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Almond extract can be found in a myriad of dishes, including dessert, pastry or even in some drinks. A tiny amount from almond extract into your dish could be a boon. It has this distinctive aroma that is perfect for all fruity desserts, such as muffins, cakes, or pie. The great thing is that you just need minimal amounts to gain the ideal boost to your desserts.

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Alternatives and Substitutes For Almond Extract

Almond extract is an essential ingredient in baking. You can replace it with different flavors that are derived from various baking ingredients! If you don’t have almond extract in the pantry, be aware of these substitutes! you can also add some roasted almonds in your dishes and desserts to enhance its overall taste profile.

Vanilla extract

The rich and sweet flavor of vanilla extract is an excellent choice in most recipes that require almond extract. It doesn’t have the same intense nuttiness, but it will still be sweet and works with most ingredients typically used with almond extract. If you use vanilla extract instead of almond extract, you’ll have to keep some aspects in mind, such as the differences in intensity between the two. 

Almond extract is significantly more aromatic and flavorful than vanilla extract, and therefore, you’ll need more vanilla extract to make up for. In the ideal scenario, you’ll make a vanilla extract using real vanilla beans instead of an imitation extract made from vanillin. The most effective alternative to almond extract, especially in the case of pastry, is vanilla extract. The two aren’t connected chemically, making it an excellent choice for people suffering from allergies. 

Keep in mind that vanilla extract produces an aroma that is sweet but does not contribute to the flavor. For every three drops of the almond extract, you can add one teaspoon of vanilla extract. Most of you already have vanilla extract sitting in the kitchen. Comparatively to almond extract, vanilla extract has a more delicate taste and is not as strong. It also gives warmth and a sweet, pleasant scent similar to almond extract. 

It can be used in various recipes, provided you use the right proportion. Vanilla extracts are safe for nuts-allergic people. If you don’t like the strong flavor of almond extract, vanilla extract is an excellent alternative! Because of its mild flavor, it’s recommended to make more of it to fill against almond extract.

vanilla extract

Almond-Flavored Liqueur

A liqueur with an almond flavor makes an easy alternative. You can make them using apricot pits, almonds or both. However, you’ll require more liqueur to attain the same effect as almond extract. Be cautious with the dry and wet ingredients you’ll need in your recipe when baking. You’ll require approximately 4 to 8 times the amount of liquid than you would need almond extract. If you or your family members have teens who are not yet 18, please do not bother with this step! If everyone is over 21 years old, you can proceed.

The liqueur of almonds has an identical texture, taste, and scent as an almond extract because it is a mixture of alcohol and. In cooking it, the alcohol will evaporate slightly but don’t fret whether you’ll get drunk! Almond liqueur is sweet-spicy and mildly bitter like the extract. The optimal ratio of the almond extract and almond liqueur should be 1:1. Use it the same way and the exact amount you would use to make the almond extract. 

They are believed to be made from almonds, as is almond extract. So, their flavor is a bit identical. The most common almond-flavored liquor is Amaretto. The almond-flavored liqueur has the same qualities as an almond extract; however, it has a higher percentage of alcohol. Be assured that the alcohol will be removed when cooking, and the result will be safe for your children to consume. 

Please do not use excessive almond-flavored liqueur in recipes, as over-using it can cause a sour aroma and bitter taste to the dish. Additionally, you should consider adjusting the amount of liquids to ensure that your sauces, fillings or batters do not swell.


Cinnamon sticks possess a more intense taste than almond extract. It’s OK to use the herb in your seasoning. If you use it for an almond extract replacement, it is only necessary to use a small amount. A mere one teaspoon of cinnamon will give almonds a delicate and sweet aroma. In addition, the bark’s natural properties can help to regulate your body’s temperature. But the strong cinnamon flavor is not ideal for fruity food.

Indeed, cinnamon isn’t similar to almonds in any way; however, if you’re looking for a delicious, lightly seasoned taste for your food preparation, look no further than Cinnamon. Whether it’s in cakes or bread, it is impossible to fail with Cinnamon.

It aids in recollecting the warmth that is ideal to use in winter and autumn. It’s possible to use it for baked chocolate or nut-based products instead of fruit-based ones. It’s great for desserts that aren’t fruity because it won’t compete with fruit when paired in a single dish.

Cinnamon, specifically grounded cinnamon, is a trendy aromatic spice, and it’s a distinct flavor and warmth. Apple pie is a popular dessert from America among the most famous pie recipes that contain cinnamon. It may not be reminiscent of almond extract due to its appearance or flavor at first; however, it can provide a nutty and spicy taste like almond extract when combined with other ingredients. its replacements can also be used in case of its absence in your pantry.

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Another way to experience the almond taste is to use amaretto, an almond-flavored drink. The term amaretto can be described as an Italian word that means slightly bitter. It is known for its intense sweet almond flavor with delicate bitter flavors. Despite its name, which is ascribed to it for its ability to deliver an intense taste, amaretto is a liquid. It won’t be as dense in an extract intended to enhance the flavor of desserts and pastries. 

You won’t experience a substantial almond flavor when substituting for almond extract 1:1. Instead, you’ll need to replace it with all the liquid ingredients in your dish. It is important to note that substituting almond extract with amaretto can increase the amount of alcohol you use in the recipe by a significant amount. Amaretto refers to an Italian expression that means something bitter.

