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Chili sauce is a generic term used to describe any sauce that incorporates chilies, tomato sauce, vinegar (sometimes) sugar, and other spices. The main difference from the traditional sauces is their weight. It’s thicker and is often more like ketchup inflow. Chili sauce can also not be as vinegary, unlike hot sauces generally.

Chili sauce is a spice made using tomatoes, chilies and spices, and it is like ketchup but spicier. You can use it in sandwiches and burgers and make the spiciest salad dressing, add to soups, or even as a topping on the meatloaf. 

chili sauce

Alternatives and Substitutes For Chili Sauce

There’s no need to worry if you do not have chili sauce available in your kitchen since there are plenty of alternatives you could make.

Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha sauce was originally from Thailand in the 1930s, and it has since grown to become an extremely loved hot sauce in the world. The sauce is made of red chili pepper vinegar, garlic and sugar. Since these are the essential ingredients in this sauce, it is possible that you could very easily make the sauce at home and enjoy your homemade Sriracha.

If you’re just beginning to learn about Sriracha, it’s best to test a small amount of the sauce before working with it according to your heat experience. It’s because it’s quite spicy compared to the other similar condiments.

Sriracha hot sauce is a creamy and rich method to spice up the food that you consume all day. You can easily use it as an alternative to chili sauce. With Sriracha, you can make everything from pizza, eggs, and pasta even tastier!

You can add some heat with the spice previously utilized as medicine by Chinese doctors and Buddhist monks during ancient times to treat ailments. A spicy and delicious topping to anything that you can think of, this traditional Mexican condiment will bring a smile to your face with its spicy chili pepper taste.

The sauce is composed of red jalapeno, chili peppers, vinegar, garlic and sugar. It’s a bit spicy when compared to other condiments with a spicy flavor; therefore, you should handle it with cautiousness.

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Harissa Sauce

Enjoy a tasty aroma and pleasant scent by using harissa sauce to substitute chili sauce. Various spices, garlic, red chillies, and vinegar create the sauce. It is a product of North African origins, particularly in Tunisia and a great alternative to chili sauce for many recipes.

The main components are dried chillies, caraway, cumin, coriander, and numerous spices and herbs. The heat provided by the harissa paste is comparable to that of Sriracha, which means it’s slightly hotter than other options. It is best to slow down first, especially if you’re not your most enthusiastic about spice.

You can use it for dipping, marinade, stews and soups. The harissa sauce you buy from the grocery store is fantastic; however, many harissa sauce recipes are on the internet if you wish to create your recipe. This is a smoky paste made from Baklouti chili peppers with diverse ingredients like caraway, cumin, etc. The ingredient is a native of Tunisia. It is very effective in the middle eastern, southeast Asian, and African food styles.

Harissa is a great condiment to be added to recipes while cooking. It can be added to marinades or dressings, and you can also add it to dips to provide heat. It is much hotter than chili sauce. It is a North African hot chili sauce created using red chillies vinegar, garlic, and other spices.

It is a well-loved sauce used in dips and marinades. It has a distinct spiced flavor with an acrid finish. With a texture and taste similar to chili garlic sauce, harissa sauce could be an excellent alternative to chili garlic in every delicious food.

Harissa chili paste

Regular Hot Sauce

This is the simplest alternative, considering that all supermarkets have an array of prepared hot sauces available. However, don’t be fooled that there are many great options to choose from when choosing a great hot sauce. Many sauces are extremely hot and can make you shiver, and others that are much gentler to those that prefer delicate spices.

Before making your final decision, it is advisable to examine the label for both the ingredients and degree of spice since this can help you navigate towards the one best suited to your particular preferences. It is crucial to verify the label for the ingredients and the spice levels before purchasing. This will help determine which one to choose. 


Chili Garlic Paste

Chili garlic paste is an excellent alternative to chili sauce if you have some garlic and chilies in your home. It is possible to crush several chilies and garlic into a mortar and then add some seasonings you like to make the chili garlic paste. Before you begin pounding the chili and garlic cloves, it’s best to roast or dry the chilis before cutting them into smaller chunks. If you don’t have a mortar and pestle, you can similarly use the blender or food processor. 

It has an incredibly thick consistency and an added spicy flavor, unlike chili garlic sauce, which has a syrupy texture. You can substitute chili garlic sauce in marinades, dips, or stir-fries. If you are looking for a substitute for chili sauce but are not a fan of the sweetness of using cocktail sauce or ketchup, this is the best option.

This chili garlic soup can be utilized as soybean paste with oil flavor instead of the typical sauce for meals or as a side dish. It is more well-known among people from China and Taiwan than in other nations, with some chefs making it into a dipping sauce to serve french fries!

After you’ve created the chili-garlic mixture, you’ll be able to have a week’s worth of usage if you keep it in the jar in a clean container. If you’re looking to add a little extra flavor to this paste, you could add salt, pepper, and olive oil. This chili sauce substitute is perfect for various recipes, such as hot chicken wings glazes and rice bowl garnishes.

