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Asiago cheese comes from Italy. It is a hard, traditional cheese made from creamery and farmhouse milk. Asiago cheese, like Champagne, must come from a specific region. Asiago cheese is made in the Asiago Plateau in Trentino and Veneto, Italy. There are two types. Asiago d’allevo is exported to America and Asiago pressato is not exported. Imported from Italy, Asiago is of the highest quality. Substitute For Asiago Cheese to make tasty and cheesy dishes in absence of authentic asiago cheese from your fridge.

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Alternatives and Substitutes For Asiago Cheese

These top Asiago substitutes will help you finish your recipe. These will allow you to discover other cheeses that have similar properties to Asiago cheese and which are equally delicious.

Grana Padano

Grana Padano, an aged cheese similar to Asiago. It is a hard cheese that has been aged for at least nine months, and the cheese becomes more crumbly and firm the longer it is aged. Grana Padano cheese is made from unpasteurized semi-skimmed cow milk.

This cheese comes from the Po River Valley in Italy, awarded DOP status in 1996. It can only be found in Lombardy and Piedmont, Trentino/Alto Adige/Veneto, Emilia Romagna. Grana is a term that means grainy and describes the grainy texture of the cheese as it ages. It is similar to asiago but has a milder, sweeter, creamier and butterier taste.

It tastes very similar to asiago but is milder and less prominent. Grana Padano is a milder alternative to asiago. Grana Padano is semi-hardy and gritty, somewhere in the middle of fresh and aged asiago. Grana Padano can be very affordable, so it’s a great option if you need an Asiago substitute.

It’s great to crumble or grate over salads. You can substitute it for asiago in an Endive and Arugula Salad. It will complement the greens’ spicy flavor with its buttery sweetness.

The cheese has a firm texture and a mild, nutty, and savory taste. It is rich in amino acids that help lower blood pressure and reduce hypertension-related risk factors. It also regulates blood glucose levels; its lactose-free formula is a significant advantage.

Its high phosphorus content helps to reduce muscle pain and filter out kidney waste products. Potassium regulates blood pressure and supports nerve signaling and muscle contractions. Grana Padano can be substituted for sauces that require more than one cheese or lots of cheese. Grana Padano can be used to make Fettuccine Alfredo pasta sauce, which is richer in flavor than asiago.

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This cheese is slightly different from Asiago, made from sheep’s milk. It is also a product of Spain and not Italy. It is authentic to La Mancha in Spain, where the Spanish DOP sets specific regulations. Manchego is made from milk obtained from local manchego sheep.

Manchego Cheese comes in soft styles like fresco and curado. The harder styles are semi-curado and viejo. Manchego viejo, which is aged for the longest time, has most like aged Asiago flavors. Manchego can be substituted for Asiago Pressato and Asiago d’Allevo.

Young Manchego is milder in flavor. The fresco version is aged for two weeks and tastes just like fresh milk. It is difficult to find it in the United States because it is so fresh. Manchego has a well-rounded flavor that is tart, buttery and sweet.

Manchego cheese, a Spanish variety with an excellent taste that everyone loves, is a Spanish version of the same. It’s loaded with body-building protein that forms the basis of our system.

Manchego cheese is recommended for children growing up to strengthen their bones and maintain calcium levels. It is lactose-free, so lactose-intolerant people can consume it. Vitamin A reduces certain cancer risks and improves vision. Vitamin D controls phosphate levels and calcium levels, while vitamin E promotes wound healing and helps prevent wrinkles.

Manchego cheese has a high level of fatty acids. The butterfat in sheep’s milk cheese is twice that of cow’s milk and has a deeper flavor. This cheese is also less salty due to its shorter age. You can also get enough flavor from it that you only need a small amount.

Manchego is likely to be cheaper because of these qualities. The aged Manchego cheese has a yellowish hue and is firm in texture. However, it can be grated and used as a topping in pasta dishes as the fresh Manchego cheese is soft and sweet. The cheese is great in taste and appearance. It is ideal for Asiago Cheese Crisps, Quinoa Salad, and Marinated Asiago.

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Gruyere is a Swiss-style cheese found only in Gruyere, Switzerland. This area is subject to strict regulations, such as animal diet and the weight of finished cheese wheels. These regulations help protect the environment. Gruyere is made from cow milk from the western regions of Switzerland. The cows are raised in an alpine environment and eat a specific type of grass rich in nutrition. These cows produce nutritious milk and distinctively flavored cheese.

Gruyere, a Swiss alps cheddar cheese that has a similar flavor to the young asiago, is called Gruyere. It has a buttery-creamy, rich taste that is less earthy than the asiago. This is a great choice if you use asiago to make macaroni. This cheese is made from whole-fat cow’s milk.

It is also an alpine-style cheddar with a similar flavor to asiago. Gruyere can come in two flavors: fresh and young or more mature and intense. Gruyere can be used for cheese dips or fondue, and the younger version is more soft and popular.

Because it has a higher water percentage than other cheese types, it is a great cheese to melt. You can also substitute Gruyere for cheese in macaroni, cheese or other creamy pasta recipes. The aged Gruyere is first pressed to remove any moisture. It then cures for three to ten more months. It becomes a more grainy texture as it ages, similar to asiago. This makes it a great substitute for grating over salads and incorporating it into pasta dishes like Asiago Chicken or Pasta. 

