stir-fries, soups, and stew dishes, mushroom risotto recipes. It has many medicinal properties, which have been shown to help with common health issues. Shiitake mushrooms are also anti-inflammatory and increase white blood cell production.

Follow the same procedure and prepare the same dishes. It can be used in many recipes that require eggplants. Shiitake mushrooms are a large species found in Asia with a strong umami flavor. This alternative has the advantage of having medicinal properties that can help with joint conditions. The fungus can be dried and made into tea to treat illness and other conditions in Chinese medicine.

They can be expensive due to high demand. They have a lovely taste. Shiitake mushrooms are rich in umami, an earthy and nutty flavor. The mushrooms have a soft, velvety texture when cooked. The stems can be pretty tough, but they will become pleasantly chewy if you cook them well enough. Shiitake mushrooms aren’t just known for their delicious flavor. 

Shiitake Mushrooms


Okra has been a popular fleshy, green vegetable alternative to eggplant for more than two decades. It’s still trendy in China, looking for healthy options for the most beloved foods. Its taste is described as being salty with vegetal and nutty flavors.

Okra is an excellent source of nutrients, and it is rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It also contains potassium (12%) and calcium (2%) valuable nutrients. Therefore, we can guarantee that Okra will not cause any adverse effects compared to other fruits or vegetables like oranges, potato peels, or potatoes.

Okra is mild in taste, and some describe it as slightly grassy. It is an excellent substitute for eggplant when cooked. It can be used as a thickener in slow-cooked dishes like casseroles, and however, it can taste bitter in other recipes. After soaking the Okra in vinegar for one hour, dry it thoroughly and cook.

This will draw out any mucilage that may be in your food. You can use Okra for quick, high-heat dishes such as stir-fry. It won’t need to soak, and it will not have time to let out any liquid.

Okra is a popular food that can be grown almost anywhere globally. This leafy green vegetable is low-calorie and high in nutrients, good for your health. Okra has a unique texture and mild taste, and it retains its crunch when cooked but softens beautifully when slow-cooked.

Okra is a slimy vegetable that releases slimy gel, which is the main difference. Although it can thicken slow-cooked meals like casseroles, it is not recommended for other dishes.

You can soak the Okra in vinegar for one hour and then dry it thoroughly before cooking it. This will reduce the natural mucilage and make it easier to eat. You won’t have to worry about the slime of the Okra when making quick dishes such as stir-fry.

It won’t take long for it to make any unwanted liquid. It is, however, not recommended for all recipes because it can be hostile to the taste buds. If you are using Okra for quick, high-heat dishes like stir-fry, you don’t have to soak it. Okra is also rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

Okra releases a substance that causes its surface to feel a bit sticky. This may not affect slow-cooked meals such as casseroles. Vinegar and soaking the Okra are great ways to prevent sticky food. To remove any stickiness, dry it well.



Tofu is a popular choice for vegetarians and vegans. Tofu is milder than eggplants and can be almost tasteless. Tofu absorbs the flavours of other ingredients in your dish. It can be added to soups, eaten raw or mixed with your favourite vegetables.

You won’t be disappointed by the taste of tofu. It is made from coagulated soymilk by pressing curds into cubes. Although uncooked tofu is often bland, it can absorb a lot of water. The more spices you add to your Tofu, the more flavorful it will become. You can make tofu soft or firm, sweet or savoury depending on cooking.

Tofu has many similarities with Eggplant, such as its ability to absorb flavours and texture and its sponginess. You can use it in any recipe that requires strong spices. Tofu is a plant-based protein source and contains all the essential amino acids.

It is also suitable for the immune system and heart. Tofu is not recommended for women with hormonal sensitivity. It can bind to estrogen receptors and cause weak estrogenic reactions or anti-estrogenic effects.

Tofu is an excellent alternative to eggplant, especially if you don’t want to eat other vegetables. It is also rich in iron, calcium, and vitamins. Tofu is similar to eggplant in that it has a mild, subtle flavour that doesn’t overwhelm other ingredients.

It can be used in many different dishes, including sweet and savory. We recommend choosing firm tofu or extra firm. This choice also has the great advantage of absorbing flavors and not becoming soggy as zucchinis.

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Root Vegetables

You can substitute root vegetables for eggplants if you cannot find one. To give an eggplant-like taste, root veggies such as turnips, carrots and potatoes can be used in various dishes. Slow-cooked root vegetables can give the dish a stronger, spicy flavour.

These vegetables can be used in stews, casseroles, and curries as a thickener. It is also a great substitute for spicy moutabal dip because most root vegetables can be eggplant replacement. The best and easiest-to-find vegetables are celeriac, rutabagas or turnips.

This root vegetable option should be used in foods that require cooking for a longer time to ensure that it softens properly. Most root vegetables can replace eggplants in soups, sauces, and curries or make spicy moutabal dips.

Rutabagas and celeriac are all readily available at your local supermarket. Turnips are also easily found. This option should be used in foods cooked for longer periods to ensure the texture is softened sufficiently.

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Summer Squash

Summer squash is a different variety from its winter counterparts. It has smooth, thin skin, and all of them are mildly flavorful and can be eaten raw or grilled. These are another mild option that won’t overwhelm your dish and add a great texture.

You can make a better meal by substituting eggplant with pattypan and yellow squash. This vegetable is great for stir-fries and casseroles. This recipe can also stuff larger squash varieties (including eggplants). This substitute is a favourite of many who don’t like bitter foods.

If you are looking to bulk up your recipe, yellow squash or pattypan can be used to substitute for eggplant. You can use it in ratatouille, stir-fry, and casseroles. This replacement is great for those who don’t like bitter foods. Summer squash is a simple vegetable to prepare.

It can be boiled or roasted, and grilled. You can pair it with many sauces, including cream-based and marinara sauces. Summer squash, also known as summer vegetables and other fruits, is a great way to add various colours to your diet.

They encourage a greater variety of antioxidants, including vitamin A. This helps to improve the immune system. It has 47% fewer calories and 34% more protein, without eggs or meat!

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Frequently Asked Questions about eggplant

Why is eggplant a fruit?

Because of the way eggs grow, eggplants can be considered fruits. The flowers of a plant are the fruit, and they contain seeds. Vegetables are the other plant parts, such as the roots, stems or leaves. Eggplants are part of the nightshade family that also includes tomatoes and potatoes.

Are Mushrooms a good Substitute for Eggplant?

Although mushrooms may have the same texture and flavour as eggplants, they don’t have the same taste. They are still an excellent substitute. They are a superfood as they improve brain and bone health and are also rich in vitamins.

Do eggplants have seeds?

An eggplant’s middle contains a soft, pulpy centre that holds its seeds. Although you don’t need to remove the seeds to eat eggplant, they can sometimes be bitter and must be removed before cooking. The seeds can be saved and harvested to make your eggplant.

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