Substitute For Garlic Powder

Garlic powder is made of finely ground dehydrated garlic. The powder can be utilized in recipes that call for fresh or dried garlic. The distinction in garlic powder is that it is an even more intense, concentrated flavor. If you’ve never tried garlic powder before, start with a small amount to see the amount that works best for you.

Do not confuse garlic salt with garlic powder. Garlic powder is pure garlic with no salt. Garlic powder is used extensively in dishes like pizzas, soups, stews, salads, meat sauces, Freddy’s sauce and many more delicious meals.

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Alternatives and Substitutes For Garlic Powder

Below, we have listed a few effective garlic powder alternatives.

Minced Garlic

When it comes to minced garlic, there are just minced garlic cloves. They are widely employed in recipes that require a short cooking time. In addition, minced garlic can be an excellent substitute for garlic powder when you need sautéing. They are usually mixed with citric acid to ensure it is shelf-stable.

The minced garlic can be a perfect substitute for garlic powder because it provides the same aroma and flavor. Like garlic paste, minced garlic is fantastic in sautéing meat, vegetables and eggs. It can also be great in pizza dough. This can also provide a slight acidity to your dish, which is why you should be aware of this. some people also like to add it in vegetable broth and vegetable soups and other similar items to make it more flavorful for dishes.

In contrast, minced garlic offers a concentrated and sharp flavor compared to garlic powder. However, you should use less minced garlic when opposed to garlic powder. For example, if the recipe requires one tablespoon of garlic powder, use just half a teaspoon of minced garlic. Minced garlic’s flavor is much more potent than powdered garlic since it is fresher, which means you should reduce the amount of minced garlic you use in your recipe. 

Discussion of the most appropriate recipe, garlic minced can be an excellent alternative to garlic for various recipes. For instance, many Quesadillas are a side dish that requires minced garlic. It can also be used in pan-fried dishes or recipes that require stirring-frying. It should not be forgotten that minced garlic can be difficult to mix with dry ingredients.

minced garlic

Garlic Flakes

Garlic flakes are another alternative to think about if you do not have garlic powder on your shelf. This type of processed garlic product is free of any preservatives, not causing any harm. The taste of the product is comparable to that of garlic powder. Since they’re already minced, they will release their flavor quickly, just like garlic powder. Furthermore, they are quickly watered in food items, and their flavor and texture can be compared to fresh garlic.

Garlic flakes are essentially smaller pieces that are dried. You can add them to various meals like grilling or cooking. You can choose to make use of them: either apply immediately or soak them in water until they soften, and then become similar to minced garlic, but with less of a spongier, more soft texture. The optimal ratio to create an aroma similar to garlic powder is four garlic flakes: one garlic powder.

If you’re making recipes or liquid dishes for cooking, garlic flakes may be utilized. This is because garlic flakes are dehydrated pieces of garlic. It’s not appropriate for recipes with liquids with cooking time. The cooking time ensures that the garlic’s aroma will be released to the foods. However, you’ll require more garlic flakes when replacing the garlic powder. For instance, if you need to add one teaspoon of garlic powder, add about four tablespoons of garlic flavors to an optimal taste and smell.

garlic flakes

Granulated garlic

The second closest variant is Granulated Garlic, an even coarser form of garlic powder. It is a breeze to incorporate into gravy or dry-based recipes and provide a delicious smell. Instead of 1 teaspoon garlic powder, utilize two teaspoons of granulated garlic. It is ideal for season blends, marinade rubs, stews, stir-fries, and much more. The distinction between them is not simply semantics. The granulated garlic is, in fact, a different product. 

Both are made of garlic; however, one is made up of garlic cloves ground into granules. The other comprises ground garlic cloves into the consistency of a fine powder. The texture distinction is similar to the differences between cornmeal and flour. There is also the option of purchasing crushed garlic granules roasted that have more of a sweeter, nuttier taste as opposed to the unroasted version. If you use granulated garlic instead of garlic powder, you’ll have to alter the amount of garlic powder you use. 

Garlic powder has more significant amounts of garlic in a teaspoon than granulated garlic. Therefore, you’ll need to use more grated garlic to get a similar flavor. It is an excellent addition to dishes such as pasta and provides some texture that goes well with the usual garlic scent. Additionally, it has positive health effects due to iron and vitamin B6.

granulated garlic

Garlic puree

Garlic puree is prepared in various methods, and its use will depend on the method by which it is made. It is an excellent addition to dishes or used to sauté. One perfect example is using garlic powder in bread. Because of its smooth paste and outstanding consistency, it works well with dishes. It provides the same taste as tasty garlic powder. It’s ideal in pasta, sauces, bread, stews, bread casseroles and many other dishes.

If you want to enjoy the flavor of fresh garlic without tackling the task of cooking, you can decide to make a puree of garlic in a few recipes. Garlic puree is available from a local supermarket or prepared at home. If you are looking for something more potent to spice up your meal, Garlic puree is an ideal option instead of garlic powder. Garlic puree is commonly used to improve the flavor of food and offers some of the benefits of garlic powder. 

