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Chili paste tends to be thicker than hot sauce. It has a paste-like consistency, so it is possible to compare it with tomato paste. The flavoring of chili paste can differ dramatically. It is spicy and hot in some mixes, and in others, it’s sweet and spicy. It can be prepared using different methods but when you don’t have chili paste ready you can make use of Substitute for chili paste to make delicious recipes which are hot and spicy without any delay right in your kitchen easily.

Perhaps you’re wondering why you’d require Chili paste when one could use hot sauce. Chili paste and hot sauce are distinct in terms of thickness.

In addition, hot sauces generally contain more vinegar than the paste, and sometimes vinegar’s flavor can stand out much more than you would like. Chili paste eliminates the vinegar flavor and provides only the hot (or hot and sweet) taste you’re looking for.

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Alternatives and Substitutes for chili paste

Chili paste and other spices provide a spicy pepper taste to food items. Since many are fans of anything with a strong chili flavor, having chili paste at hand in the kitchen can be essential.

What should you do if you get out of chili paste while making a meal? Find or create the perfect chili paste replacement. Many ingredients mimic chili paste’s flavor, from condiments to spices that you can pick from the many food items you can easily find in your kitchen.

The most important thing to consider is how the substitute will complement the food you’re making. The variations of this spice are endless. However, some of the most popular varieties include Thai chili paste, red chili paste, and Green Chili paste or green chili alternatives.

Here, we have listed some substitutes of chili paste.

Crushed Pepper Flakes

Pepper flakes come from dried peppers that are crushed. They are made up of many tiny seeds that give off an extremely hot and spicy taste. If your dish requires a kick of spice, choose crushed pepper flakes. For the best consistency, search for tomatoes and blend them in with the pepper flakes.

If you’re a spice fan or Asian person, you must have a jar that contains red pepper flakes inside your kitchen cupboards or in your pantry. They are a fantastic option to add some spice to your meals, and adding them to your meal isn’t an issue.

Many people who are fans of these red pepper flakes add them as a substitute for chili paste on pizzas. Most people who like cooking with heat will already have a small amount filled with red pepper flakes at the back of their cabinet.
Red pepper flakes can add subtle heat to your dish, and it is easy to incorporate them into any food item. If you require the heat in a liquid or paste form, you can use red pepper flakes to create the paste.

The best method of turning red pepper flakes into an aqueous paste is to create a mildly sweet taste, but it’s easy. Take some sugar, soy sauce, and a tablespoon of red pepper flakes. Combine these, and you’ll get a mix that resembles a paste with the sweet and spicy taste of chili paste.

Red-Chili-pepper Flakes

Ketchup containing cayenne pepper

If you have Cayenne chili and some ketchup in your home, you’re saved. This combo is among the most effective chili paste replacements. The sweet taste of ketchup, along with the hot and spicy taste of cayenne pepper, could be used to replace chili paste. Additionally, ketchup has an identical texture and consistency to chili paste, making it even more appropriate.

So, how can you make use of ketchup and cayenne pepper to replace the chili powder? Well, all you have to do is add approximately 2 teaspoons of cayenne to a cup of ketchup. Then, mix them up to make an emulsion.

This condiment is ready as a dip, combined with mayonnaise and sour cream, stews, soups, or even sandwiches. If the recipe calls for more spice, increase the amount of cayenne pepper, and reduce the amount of ketchup.

Ketchup made with cayenne pepper powder can be an excellent alternative to chili paste and is usually easily found in supermarkets. This type of ketchup generally has a darker reddish-orange color than the regular variety and is another reason it is a good choice as an alternative.

Ketchup made with cayenne pepper powder offers an acrid flavor that makes it an excellent choice in recipes that call for chili paste. This kind of ketchup is different from the standard one you’ve probably got in your kitchen because it’s flavored with cayenne pepper. Ketchup’s consistency is comparable to chili paste. If you’re caught stuck, you can pull out the condiment ketchup.

It is known that ketchup does not have the chili powder’s spice, which it does, and that’s why you’ll need to include cayenne pepper in the mix.

Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha sauce is like chili paste both in flavor and appearance, even though it might not appear similar to it initially. It’s typically bright red in appearance, making it an excellent alternative to chili paste. Sriracha sauce can be described as hot chili sauce that originated from Si Racha, Thailand.

It’s been getting more popular lately and is frequently served in many eateries all over the US. In certain cases, those who love Sriracha sauce might prefer the chili paste over it because it’s a more familiar taste.

The reason is that different hot sauces have distinct textures and flavors; however, this chili paste replacement Sriracha is the closest one to capture the flavor and the consistency and taste of chili paste. The Sriracha hot chili sauce comes with good thickness and quite delicate tastes similar to chili paste. The depth of the chili pepper flavor will make it one of the most delicious.

You can consider any other hot sauce to substitute with chili paste; however, the Sriracha sauce is the better choice. Here’s one tip to make it easier for you. You can also add some paprika to the sauce to make it thicker and enhance the flavor or checkout some spicy sriracha sauce substitutes in case you don’t have it in fridge ready to use.

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Tabasco Sauce

If you’re looking to use a different hot sauce instead of Sriracha to substitute chili paste, you can opt for Tabasco. It has subtle differences in flavor and texture compared to chili paste, but it does mix well with many dishes.
Tabasco sauce has a spicy flavor which is like chili paste. Also, it has some tang, which is a major plus. This is why you can mix it with soups, noodles, dips, sandwiches, and salads.

