Dehydrated Banana Chips Recipe

Bananas are liked by everyone to get quick energy fix when you are in hurry or don’t have anything to eat. These banana chips takes existing banana experience to next level as they are crispy and taste good always. you can easily make them in your dehydrator to enjoy with your family and friends.

Dehydrating bananas also makes them stay in good condition for long time then usual. bananas comes packed with lot of essential nutrition components required by our body like vitamin c, vitamin b6, potassium and magnesium which makes them eating essential. bananas are good for weight management , digestion and skin related disorders also.

deep fried bananas chips contains lots of calories and fatty acid that’s why I recommend dehydrated chips rather than deep fried banana chips, but if you still like fried one then i would advice you to make them in air fryer so at least it could become little less unhealthy for your body.

dehydrated banana chips recipe

so come on lets get to to the recipe for making dehydrated banana chips at your home right below


  • 2-3 bananas
  • cinnamon power to taste


  1. Peel of the bananas and cut them in small slices with quality knife
  2. put them on dehydrator tray at distance from each other
  3. put the tray in dehydrator and let then dehydrate for about 12 hours at 135 degree F
  4. take out and spread some cinnamon powder if you like
  5. plate them and enjoy with family


  1. When choosing banana for making chips make sure they are firm and yellow but not ripped with black spot which could take more time to dehydrate.
  2. To store banana chips, store them in air tight container or bag so you can enjoy them even after 6 months as they wont go stale.
  3. you can use mandolin knife or butter slicer or good quality chef knife to cut in thin and fine slices off banana for making banana chips. you can cut banana in different shapes as well to make chips of different kinds and shapes liked by your kids.

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Make this amazing banana chips recipe and let us know how it went in comments below. you can also involve kids in your house to help you with it as they would also like to make chips with you and it would become a fun activity for them. if you don’t have a dehydrator then buy it after reading reviews and summary of quality dehydrators in market to make banana chips as its always better to make chips at home rather than buying at store.

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