How to Make Apple Chips: Homemade Chips snacks

People across the world like eating chips weathers its apple or potato. Apple chips are easy to make and liked by everyone in house. Apple comes with lots of nutrition and useful elements that’s why people say an apple a day keep the doctor away. today we will learn to make simple apple chips recipe which you will definitely like and enjoy with your friends and family. you can make and preserve them for long term also to eat occasionally when you like.

Apple helps in digestion and weight management which it s indispensable fruit to have daily and what better it could become if you could make chips out of it and enjoy.

Chips made using apples are basically dried apple slices made in dehydrator that comes with good texture and natural sweetness to enjoy daily and can also work as an replacement for your potato chips. if always good to make them at home to get enough to share with family and friends and save money while using the best apples in market.

So without a further do lets get to the recipe for making apple chips in food dehydrator right below


  • 3-4 apple
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 3-4 cups of water


  1. Put 4 cups with with 1/4 cup lemon juice in a bowl
  2. slice the apples in equal sizes and put them in bowl of water to avoid apple getting brown.
  3. take out the apples after 5 minutes and put on towel to make them dry
  4. put all the slices now in dehydrator tray at reasonable distance to avoid sticking together
  5. now place the tray in dehydrator and turn it
  6. let it dehydrate for 10-12 hours on 130 Degree F


  1. You can choose different kinds of apples like gala, honey crisp, red delicious, fuji apples etc. to make different styles of dried apple chips and enjoy.
  2. Make sure that your slices are not too think as it will take longer time for them to dry and become good quality crispy chips.
  3. If you are wondering how to store apple chips the right way then would like to advice you to store them air tight container or in bag in dry place, you can also label them with date so you can enjoy them even for 4-5 months as they wont go bad if stored right.
  4. you can also make use of few drops of vinegar in water for soaking the apples after slicing if you don’t have lemon at home when preparing apple chips.
  5. you can also add little bit cinnamon and cardamom seeds power if you like to taste new flavored apple chips.
  6. if you have toaster oven then you can try making chips in it as well by using baking function. read more about toaster ovens here

How to Make Apple Chip in dehydrators


So go ahead and make these amazing chips with apples in your dehydrator now to enjoy apple snacks and wow your friends with these amazing recipes. if you don’t have dehydrator at home them i would recommend buying one after reading our top choice and budget friendly dehydrator guides to get best value for money dehydrator at reasonable price.

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