how to make frozen french fries in air fryer

Everyone loves French fries but some times it happens that you cant find potatoes in your house to make that’s when you go and buy frozen fries. Here is our guide to cook frozen French fries in air fryer fast and easily for everyone to enjoy.

let me tell you one thing that if you are thinking why cant i deep fry the frozen fries, then its because it will add too much unhealthy fat and carbohydrates to your fries making them unhealthy to consume and baking in them in oven would require you to at least pre heat for 10 minutes then bake for 20-30 minutes then serving and in this whole process i am sure you would lost the appetite you consume some soggy baked fries along with about hour time, that why i recommend to prepare them in air fryer if you have it at home else you can get in your budget price from here after reading expert reviews of popular choices in market.

if you have an air fryer at home then you can cook the fries easily without using too much oil making them healthy to consume as it wont add too much calories per serving. with rapid air flow technology your fries would be evenly cooked form all sides in air fryer.

air fryer frozen french fries

so here we have shared simple recipe on how to make your frozen French fries in your air fryer easily without any hassle right below, so take a look and get cooking to enjoy fries with your friends and family in matter of minutes only.


  • 1 lbs of frozen French fries of any reputed brand
  • few drops of oil you like
  • salt to taste
  • garlic and oregano powder for seasoning, it tastes great


  1. coat the air fryer basket with oil
  2. add the French fries to air fryer basket and mix them in basket
  3. Set the timer for 15 minutes and temperature at 400 degree F
  4. start the air fryer and in midway like after 10 minutes stop and stir the fries
  5. after timer stops take out and serve in plate with sauce you like

Expert Tips for air frying frozen French fries

Don’t fill the basket/ container of air fryer upto top and leave some room to stir and mix the fries for cooking evenly.

if you have air fryer/toaster oven in one then your time to cook frozen fries may go up by 10 minutes.

it is advised to add salts and seasonings after the fries have been cooked to make them taste great, if you add salt before cooking then they might become soggy and wont taste great after cooking.

air fryer also comes with options to cook different items like sweet potato ,chicken ,broccoli etc., use them to utilize your fryer to fullest.

Some common FAQ related to air frying

How much calories does fries have?

1 serving portion of frozen French fries having about 1/2 lbs weight contains about 300 calories in them

Do i need to add extra oil in air fryer for cooking?

Generally the frozen fries comes with oil coating on them from factory so there is no need to add extra but if its not there you can add little bit oil and i recommend to brush the fryer basket with oil to make it even better as it makes fries crunchy from outside without adding too much oil.

How can i reheat fries in air fryer?

you can easily do that by pre heating the air fryer at temperature of 350 degree F and adding the fries in basket making it half full and turning on the air fryer for 3-4 minutes for heating the fries and making the delicious and crispy once again.

how to make frozen french fries in air fryer


we cant stop eating fries because of fats but at least we can make it healthy by cooking them in air fryer with less oil, so lets do this going forward take a pledge to cook fries in air fryer with less oil for better life ahead without compromising on mouth watering fries. for more interesting recipes and budget friendly kitchen gadgets head on to our homepage.

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