Chili-Garlic sauce

Spicy Ketchup

If you prefer an aperitif-like condiment of it being made into powder, look at using regular ketchup. The ketchup condiment can serve as your chili sauce replacement. If you’re only using the regular ketchup you have at home, you can add fresh chilis chopped into the mix.

This will enhance the taste of regular ketchup. If you’ve got chili powder or chili flakes, substitute this by mixing a tablespoon with 1 cup of ketchup. Make adjustments to your chili powder to suit your preference for spicier or less spicy. Some cook the ketchup, then mix the chilis to increase the spiciness.

This substitute ingredient is a good choice when you want the taste of a paste rather than a powdered version. To make life easier to make things easier, there are readily accessible bottles of spicy ketchup you can buy at most supermarkets. They are a good alternative due to their long shelf life and convenience for pouring over hotdogs, meats, buns, and many other meals.

spicy hot ketchup

Black Bean Sauce

The black bean sauce is composed of chili, salt, water, and soybean oil. The Chinese sauce offers a rich, earthy, and fermented flavor. It is also the main ingredient in any Sichuan meal. Therefore, black bean sauce is worth trying if you’re looking for a substitute for chili sauce. The sauce is widely used in Chinese food preparation and can be described as a sauce for cooking made with salted and fermented soybeans. 

This sauce is brown and has a distinct spicy, salty flavor with some sweetness. While there is a slight distinction regarding the black bean sauce’s taste, color, and texture, it is a good option for chili sauce, especially if you’re out of other sauces.

Black Bean Sauce

Fresh Peppers

Fresh peppers make the ideal alternative to chili sauce when you’re trying to eliminate secondary ingredients such as flavorings, sugars, salt, vinegar or other ingredients in significant quantities in chili sauce. Fresh peppers are simple to find, inexpensive and, to a large extent, are best used as an ingredient that you can substitute for chili sauce. Fresh peppers are excellent for any recipe as a substitute for chili sauce. Chop it up or grind it to a fine paste and use it instead in chili sauce.

fresno peppers

Chili Powder or Flakes

The chili powder, also known as chili flakes, can also be substituted. They are available as spices in a bag or containers. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the flaked or powdered ones, and all it comes down to is the chili type utilized in the packet. Examine the label and determine whether you are satisfied with its spice degree. Poblano, banana, and Anaheim Peppers are among the options you can choose if you prefer a milder flavor. 

For a very spicy kick, go for the ones made of jalapeno peppers. Carolina reaper ghost peppers, Korean chili peppers. You can also create your chili flake by roasting or drying the chili peppers. You can grind them in food processors and store them in an airtight container and ziplock bag. This recipe is ideal to follow as it will last for a whole year, making it efficient and time-saving. 

The people who are fans of spicy foods are unlikely to ever abandon Red pepper flakes. It is a well-loved spice that is versatile and includes crushed and dried hot red peppers. The red and chili pepper flakes are different in the pepper used. The latter is a mixture of two or even more peppers, and the latter is only one kind of pepper. 

Red-Chili-pepper Flakes

Spicy Mayo

This alternative does have a few limitations, but you can use it in certain recipes. Spicy mayo is renowned for its use in dips or as topping and salad dressings. It can be customized to a large degree. It is excellent for hamburgers, as a dip to dip fried snacks in, or add flavor to sandwiches. But, this option might not be a good choice for cooking recipes that require a lot of heat, as its texture alters with heat. Furthermore, this product has a lot of other ingredients.

spicy mayo

Rice syrup made from brown rice

Brown rice syrup is a natural sweetener made by quick-cooking long-grain brown rice. You may have used it to replace sweeteners like honey or sugar in your tea; however, after realizing that it can be used to make a delicious condiment, The possibilities are limitless.

In addition to replacing soy sauce, you can use vegan, gluten-free or natural brown rice syrup to replace carbs from your spaghetti marinara sauce, meatball topping or biscuit mix-ins. This small bottle can be used for numerous possibilities! Make your favorite chili meat dish an incredibly sweet and subtle twist by using brown rice syrup!

Korean rice syrup

Chocolate Chili Sauce

If you’re struggling to determine if they’d like something spicy and hot or sweet but want chocolate, it might be worth looking at grocery shopping! This deliciously tasty flavor blends dark cocoa powder and water, giving it a distinctive texture that’s not as thick as cold sauces, often making it easy to dip or drizzle.

chocolate chili sauce

Frequently Asked Questions chili sauce

How does chili sauce differ from Ketchup?

It is similar to ketchup and can be utilized similarly; however, it’s more spicy, giving a great warm flavor to every bite. Chili sauce serves as a flavoring; it can be served on all egg dishes, including omelets, scrambled eggs, and fried eggs.

With what dishes can I eat hot sauce?

We eat hot sauce in every dish, from hamburgers to pasta, soups, and curry. If you choose the right sauce with the proper dish, it only increases the flavor of your food. Try different kinds of hot sauces. You’ll soon be delighted at the way you can combine them with the food you eat every day.

What could I use as a dip in place of chili sauce?

Spicy mayo can be a fantastic substitute for dips or spreads that you can serve in place of chili sauce in almost every recipe. It’s not as hot as chili sauce and can be adjusted according to the level of heat you prefer.

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