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Applesauce can be described as an American ingredient that is considered the most healthy thing ever created! It’s an excellent replacement for eggs used in preparing desserts and an excellent filling for cakes and biscuits. Pure apple juice removes toxic substances from our bodies due to pectin. Substitute For Applesauce shared below are easy to get in market and would make your dishes a flavorful delight to enjoy with all even when you don’t have applesauce in your fridge.

It is also rich in nutrients suitable for people who need to exert themselves a lot during the day or those recovering from illness. Apple sauce is made up of apple puree, water ascorbic acid. The apples before making their puree. Apple sauce is packed with phytochemicals that decrease the chance of developing cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.  

apple sauce and its alternatives go well with apple chips and many more recipes like drizzle for ice cream, cakes, sweet pies, desserts etc.

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Substitutes and alternatives for applesauce

Looking for applesauce substitutes? Below we have listed some best applesauce replacements.

Mashed Banana

Banana is often referred to as a happy fruit. One banana is sufficient to have a quick breakfast as it is very healthy and full of nutrients. Make sure you use fresh bananas before smashing them with a fork. It may take just a few minutes to smash the entire banana.

It is a blessing to have a banana in your kitchen today. It is the simplest and most effective substitute for applesauce. The replacement of one mashed fruit with one of the other is a most convenient substitution for simple baked goods such as muffins, pancakes, or easy bread like banana or zucchini bread.

Mashed bananas have a similar consistency to applesauce and sweetness from natural sources. According to the applesauce you usually use, bananas could appear similar to applesauce in sweetness or slightly more sweeter. If your issue isn’t based on the fruit itself and you want to make a healthier choice, then mashed bananas as a substitute for applesauce. You can use the number of bananas you’d like; however, it is best to pick old ones that smash easily.

The thing to be aware of is that the banana is much higher in sugar levels than apples which means you may need to modify the amount of sugar in your recipe. It is not suitable for recipes such as sauces or chutneys because it’s too dense.

Mashed bananas are a great option to make an easy 1:1 ratio for applesauce. The ripest bananas are ideal; however, any other banana will work. Mashed banana is an incredibly versatile item that could be made into muffins to create a tasty, healthy topping.  you can also add some crumbled dried banana chips on various fruit cakes and pastries to enjoy them over your desserts.

It contains an apple’s vitamin C and potassium in only one serving. Mashed Bananas can be a tasty, healthy, and nutritious way to taste the classic. In addition, they offer an excellent mixture of magnesium and potassium. This mashing fruit is packed with nutrients that you require all the time! Make these mashed bananas the replacement for your ice cream or applesauce at least once to provide an easy snack that is much better after drinking.


Pureed Pumpkin

Pureed pumpkin has a smooth consistency that resembles applesauce, making it an excellent alternative. It also has the sweetness of the sweet potato, which is ideal for binding ingredients. It has a stronger taste than applesauce but can be less sweet.

So, you should be aware that using it in place of applesauce could alter the flavor. If you’re a fan of pumpkins, it is an excellent option! Pumpkin Puree is a close texture similar to applesauce, and it differs from Pumpkin Pie Fillings in flavor. However, it is not as smooth. 

Seasoned Pumpkin Pie filling is sweeter and not as spiced. Utilizing Pumpkin Puree to make an Applesauce substitute has a similar consistency. Puree pumpkin for an exchange of 1:1 for applesauce when baking baked goods will give an element of autumn flavor.

The vitamin-rich pumpkin puree is ideal for spicing up your fall recipes. It’s also fantastic to mix it with whip cream and fruit and add a delightful seasonally-inspired twist to your daily routine. The pumpkin is featured in various baked goods such as muffins, whoopie pie, pancakes, and even pumpkin pie. 

Blend it with yogurt for breakfast, or add the leftover oatmeal in an after-dinner treat. We challenge you to discover another food product with so many health benefits! The great thing with pumpkin purée is that it has a similar texture and texture to applesauce. So, the food you bake will have a nearly identical consistency, making it a substitute for applesauce. Remember, it is utterly different from the pumpkin pie filling. 

If that’s precisely what you’re after, we recommend sticking with pumpkin puree as your substitute for applesauce. The pumpkin puree can substitute butter for applesauce in dishes where it is the actual ingredient. It is not an alternative to butter but pumpkin puree can be added to pumpkin risotto and other similar recipes. In that situation, you’ll have to make additional modifications to other ingredients for it to be effective.

pureed pumpkin


Honey is honey bee nectar. Honey has a high viscosity, sweet taste and contains no fats, fiber, or proteins. Honey contains antioxidants such as flavonoids, which prevent cell damage by free radical activity and lower blood pressure. It lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, so honey is safe for your heart.

Honey is a natural remedy for inflammation that instantly relieves pain and heals wounds. Honey can be consumed by young children who have a cough to get immediate relief. Honey is delicious, but it also has many calories and high sugar content. This can lead to obesity and higher blood sugar levels.

how long does honey last


Avocados are a must for breakfast, especially our favorite avocado toast. It’s never boring and is an excellent match with a cup of morning coffee. It’s also a standard ingredient for Mexican food, which requires the best guacamole. We never realized avocados could also be substituted for applesauce’s uses in cooking.

It will only require one tablespoon of mashed avocado to substitute for a teaspoon of apple sauce by a 1:1 ratio. Using this alternative, you’re not degrading the health benefits, either.

