Purple rain drink recipe

With all the glamorous color and taste, the Purple rain cocktail is really eye-catching and stunning that attracts most people. It’s sweet, but a little bit of bitter taste makes it unique. Besides this, it has a refreshing easiness that makes you relaxed. You have to take this Cocktail on a hot summer evening. The name “Purple rain drink” comes from the name of the song, sun, by the legendary singer Prince. purple rain drink recipe shared below are really good and will be liked by your friends and you whenever you make them.

This Purple rain drink recipe is easy, simple, stunning, attractive, and delicious. Made with Citron Absolut vodka, Blue Curacao, Grenadine, a drink can make your evening enjoyable and filled with fun. if you dont have vodka or like something light then go the pernod as its good alternative for making great drinks in your kitchen.

this Cocktail is perfect for any party or get-together. It is true that it makes your guests satisfied. It is a shaken drink without ice. So, it is really simple to make and will last for some time without dilution.

Serve this purple Cocktail in a nice cool glass on a summer evening and garnish with your favorite green lime wheels and sprigs; you are sure to win the hearts of your guests.

With the dark purple liqueur from the blue Curacao liqueur and the simple grenadine syrup, the drink will make you a show stopper at the party table.

purple rain cocktail

Cool Purple rain drink recipes shared below

The Purple Rain Cocktail

Summer is at your doorstep, and you are wondering what to keep as a welcome drink at the party. Without thinking of anything else, choose the Purple Rain Cocktail, which will make your party a hit with the guests.

 The ingredients of the Cocktail 

  • Vodka–1 1/2 oz. (45ml)
  • Lemonade–3 oz. (90ml)
  • Blue Curaçao– 1/2 oz. (15ml) 
  • Grenadine –1/4 oz. (7ml) 
  • Rim: Purple Sugar
  • Few Lemon Slice for Garnish

Step by step instruction for making the drink 

  1. Take a chill glass and Rim its edge with a lemon wedge and purple sugar. Purple Sugar is made with sugar Blue Curaçao and Grenadine. 
  2. After that, you have to take a shaking glass and some ice, vodka, lemonade, blue curaçao, and Grenadine. Shake it perfectly until the ingredients are well mixed.
  1. In the third step, you need to mix the strain into rimmed glass over the ice cube. Finally, garnish the glass with a lemon slice and serve to your guest.

Violet Wonder

It is another delicious recipe for a purple rain drink, a light cocktail. Its unique taste comes from Marie Brizard Parfait Amour liqueur. The Parfait Amour is available with different flavors, including rose petals, violets, and other various botanicals from Madagascar. Its taste is excellent, but it tastes better when combined with citrus vodka. 

Purple rain drink recipe


  •         Marie Brizard Parfait Amour—1 oz
  •         Ketel One Citroen Vodka–1 oz
  •         Fresh lemon juice—1/2

Steps to Make the drink

  1. First, you have to add all the ingredients to a shaker and fill it with some ice. Then shake it well. 
  2. Then you need to Strain into a cocktail coupe and take the drink to the serving glass
  3. Finally, garnish with a lemon spiral and serve to your guest

Seasoned Purple Rain

It is another variant of the Purple Rain drink, spiced with Worcestershire sauce. You cannot get any other flavor from it apart from the spice that may be associated with the seasoning. To make the unique taste, you can add Straw-ber-Rita, a canned sparkling margarita, ginger ale. It is really a special cocktail that has a low ABV.

seasoned purple rain blue curacao


Steps to prepare the drink

  1. Take a highball glass and fill three-quarters of it with crushed ice.
  2. take blue curacao, vodka, and Worcestershire sauce. Stir it well.
  3. After that, you have to add Straw-ber-Rita with the mixture and stir constantly. Remember, you need to leave enough space for adding the final ingredient. or you can add any fizzy strawberry drink of your choice
  4. Finally, you can top it with ginger ale for garnishing. 

Frothy Purple Rain

One of the unique aspects of this purple raisin recipe is that it incorporates egg whites and shakes well to make it foamy. You can call it a classic purple rain drink because lemon juice is one of its main ingredients. The rest of the ingredients are different from the unique ones, but everything worked together to create a good taste. If you want enough water, you need to shake it well. 