It is known for delivering the sweet and sweet almond taste that is subtle and bitter. Despite its reputation as a flavor that imparts the most intense taste, Amaretto is a refreshment. It’s not as fierce as an extract designed to enhance baked goods or other foods. Many people believe that amaretto is an ideal almond extract replacement that captures the almond’s original taste. 

The most unusual ingredient in the liqueur is Apricot kernels, along with a variety of spices and herbs added to the mix. However, despite its intense taste, it’s not enough to use in desserts and pastries. The only drawback to this substitution is that it can increase the alcohol content of your recipe; therefore, you should be careful when adding the amaretto.

amaretto drink

Orange Zest

A few people think of the orange zest as an alternative to almond extract. Despite its sour flavor, including the peel in your cake can give off a lovely smell. You can also make them in the comfort of your own home. The proper cutlery for the job will aid you in attaining the perfect quality and size. You can also include a bit of orange juice to lessen the unpleasant odor. It will give you a delicious taste and an aroma ideal for cupcakes, muffins, or even pies.

The easiest replacement for an extended shot is to use any citrus zest, such as orange. The zest imparts a citrusy, fruity scent, ideal for fruits-based snacks and baked products. Wash the orange clean and dry it off with an absorbent towel. Then, use a cheese grater to get the most effective results. A teaspoon of zest from an orange can be substituted for 3-4 drops of almond extract in each baked dish.

If you’re not a fan of the zest, squeeze your orange instead and then add a small amount of juice to about two teaspoons. This will provide the same aroma and taste of citrus that you’re trying to capture. The zest of orange is a great ingredient to make from the fruit you’ve eaten recently. The dried or fresh orange zest can be used. The fruity, citrusy, and natural sour smell and bitter citrus notes make it a perfect addition to baked recipes, specifically as a substitute for almond extract!

Orange zest is a great ingredient to pair with cupcakes, muffins, pie, and a host of other baked recipes to make an almond extract alternative. Like cinnamon, it’s an excellent addition to fruity cakes because it’s derived from citrus fruits. Filling and icing recipes are also included.  besides orange zest you can also add some amount of orange juice or its alternatives in your recipe to give it a tangy flavor which would be loved by all your guests.

Lemon Extract

It is the essence of lemons mixed in with water. Use one tablespoon extract instead of one teaspoon of Almond Extract. It’s highly acidic and has an extremely low pH, and the fruity notes and flavor will save your meal. Use it to show a similar taste and flavor to Almond Extract. They’re utilized in drinks, sweets, and addition for fish and meat dishes. Using this as a replacement will enhance the food product’s shelf life while increasing your immune system.

The lemon extract contains powerful ingredients; you should be aware of any allergic reactions and avoid experiencing migraines with it. While it’s not as well-known as a substitute, the lemon extract has many advantages as an almond extract substitute. The finished product will be a bit sour with a variation, but this will not impact the taste.

Lemon extract can be made easily at home by mixing lemon juice with filtered water. The scent that results will be like almond extract, so the ratio is 1:1. In addition, the extract of lemon is compatible with a variety of types of food items, making it an ideal almond extract replacement.

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Imitation Almond Extract

It is among the most effective almond extract alternatives, as seen right in the name! However, it comprises a synthetic ingredient called benzaldehyde and which is not almond oil. It’s a synthetic alternative to the natural one, and their taste is identical. It is an alternative that is safe for people who cannot generally eat nuts. This extract can be used in specific recipes that require an almond extract that is pure or natural. But, it isn’t easy to find in typical supermarkets.

You could use one teaspoon of the imitation almond extract to substitute for one teaspoon of the almond extract required within the recipe. You could also utilize one half-teaspoon imitation almond extract instead of 1 teaspoon of needed almond extract. Imitation almond extract has an intense taste than regular almond extract. Many believe that it is a way to show the fake seasoning as superior to the original one.

Tests have taken place to determine if people can recognize the difference between purified Almond Extract and Imitation Almond Extract, and individuals rarely seem to distinguish.

Cherry Juice

Since the almond extract is frequently added to cherry juice to enhance its aroma and flavor, you can substitute your powerful extract with a concentrated cherries juice. Ideally, you should consume 2 1/2 tablespoons of concentrated juice from cherries and four tablespoons of regular juice to substitute for every three drops of extract from almonds. The almonds and cherries play well together, and the cherry pits taste just like almonds!

While they do not have an edible seed, like the almond fruit, cherries have a lot in common when talking to almonds, and the similarities are striking in regards to taste. The flavoring of cherries contains the identical benzaldehyde component, which imparts the almond extract’s flavor and is blended to give an imitation almond extract the taste. Almond extract is significantly more powerful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the extract of almonds last?

If stored properly, the almond extract will typically remain at its best for 3-4 years. To prolong the shelf-life of the almond extract, ensure that you keep the container tightly sealed when not using it.

Does the almond extract need to be cooked?

Many people are shocked that almond extract does not taste like almonds! The almond extract contains a stabilizer like alcohol or glycerin to ensure that it will last for an extended period. This is why baking or cooking the extract is essential to ensure that the stabilizer disintegrates and the almond flavor is enhanced.

Can you add almond extract to coffee?

If you are looking to sweeten your coffee, there’s no need to rely on processed or sugar creamers. Consider a couple of drops of pure vanilla extract. To get a different flavor, You can also experiment with almond extract. Combine it up with vanilla extract to create homemade coffee creamer.

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