The popular opinion is that fats aren’t good for your health. They aren’t; however, some good fat sources are similar to avocados. Our bodies require healthy fats to keep well-balanced and healthy. So the next time you go shopping, don’t be afraid of avocados and include them in your food basket.

Because avocados are less astringent than apple sauces, you can expect that the outcomes are different. The cooking temperature and time can be adjusted because both fruits have distinct characteristics. However, it’s nothing to be concerned about, and the changes are worth it. Today, you can find avocados in many dishes, from guacamole and pasta sauces!

They’re similar in size to apples, and they are yellow-green and have large pits. The flavor is sweet and earthy. They’re perfect for anyone seeking something nutritious and filling and delicious. This is among the best alternatives to applesauce as they work well with sugar or cinnamon for an alternative approach to dessert. You can even make chocolate avocado pudding!


Buttermilk is a dairy product fermented thicker than regular milk. It is characterized by an amazing tangy flavor similar to yogurt when baked (if you don’t like this tanginess, you’ll want to stay clear of this choice). Like yogurt, buttermilk can add a lot of moisture to your recipes.

It is ideal for making delicious and moist cakes or cupcakes. But, you’ll need to keep the extra liquid when you use it instead of applesauce. Buttermilk is a different option from dairy products, and it’s more acidic than yogurt but is lower in sugar. 

It is used in baking biscuits, banana bread, cakes, and pancakes; however, it is not utilized in savory recipes or dishes. Buttermilk is lower in calories and fat compared to cream or regular milk. It is not for everyone who likes buttermilk since it has a distinctive taste.

If you use a 1:1 exchange of applesauce and buttermilk, remove any additional liquid components (milk or even water). Another option is starting with just half what amount of buttermilk you use in place of applesauce (1/2 cup buttermilk to one cup of applesauce). Then, you can gradually increase the amount of buttermilk until you attain that desired level of consistency.

Buttermilk is essentially the name of a cream that has been cultured or butter; however, it can also be sour milk. Be aware that the taste of buttermilk is unique, and not everyone is able to drink it, even if it’s dispersed with other ingredients. It is less fat- and calories-rich than regular milk or cream but is higher in these than applesauce.

butter milk

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

It’s odd to use mashed sweet potatoes as an applesauce alternative. This is a fantastic option to bind and add texture to the dough. Then, cook them until soft, and then mash them with a fork, creating a smooth and creamy puree. Add this puree to the batter of cupcakes, bread, carrots, or even bread cake. Sweet potatoes are a great choice to substitute for carrots because they have more sugar and carbohydrates than other options.

It might seem odd to use sweet potatoes; however, this starch is a fantastic alternative for those who require an absorbent and texture. Sweet potatoes are now the most loved breakfast food for kids who love them. When they first appear on your table, you’ll want to eat them at every meal. Sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamin A, C B6, potassium, and fiber to help you stay healthy. Additionally, they’re a tasty option for people with diabetes due to their low sugar levels.

Although sweet potatoes are a great alternative, they’re also high in sugar and carbs compared to other alternatives. Be aware that they’ve got a distinct orange color that can change the product’s taste.

mashed sweet potatoes

Coconut Milk

This is a dairy-free choice that is also less calorific than the other alternatives, and it’s great for baking and cooking. Coconut Milk isn’t just employed for baking cupcakes, cookies and carrot cakes, bread, and other items, including making sauces, chutney, curry, and soups.

Coconut milk can be more sweet and dense when contrasted with Applesauce. It’s a flexible substitute and does not just replace Applesauce but also cream and milk. It is recommended to use Coconut Milk as a substitute for Applesauce.

Coconut milk is thicker and sweeter than Applesauce, so you may want to add a little acid to your recipe. Also, you will need to alter the liquids you use because coconut milk may cause a lot of trouble in the absence.


coconut milk

Vegetable Purees

Many vegetables are an excellent replacement for Applesauce, and beets are excellent when baking. They’re sweet enough to provide that hint of sweetness you’re seeking to bake desserts like sweet potato mash. They’re also simple to purée and use the same replacement method as sweet potatoes mashed. The most important thing to be aware of is that beets change the color of the finished product. You’re in good shape if you’re okay with baking a dark-colored bakery item!

Alongside beets, you can also purée zucchinis; they are cost-effective, low in calories, and have a smooth texture similar to Applesauce! The name says it all: they are made of vegetables such as asparagus and carrots. They can be used as an alternative to Applesauce or create a soup for vegetables using the purees! They’re also full of nutrients that will help you keep your health at its peak.

It is an easy method to ensure that your family members get their daily minerals and vitamins. The vegetable purees are created by hand with ingredients you’ll feel confident about. These healthy recipes are suitable for any occasion, whether the most recent new addition to your menu or just another day of helping your children grow!


Frequently Asked Questions about applesauce

Is peach purée a good replacement for the applesauce?

The puree of peaches is a great source of antioxidants such as niacin, manganese, copper, vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber, and carbohydrates and proteins, making it an excellent alternative to applesauce.

Are there any health benefits to applesauce?

Applesauce is rich in antioxidants known as phytochemicals. These antioxidants can help reduce your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. Fresh applesauce made from whole fruits, including the skin, is a great way to get the maximum antioxidants.

What does applesauce do when baking?

Applesauce is a great alternative to apple butter and normal butter and oil for baking. It adds fiber to your baked goods and lowers the calories. Applesauce is also water-rich, keeping baked goods moist for longer.

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