Frothy Purple Rain



  •         Jagermeister: 1oz
  •         Angostura bitters—1 dash
  •         Egg white—1/2 
  •         Blackberries—2
  •         Sugar syrup– ⅓ oz. 
  •         Lemon juice—2/3 
  •         Blackberry liqueur

Steps to Make the purple drink

  1. Take a cool glass and add some crushed ice to a drink.
  2. Then add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake those for more than 3 seconds.
  3. After that, again add some ice cubes into the shaker and constantly shake to make a chilled cocktail. 
  4. Put the Cocktail into the Strain glass. Serve it among the guest!

tip: you can also go for blackberry sangria recipe if you want another great cocktail in the purple drinks category for party time.

Frequently asked question

Why do people love this stunning and colorful purple rain drink? 

  • Its vividly purple color makes it exceptional and attractive. This colorful texture makes it so attractive that the Cocktail can make a statement!
  • It is effortless and quick to make, and you have to spend just 5 minutes!
  • Due to its simple to make feature, you can serve your guests when they arrive.
  • Most of the purple rain drink recipes are 100% vegetarian.

How do I get this purple color in this rain drink?

 This purple color of the Cocktail comes from the two main ingredients.

  • Blue Curacao 
  • grenadine.

As the name states, the Blue curaçao is blue, and the color of Grenadine is deep red. These two colors combined in the drink and became a purple drink. 

Which alcohol is perfect for the purple rain drink?

For the purple rain cocktail recipe, vodka and blue curacao are perfect, bringing delicious taste. You’ll find the gin in some recipes as alcohol. But some people do not prefer to mix this Cocktail with it.

Can I use bottled lemon juice?

Lemon juice is the main ingredient of this purple drink. If you’re struggling to mix the fresh lemon juice in the purple rain drink, you can add the bottled lemon juice.

But Fresh lemon or lime juice is always better than bottled.

Sometimes, bottled lemon juice or lime juice brings the zingy flavor that any freshly squeezed juice cannot add. So for making the recipe, first, you need to prefer the fresh lemon to add. if you dont have lemon juice then go for orange juice as its excellent alternative to use in this drink for tangy flavor.

What is Pharrell’s Purple Rain drink?

Dubbed Purple Rain is one of the best-selling drinks in Miami that you should try here. To name this attractive purple shade, you need to use Avian Silver Tequila, Shochu, Fresh Yuju, Lavender Syrup, Fresh Lemon Juice, and Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur to create this beautiful and vibrant Cocktail.

Why is the drink known as purple rain?

 The meaning of ‘purple rain’ is explained as “a major color of the rainbow in the sky is purple which is formed by the combination of red and blue. And the rainbow is seen before the rain. The attractive and lively colors of the drink will invite you to try it once. 

How can I make the best Purple Rain for my guests?

First, fill half with a 1.5-liter jug ​​of ice cubes, and then add vodka, gin, blue curacao, lime juice, and lemon juice. Stir well until the ingredients are well blended. Finally, add soda water, Grenadine, and more ice, and then keep stirring. Take four high glass glasses and fill them with ice; pour the Cocktail gently on top and arrange with a piece of lime.

Is Grenadine an alcoholic?

No, you cannot call Grenadine alcohol because it has low alcohol content. Some Grenadine has 0% alcohol. Its distinctive intense red color and sweet flavor make it an essential ingredient of purple rain drinks or other wide variety of cocktails. It can make a unique flavor which is unbeatable.

Does the taste of purple rain drink taste like a Fume?

Fume Ultra Purple Rain is an excellent drink, especially for those who like candy or berry flavors. This drink is a test of Rainbow Candy and the delicious berry version, which is incredibly popular with cocktail lovers. However, ice is not added to the glass; it is a sweet berry mixture that you can quickly try in your kitchen. All guests prefer the flavor of the drink.

Where can I find the grenadine syrup?

Grenadine syrup is readily available at local grocery stores or beverage blends. Many grenadine syrups are available in the market, the price of which varies according to the brand and taste. You can keep most of them with soda, juice drinks, marinades, and dressings. If you want a good brand, you can get it in the supermarket. Good brand can provide the perfect taste of the purple rain drink.

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