Garlic purée will increase the flavor of your food. Garlic sauce is excellent with mayonnaise-based dishes or pasta seasoned with cream and sauces. For example, Ziti and penne sauces go together well and give off a beautiful scent with the Garlic sauce purée. It’s as simple as taking separate garlic cloves, peeling and cutting and then putting them in the food processor till they achieve that desired consistency. After that, you can place the garlic in an airtight container and put it over olive oil. 

One of the advantages of fresh garlic is that it can be mixed into recipes such as garlic powder. It is an excellent addition to recipes such as pasta and sandwiches. If you opt to use the garlic purée in a jar, the blender will also be cut down to make your own. Other uses for this type of puree are bread, stews, roast meats, sauces and more.

garlic puree

Garlic salt

Garlic salt is a garlic powder that is seasoned with salt. It comprises one portion of garlic mixed with three parts of salt. This is convenient because you can add two different seasonings simultaneously; however, you should be careful when using it. If you are using garlic salt, you should reduce the salt content in your meals. It isn’t advisable to consume large quantities of garlic salt since it is possible to end in excess salting your food without other sources of salt.

If you are using garlic salt instead of powdered garlic, you should use double the garlic salt, but keep a watch on the extra salt. Garlic salt is essentially the combination of salt and garlic powder. The ratio of garlic powder to salt in garlic salt is 1:3. Therefore, use four teaspoons of salt instead of 1 teaspoon of garlic powder. As the name implies, it’s an easy mix of dried cloves and salt. In general, the ratio is 1 part garlic powder for three parts salt. 

If you want to use garlic salt, it is possible to substitute one tablespoon of powdered garlic for four teaspoons of garlic salt. Additionally, you can’t make use of this substitute in large quantities since it contains salt and is much greater than the amount of salt required for most meals. It’s ideal for pasta, potatoes mashed, soups and beef recipes, and more.

garlic salt

Garlic juice

Recently, garlic juice has been a very popular replacement for garlic powder. Garlic juice is prepared by mixing garlic powder with water. The resulting mixture contains a significant amount of garlic, its flavor and other nutrients that form a liquid.

After the liquid is separated, the remaining liquid is referred to as garlic water. It can be stored for a lengthy period of duration. Garlic water is extremely powerful in smell and taste and is best used in moderation.

It is possible to replace one teaspoon of garlic powder with half a teaspoon of garlic juice. It’s ideal for making bread, meats, pasta, soups, and many other dishes.

Garlic juice is the final recommendation for garlic powder substitute. It is the most recent version of garlic available on the market. It is also possible to make in the kitchen by creating garlic puree then straining it into the bowl. The garlic should be squeezed until all the juice is out. If you are substituting the garlic powder ingredient, make sure you use half of the juice for the garlic powder.

Compared to garlic powder, the juice of garlic has a much more pungent smell. It is almost twice as powerful concerning flavor. It’s simple to make if you purchase it in a jar, so it is possible to prepare a dish quickly and then enjoy the meal with your loved ones.

This juice is an excellent aid for cough or sore throat and has been proven to reduce cholesterol levels, so you can be certain that it has health benefits you can trust.

Garlic juice can be an excellent substitute for garlic powder because it is sharper and enhances the flavor of your recipe. Instead of one teaspoon of garlic powder, substitute half a teaspoon of garlic juice.

garlic juice

Onion Powder

Onions are closely associated with garlic, as they fall under a similar allium family of classification along with garlic. Other vegetables that are similar to garlic in the same family include Shallots, pearl onions and Chives. You can experiment with them; however, they are not the ideal choice because they do not recreate the flavor and taste of garlic.

Additionally, many garlic substitutes are much better. It’s not the perfect substitute; however, onion powder could substitute garlic powder in specific recipes. Therefore, use only half of the garlic powder in place of onion powder. In general, they’re utilized in cooking.

Onion powder is a popular spice found in lots of households’ kitchens. It is made from the purest ingredients and is readily available in grocery stores. In addition, onion powder is very beneficial if you aren’t a fan of garlic. You can use an additional amount of onion powder as an alternative to garlic powder.

It is possible to use onion powder as a substitute for garlic powder for marinating seafood or meat and make meals with meat more flavorful and effective in removing the odors of fish.

This spice is perfect for people who don’t enjoy onions and garlic but would like to have delicious food with various tastes. Once the onion powder has been coated with the marinade, it will melt and be absorbed into ingredients used in cooking and make them more delicious than the other spices.

onion powder

Frequently Asked Questions about garlic powder

Can garlic powder provide any health benefits?

The significant health benefits of garlic powder are the ability to control high blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels overall, boost immunity, lower the chance of developing certain cancers and aid in digestion, among other things.

Can you eat garlic powder in its raw form?

Garlic can be used in raw form, such as garlic powder or as garlic oil to food items. Garlic is typically and most prominently and eaten cooked but can be consumed naturally, which is better since raw keeps all its nutrients.

Can I substitute garlic with powdered garlic?

Yes. Substitute 1/8 teaspoon of powder to each clove of garlic required within the recipe.

Do you think garlic powder is good to lose weight?

Garlic has been proven responsible for increasing energy levels and burning all calories, making you healthier. Garlic is believed to increase the rate of metabolism, helping you shed weight quickly. Garlic is an acknowledged appetite suppressant. It can help you feel fuller for longer and stop you from overeating.

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