Gruyere cheese is low in calories and fats. It supports good health and helps the body absorb fat-soluble nutrients. It is also rich in calcium, which aids digestion and improves muscle function. It helps maintain bone and dental health. Phosphorus is essential for normal cell function and healthy child growth.

Vitamin A improves vision and the immune response to pathogenic invasion. Vitamin B-12 aids in fatigue reduction and mental health. Riboflavin is a natural energy source. However, Gruyere cheese has a significant flaw: it can cause allergic reactions due to its high whey-casein content.

Asiago and Gruyere cheeses are very similar. They both have the same granular texture and are made from cow’s dairy and alpine cheese. This means that the milk used for production comes from cows allowed to roam in alpine areas and eat specific nutrition-rich grass.

The cow produces the milk, which is rich in nutrients, that goes into making the distinctively flavored cheese. Gruyere is rich and creamy with hints of saltiness, but that all depends on its age. Young Gruyere is soft and ideal for fondue and dips, and it also has a stronger creaminess and nuttiness.

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Pecorino Romano

Pecorino Romano might look and feel like asiago, but it is made from sheep’s milk. Its name is a tribute to its origins in the Roman countryside. Romano without the Pecorino is made with either cow’s, sheep’s, or goat milk. The cheese is known as Romano in the United States. Pecorino Romano cheese is also hard and crumbly, with a salty taste. It is too strong to be eaten by itself. It is great with jam, crackers, and fruit.

It is a strong cheese that can be used sparingly, making it a great choice for slicing or grating on vegetables, pasta dishes, and salads. To make a dish stronger, this cheese is great to mix with other cheeses, such as mozzarella. It would make a great substitute for asiago in a pizza. Pecorino Romano’s shelf life is a remarkable feature. You can always have it because it is a great Asiago substitute. 

It can be kept in the refrigerator for six weeks and frozen for six months. It is not like Gruyere because it has a very low water content, which allows it to be frozen or thawed without losing much of its integrity. Although it can be a bit salty, the rich and complex flavor makes it an excellent choice for spaghetti.

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Provolone Cheese

Because it is sweeter, this Italian cheese can also be made from cow milk. There are two types of this cheese: Provolone Dolce and Provolone Piccante. Piccante is tangier than the aged Asiago, and Dolce is sweet. You can use the provolone cheese topping on pizzas or as a garlic bread substitute.

Provolone cheese, an Italian dairy product, has a semi-hard texture and a smooth texture. Provolone cheese, like most cheeses, is rich in calcium and protein. It contains zinc mineral, which aids in tissue repair and formation, reduces macular degeneration and maintains healthy skin.

Its high phosphorus content reduces muscle pain and cleanses your kidneys. Regular consumption of provolone cheese can reduce heart disease-related risks and hypertension signs. Certain cancers are prevented by conjugated linoleic and sphingolipids. Provolone cheese is a high-sodium and saturated fatty acid constituent.

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Parmesan, also known as premium cheese, is used in place of asiago in many recipes, such as soups, topping on dishes, or served with bread and crackers. They have very similar tastes. Asiago and Parmesan both age well in the alpine mountain region at 500m above sea level.

Only a select breed of cows are used to produce the milk used for cheese production, giving them a satisfying, savory taste. Emilia-Romagna is where Parmesan is made. This is also the region that produces asiago cheese. Both have a similar texture, are hard and gritty.

Parmesan cheese, however, would age slightly longer than asiago and have a deeper, more complex flavor overall. There is an older version of asiago that is less than one year old. It is sweeter, creamier, and softer than the older one.

Parmesan cheese, naturally lactose-free, makes it an ideal Swiss substitute for lactose intolerants. It is rich in essential micronutrients such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Its calcium content, like most cheeses, helps to curb osteoporosis and strengthen your bones.

Its calcium content helps soothe your arteries and protect your heart from chronic diseases. Parmesan cheese can cause severe casein allergies and weight gain due to its high-calorie count.

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Dry Jack Cheese

This cheese is a hardened version of Monterey Jack, a 1950’s cheese. This cheese is a great substitute for asiago because it has the same structure and taste. You can use this cheese to make pasta, soups and omelets. This cheese is a great choice for asiago’s replacements due to its rich and creamy taste. This cheese is excellent for everyday use. Monterey Jack cheese is made primarily in California and is native to Monterey County. This semi-hard cheese can be aged for up to three weeks.

It is rich in proteins, which form the foundation of your body. It’s rich in calcium, which boosts your bone and dental health. It helps to prevent chronic conditions like osteoporosis. Monterey Jack cheese helps with weight management. It is rich in vitamin B-12, promoting red blood cell formation and reducing anemia. Contrary to popular belief, Monterey Jack cheese is high in saturated fatty acids, adversely impacting your heart health.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Asiago Cheese

Can you substitute asiago with mozzarella?

Young asiago can be substituted for mozzarella (also known as Asiago Pressato). Young asiago can be cured for only 1-3 months. It has a milder, milkier taste. It can be sliced for sandwiches or used as a melty cheese like mozzarella. 

What makes Asiago cheese smell so good?

It is soft but compact, and it continues to harden as it is seasoning. It smells like dry hazelnuts, almonds, bread dough and pizza dough.

How can you tell if asiago has gone bad?

Asiago cheese that has gone bad will typically develop a hard texture and darken the colour. It may also develop a strong smell.

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