However, like Sriracha sauce, chili paste, and Sriracha Tabasco isn’t sweet. This is why you may like to add a little sugar or ketchup into tabasco sauce. Tabasco sauce in case you prefer sweet undertones.

It is also important to understand that Tabasco sauce is made of distilled vinegar and red pepper. It can make your food somewhat tangier than what is required. Therefore, it’s best to include 1 teaspoon of Tabasco when you make a recipe that calls for two tablespoons of chili paste.

Tabasco sauce is often substituted for chili paste when cooking due to the same level of spice.  It’s made up of tabasco peppers that are chili peppers that are grown throughout Louisiana, USA.

It is among the most popular types of hot sauce that is available almost everywhere in the world. A more vinegary flavor characterizes tabasco sauce, but it is still spicy and great with various meals. It can also be used as a sauce for dipping to serve with your food.

tabasco hot sauce

Paprika powder

If you’re searching for an alternative that will resemble chili paste’s flavor and not make your food too spicy, then opt for paprika powder. Paprika is available in a variety of flavors which include both spiced and sweet. You can opt for a sweet version to avoid too much spice.

Sweet paprika can add a touch of sweetness and mild spice to your food and act as a chili paste replacement. Be aware that there could be minor variations in the overall flavor.

It is possible to use paprika spice sprinkle on the top of dishes like noodles, soups, or stews. Moreover, you can sprinkle it on according to your preferences. Be sure to not choose an extremely spicy or hot paprika mix.

That is the final item of the list of chili paste substitutes. Please make sure you use one of them according to your needs to give your food an intense and distinctive taste. checkout some chili powder alternatives you can use in its absence to increase the hotness quotient of your dish with incredible taste.

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Louisiana-style hot sauce

Hot sauce made in Louisiana is like Tabasco. Hence, it could be used as a substitute for chili paste in many recipes like stir-fry noodles, dips, etc.

The Louisiana-style hot sauce can be spicy; however, its spice is milder than Tabasco. It’s also more textured. This makes it a suitable substitute for chili paste for those who don’t want their dish to be too spicy.

Furthermore, it also has vinegar that gives it the flavor of tang. Again, note that the vinegar’s taste is a bit strong. If you’re using it to replace chili paste, you should use just a little less than the amount suggested.

Harissa paste

If you’re looking for an ordinary chili paste rather than Asian, choose Harissa paste. It’s not the same as the traditional chili paste. It is, however, possible to utilize it in certain dishes such as salads, stews, and even as a dip.

It is a part of North African cuisine and contains components like red chilies, garlic lemon juice, oil, cilantro, coriander, and spice cumin. Thus, it’s hot and tangy as other chili pastes but distinct from hot and sweet Asian chili pastes.

So, you could also try Harissa paste when cooking recipes that require Chili paste. Make sure that you try it before tasting because some varieties are very spicy and Smokey.

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Spicy Tomato Paste

If you’re looking for the pasty texture and spice, try making the hot tomato paste. It is best to use this as a last resort, but it is a viable option when you require it. Take a small can of tomato paste, and mix it up by adding the chili powder and red pepper flakes.

Mix it according to your preferences, and you’ll have the spice and paste in one simple mix. The flavor may not be as good due to tomatoes; however, it’s great for you urgently.

The spicy tomato paste can be an excellent substitute for chili paste. It has an edgier flavor than the other options that are on this list. It’s generally available at the Mexican food section of supermarkets and is usually packaged in a tube, not the can.

A spicy tomato paste created of chili peppers, tomatoes, and other spices. It usually has a strong flavor which many people love.

Like chili paste, spicy tomato paste is a great ingredient to use in any recipe that requires it. It is great with pasta dishes and soups sauce too, so it’s very versatile. Tomato paste is an ideal substitute. It’s nice, thick, and full of flavor. It won’t have the same taste, but the flavor is there.

Do you want a paste-like feel with a hint of spice? Try a spicy tomato paste with chili powder. While there are distinct spice flavors because tomatoes are acidic and astringent, you can always include chili flakes and even pepper to give it that distinctive spice. Spicy tomato paste is the last option if you are unable to find an alternative.


FAQ’s related to chili paste

Is chili sauce vegan?

It doesn’t matter if it’s from an eatery or the supermarket, or even your kitchen, it’s sweet chili sauce is vegan 99 percent all the time. This tasty condiment can be found in everything, including delicious kitchen made barbecue sauce, to dipping sauces for (vegan) Chinese spring rolls.

What makes chili sauce different from the ketchup you buy?

Chili sauce is a spice that is made of tomatoes, Chile’s, and other spices. It is like ketchup, but much more spicy. You can use it on sandwiches, burgers, and other foods. It can make an incredibly spicy salad dressing or even add to soups or spice up the meatloaf.

What are the criteria to select the best chili sauce?

Every good chili sauce begins with quality chili peppers. Make sure to select the best chilis by looking at the skin. Remove those that have discoloration and dark spots. There is a possibility that soft and soupy chilies could spot mold. If you don’t have a blender or food processor, it is possible to cut it by hand or use a mortar or pestle.

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